GET HYPE! Tilt Tourney 05/10

Wake me up when (if) they get SF4 :wtf: :zzz:.

bring back CvS2…

yeah that’d be tyte.

Do It!!!

Super Turbo!

Coincidentally, 5/10 is when PSU is having a free Kumoricon mini-convention, with a large gaming room full of games… and I was planning on running Guilty Gear or whatever for the people that show (besides the usual Rock Band / SSBB / DDR stuff).
Can definitely do anything else on the 2-4 TVs we’ll have that arent LCD.

I know Im late but no one plays 3S anymore even when we had it, so really it makes no difference that we dont have it anymore.

I was told that Tilt’s getting another 3S board, and will be putting it in the old Soul Calibur II cabinet. Whether this is true, and when/if they actually end up getting it, remains to be seen!

hope they get it soon =(

not going to be able to make it now : ( I have no money for the rest of the weekend.

What’s the deezy? Anybody comin to this?

Bring some 98 or neowave i’ll be there

i was planning on bringing my laptop… that will have 98. I might play some. Though I’d rather play xvsf : (

what time does this crap start?

That game is CRACK.

Mack told me it’s going to start around 3

lol this thread. So is tekken only being ran.

Marvel, Marvel, Marvel!!!

I wanna see Theo become the Oregon Regional Champion once again!

**a good amount of catz showed up last night, didn’t expect that many.

We had some crazy magnetos and some crazy sentinels last night.

**By the way MACKINZI.
Did you ever return the paper clips & clip boards you barrowed?

**btw, for all you 3rd strike heads.

we have a new 3rd strike…thing is we are waiting for some kind of metal piece to come in.

keep commin to the TILT for more updates.
I’ll keep you posted just ask for me yo.

oh and heads up
Ma man Brandon and I are putting down a Marvel Superheroes vs Street Fighters Tourney soon
…so stay tune and come through and practice.
More updates on this tourney will be up soon…
Take care, peace.****

i gave the clip boards back to samB, the paper clips i think i might have them still c.c;; sorry about that.

and don’t forget the crazy Jin in marvel =)