Get HYPE the moment we've all been waiting for. PAPER ROCK SCISSORS Tourney

shawnloganownzu and umthrfkr will be throwing a Rock Paper Scissors tourney at evo.

Tourney Date - Friday August 18, 2006
Tourney Time - Signups start at 4pm end at 6pm. brackets are made and tourney will start after marvel finishes
Tourney Cost - $10

This will be a double elimination tourney. no pools just one big bracket. all matches will be 2/3. there will be judges for this event. there will be no cheating. during the whole matche eye contact must be made. it will be 1,2,3,shoot.

brackets will be random seeding. the only upsets will be shawn and myself. i asked justin on the radio show if he played and he said he does. there was also talk of bryan tyson being the best in RPS. who knows there is only one way to tell who is the best and that is entering this tourney.

if you think you are good enough with the mind games then this is the perfect game for u.

indeed, this is needed…

i personally will be taking bets for 2/3, 3/5, 4/7 depending on amount

anything from $5-$50

Ban paper. That shit is broken.

this by far will be the most intense tournament of evo… i have no doubt about that

Lets Get This Money!!!

I Like Myself Over Anyone!!

thanks for all the donations because I own rps for free

Wow I didnt think I’d be making it to Evo this year, but now I cant miss this.

i will be taking $5 2/3 money matches all weekend. get at me kids.

also ima try and get a list started of peeps who are gonna enter. so speak up here if you want your money taken by me and the rest of VA/MD. RPS tourney = VA/MD fund.

also to clarify some rules:

any throwing of roscissors, four fingered scissors (aka the vertical paper), or ropaper is grounds for a loss on that throw

with that said, whats good with some side bets!!!

RPS is the new Marvel.

why? rock breaks scissors and goes threw paper…

Slogan has mind games.

I like VA over the world.

bigazn is the truth of why scissors is broken in RPS :smiley:

hmm, i smell a RPS team tourney in the works too, we shall see how the first one works out though

bump this thread up… i think most people dont realize how intense this game is until they play it

bump this shit because people dont realize how serious this game is

HOLY SHIT I didn’t even see this. I’m down for donating money to S.Logan and bigazn. :tup: