GET HYPE! Tilt Tourney 05/10

so i decided to be a front runner this time!

TDR 5$
MVC2 3$

i have already requested these days off if anyone wants to volunteer to run a brakket i’d appreciate it.


1st : 60%
2nd: 30%
3rd : 10%
4th : Top secret prize =p

(prizes subject to change ie: if i win 1st place is 100% :lovin:)

hrmm i didnt realize tilt was still in business…

Did you clear running 3 tournies with Jr. before putting this up?

I’ll probably go. Even if I haven’t played in foreverrrr…

the last time I was at Tilt they had Marvel vs. SF back in the cabinet that Alpha 3 was in

but hey, tourney! yea!

I hope i can go

well ihaven’t been to tilt in about a month so if it’s not still there when i get there tomorrow than i’ll edit the post thanks for the headsup though =)

which Tilt are you talkin bout… the one in Fed-Way?

I doubt it since he’s in oregon. He’s talking about portland tilt

oh well damn…

anyone that goes to fed-way tilt?

This peasent has got jokes.

N yea dude talk to the manager if u want to run a tourny

Thirds Strike has been canceled. Tilt sold their cabinet. Marvel and T5 are still on.

Wow really? Damn.

holy shit

WTF?! No more 3S at Tilt?! Thats the main reason why we even go there for :sad:

yeah seems kind of wow to me. But we shall see what they get in place of it.

That makes me a sad panda…

lol, WTF. They sold their 3S machine? You guys still have double impact or New generation though, just use that.:looney:

Might as well have a Hyper Fighting and Slash tourney while your at it. :razz:

i’d appreciate it if you guys would come to the tekken and now marvel tourney (yes i’m speaking to seattle) on the grounds that since now our main game is gone i’d still like to see faces =D