Get in Line! – The Complete Guide to MvC3 Tron Bonne

Get in Line! - The Complete Guide to Tron Bonne

This Tron Bonne guide is for both beginners and advanced players. I will be covering a wide variety of subjects, and hopefully everyone can learn from this guide.

Table of contents

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I. Why Tron Bonne?
a. Pros and Cons [PNC]
b. Stats [STS]
c. X-Factor Bonus [XFB]
d. Assists [AST]

II. Move Analysis
a. Normals [NRM]
b. Specials [SPC]
c. Hyper Combos [HPC]

III.Tron Bonne’s offense on point
a. Approaching [APR]
b. Notable normals [NTN]
c. Best Assists to back her up [BAS]
d. Grabs [GRB]
e. Combos [CMB]

IV. Tron’s defense on point
a. Baiting/Punishing [BNP]
b. Zoning [ZNG]
c. Defending yourself against good rushdown [DFN]

V. Tips and Tricks
a. DHC Glitch [DHC]
b. X-Factor [XFC]
c. Tron team positions [TTP]
d. Special thanks and links [SPL][/details]

I. Why use Tron Bonne?

Tron Bonne is an extremely powerful character, with an airdash for added mobility. She can kill just about every character with average health (950,000) in one combo. She also has some of the highest health in the game, and one of the best assists in the game. Her normals have good range, and she is a combo machine. Getting in to take advantage of these normals is easier said than done though. She needs the help of an assist like Sentinel’s Sentinel Force assist or Iron Man’s Unibeam. Once she gets a hit in though, it can be over very quickly for the opponent. She’s also one of the best characters to take advantage of the DHC glitch. Overall she’s a pretty good character. Not top tier, but she can hold her own very well.

a. Pros: [PNC]

[]Incredible damage
]She has the second highest health (1,200,000) in the game, tied with Hulk and Haggar.
[]Amazing assist
]Good range
[]Can begin the DHC glitch
]Good damage from throws. She can basically do a kill combo off of a throw. Insane.
[*]Great battery. Most of her combos can build up to 2.5 bars of meter.

[]She has an extremely hard time getting in on an opponent with good zoning. Really relies on assists that can clear the way for her to airdash in.
]One of her only ways of approaching on her own, the H version of Bonne Strike, is very unsafe on block. She needs to use an assist before this to keep the opponent in blockstun for a little longer.
[]She also needs an assist to really maximize the damage on her combos. She has powerful solo combos, but they don’t build a lot of meter, and use a lot of meter too.
]Her special moves aren’t the greatest. Most of your time playing Tron Bonne will be using her normals.
[*]Her moves aren’t really that fast. They’re not Sentinel or Thor slow, but they’re not Zero speed either.
b. Stats:[STS]

Health - 1,200,000
Power - 80,000

c. X-Factor Bonus: [XFB]

Level 1: Damage - 133%, Speed ? 105%
Level 2: Damage - 166%, Speed ? 110%
Level 3: Damage - 199%, Speed ? 115%

d. Assists [AST]

**α **- Bonne Strike

Assist version of Tron’s Bonne Strike. Pretty good for lockdown, but it’s nowhere as good as the MvC2 version. Also has uses in some combos, but other assists do it better.

β** - Gustaff Fire**

Tron’s best assist, and one of the best assists in the game overall. The assist version of her :f::m: attack. It’s invincible when Tron comes in, the hitbox on the flame is huge, it can be used to extend combos, and Tron is really hard to hit when the invincibility frames are over. Unless your team has some kind of weird gimmick, go with this assist before the others.

γ** - Bandit Boulder**

Decent projectile assist. The rock she throws is pretty dense, but it’s not as good as other projectile assists like Arthur’s or Sentinel’s.

II. Move Analysis

a. Normals

st.:l: Tron Bonne punches with one of Gustaff’s limbs. Can be linked into st.:m: for combos.
Damage: 55,000

cr.:l: Tron uses the saws at the bottom of Gustaff to hit the opponent. Does 6 hits. Can be linked into cr.:m: or st.:m:. Low
Damage: 65,600

st.:m: Tron Bonne pokes the opponent with Gustaff’s drill. Does 4 hits. Used in almost all of her combos.
Damage: 72,800

cr.:m: Tron uses some…spiked thing to hit the opponent. Good for combos, if you don’t want added proration and hitstun deterioration, but builds less meter than st.:m:. Also does chip damage.
Damage: 75,000 Low

