I’ve seen people post / say “GET HYPE,” but I think “GET HYPED” just flows better and makes more sense.

I think of “hyped” as an adjective similar to “excited;” You wouldn’t say “GET EXCITE,” which is why “GET HYPE” doesn’t make sense to me in that sense, but if people think of “hype” as something you have instead of something you are, then “GET HYPE” makes sense.

Kind of a weird thread, I know, but it just seems like something we should clarify since it’s a term a lot of people use, but a lot of people use it differently.

word? this deserved it’s own thread? it needed to be clarified? get fucked.

lol, hey man, at least you sort of agree with me. Score 1 for “GET HYPED” over “GET HYPE” haha.

both are acceptable, this thread isn’t though. sorry boss.

If it gets locked, it gets locked, lol. Just curious what everyone else thought and didn’t really know what other forum this kind of thing would belong to.

Own or owned?

I say Get Hype. I think that flows better personally, though it may or may not be gramatically correct. Saying Hyped just makes it feel strangly long, and who likes yelling long things?

Dam thats one slap!

Hype. Though it really is personal preference and doesn’t really matter.

shiiiiit that poor kid. i like how the guy behind him has a cam out like he knew some shit was bout to go down.

Black Comedian Voice White folks be sayin get hyped, but brothas be like “get hype!”

Furious One do you have a full video of that kid getting slapped?

I always thought it was “Get Geeked”

No but could probably find it just youtubing kid gets slapped

Ninja Edit:

This thread is lol.

Wait… Lol or lolz? Need to make a thread.

if youre pinoy its “get hype”…followed by “doot” or " pucking shit "

“GET ITEM!!!” or “ITEM GET!!!” ?