Gustaff Flame ( :f::m: ) A very useful move. It’s used in almost every combo she does, after linking from cr.:m: or st.:m: because it juggles. It can also function well as an anti-air. Does chip damage, can be high jump cancelled, but it can’t be cancelled into hypers or a :h: move unless you high jump into a move. Does 5 hits.
Damage: 84,000

st.:h: Tron spins the top of Gustaff in place, with the arms stretched out. Pushes the opponent back quite a bit. Can be cancelled into :f::h: to make it safe (only on block). Don’t cancel this into Bonne Strike on block. It’s not as useful as the jumping variation.
Damage: 100,000

cr.:h: Tron spins the bottom of Gustaff. Hits OTG. Can be cancelled into :f::h: on block to make it safe.
Damage: 95,000 Low

Bandit Boulder ( :f::h: ) Tron lifts a rock from the ground, then places it over her head. The lifting of the rock, and the throwing of it can nullify a lot of projectiles. One of her best zoning tools. Can’t be cancelled into hypers. It does chip damage as well, and leave a lot of frame advantage. Three hits in the entire move. Two hits from the lift, and one from throwing the rock. She can hold the rock over her head for a while before throwing it.
Damage: 165,300 (Lift: 50,000 x 2 - Throw: 90,000)

st.:s: Tron punches the ground with Gustaff, lifting the opponent in the air. Very good launcher. Can nullify some projectiles because of the fire that comes from the ground when she punches it.
Damage: 100,000

j.:l: Tron saws at the opponent with Gustaff’s feet. Does 3 hits.
Damage: 69,300 High

j.:m: Scoops! Tron scoops at the opponent with a lift. Useful for jump cancelled :f::m: after the juggle.
Damage: 80,000 High

j.:h: Probably the move you’re going to be using the most as Tron Bonne. A fast, gigantic move that crosses up if you airdash into it. Airdashing into it also gives a lot of momentum. Starts a bunch of combos, has a lot of hitstun, and the lag cancels when you hit the ground. It also has a bunch of active frames. It’s pretty predictable though, so try not to abuse it too much. It’s one of her only approaches though.
Damage: 100,000 High

j.:s: Tron slams down on the opponent with Gustaff’s arm. Causes a ground bounce if used close enough to the ground. Pretty useful move. Not recommended to start combos since it will already use the one groundbounce per combo rule.
Damage: 100,000 High

b. Specials [SPC]
Beacon Bomb ( :qcf::atk: ) Tron shoots a target gun at the opponent. On hit, it causes a few frames where the opponent is stuck by Servbots, similar to Magneto’s Hyper Grav. Good for combos. Because of the startup, not as great for zoning.
:l: Fastest shot. Not as much range as :m: version, but faster. Shoots straight forward.
Damage: 50,000
:m: Slowest shot, most range. Shoots straight forward.
Damage: 60,000
:h: Shoots upward. Decent speed. Just like :l: version, pretty useful for combos where you can freeze the opponent for a bit in the air.
Damage: 70,000

Bonne Strike ( :rdp::atk: ) A useful move for combos. It can also be used for an approach, if you have an assist covering it. Does pretty good damage. All of these can be used in the air. Mash the attack button for more damage and to travel farther.
:l: Has the least amount of hits. Not very useful.
Damage: 75,900 -118,400
:m: Somewhat useful, but not as useful as :h: version.
Damage: 99,400 - 140,300
:h: Most useful version of the drills. Does the most damage, and travels the farthest.
118,400 - 160,400

Servbot Launcher ( :dp::atk: ) Shoots a servbot into the air, which slowly travels down. If it touches an opponent, it does damage. It can take a few hits, but it won’t be destroyed. Pretty good against characters like Haggar, who will almost always approach you from above. The different versions shoot at different ranges. :l: being right in front of Tron, :m: being a little bit in front of Tron, and :h: being very far away. Not very useful for combos.
Damage: 70,000

Bonne Mixer ( :hcb::atk: ) - A command grab where Tron spins the opponent into the ground with Gustaff. Not as useful as her normal throw, surprisingly. The reason is because Bonne Mixer puts the opponent in a position where you can’t follow up on it except with a very fast combo involving her cr.:h:. Her normal throw can still be followed up with st.:l: into a combo one touch combo, and the normal throw can be used in the air.
:l: Longer startup, most range.
Damage: 120,00
:m: The “middle” ground in startup. Not as fast as :h:, not as slow as :l:. Mid-range.
Damage: 165,000
:h: Only has a single frame of startup, but it has as much range as her normal throw.
Damage: 210,000

c. Hyper Combos [HPC]

Servbot Takeout ( :qcf::atk::atk: ) Costs 1 bar of Hyper meter. Tron shoots a target gun at an opponent. It pops them into the air, and when they fall, Servbots rush them down. As soon as the target gun hits the opponent, all of the Servbots will hit. Great DHC options on hit because the servbots will still hit the opponent even if Tron DHCs out. If the move misses or is blocked, no Servbots come out and Tron is vulnerable for a long time. It’s best when combo’d into because there is no risk of missing. Don’t use this move randomly.
Damage: 251,800

Servbot Surprise ( :dp::atk::atk: ) Costs 1 bar of Hyper meter. After a bit of startup, a Servbot grows, and bashes the opponent with a hammer. The growth causes the opponent to be popped up, and that allows them to be combo’d into the hammer attack. Very slow startup. Best used after Beacon Bomb in combos, or after a j.:s: knockdown close to the ground. You can link two of these in one combo, but the timing is a little tricky. After a certain amount of time, even if Tron is hit, the Servbot will still come out and hit the opponent.
Damage: 320,700

Shakedown Mixer ( :hcb::atk::atk: ) Level 3 Hyper Combo. Tron grabs the opponent, spins them headfirst into the ground, then into the air with the opponent still grabbed and drops them, and falls down back into her robot which causes an explosion. Pretty good Hyper for reversals because of the invincible startup… The meter cost is a little bit much considering she can use three bars to outright kill a character. Useful when you cancel blockstun with X-Factor, and it can be used to “tick throw” the opponent into it. Does 800,000+ damage in level 3 X-Factor, so it is pretty good as a comeback reversal Hyper combo. It won’t catch jumping opponents, but it’s active as soon as the startup cutscene ends.
Damage: 440,000

III.Tron Bonne’s offense on point

a. Approaching [APR]

You have very few main tools for approaching as Tron. Your options are j.:m:, j.:h: j.:s: and Bonne Strike :h:, and they all get predictable.

j.:m: has surprising range. Unfortunately, the combo options from it are limited. Your best bet is to cancel the j.:m: into a Bonne Strike, which will pop the opponent into the air, allowing you to st.:l: after it. It works fairly well as a poke, and it can be very tricky if your opponent is expecting cross-up j.:h: only to get hit by j.:m: from the front.

j.:h: is probably the one you’ll use the most. It’s fast if you airdash, then use j.:h: and can easily cross opponents up. It’s also the best hit confirm into her combos. This gets very predictable after a while, but it’s so scary there’s not much your opponent can do but block it if they get tagged. If they advancing guard it, you have so much momentum that you can instant air dash (IAD) and do it again. When they stay honest, they you can attempt cross up j.:h: or j.:s: or j.:m: from the front.

j.:s: is a decent approach, but if it hits, it causes a ground bounce which can really waste a lot of damage on your combos. option.iv made a video though on how to use beams to help with this:


Bonne Strike :h: is a good approach. However, it’s very unsafe on block. It shines when you have an assist like Doom’s Plasma Beam, or Sentinel’s Sentinel Force out. If the Bonne Strike hits while Sentinel Force is out, they can’t do anything but block it. If the Bonne Strike hits them and they block, if they attack after Bonne Strike, the drones will still be out to hit them and you can combo after it. If they kept blocking, you could go for a crossup j.:h: or wait until the drones stop hitting and go for a grab.

b. Notable Normals [NTN]

Offense: j.:h:, j.:s:, j.:m:, f.:m:, cr.:h:, :f::h:
Anti-Air: :s:, :f::m:, j.:m:

For offense, j.:h:, j.:s:, j.:m: are the approaches explained before. cr.:h: is a good tool for mixups. Here’s an example:

My team is Tron Bonne(β)/Zero(α)/Doctor Doom(α). With this, if I have Tron on point and I do a blockstring like st.:m: cr.:m:. At this point, I could either call Zero’s assist for additional blockstun, then wavedash up and grab them, or I could cancel the cr.:h: into a :f::h:, OR go for a cross-up.

Defensively, Tron’s st.:s: has quite a bit of range in front of her, and standard launcher range above her. Her :f::m: has enormous range at an angle right in front of her, and high above her, and it can be jump canceled into a j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: for a combo on hit.

c. Best assists for Tron Bonne [BAS]

Tron makes great use of any horizontal beam. She really needs those to get in, and clear projectiles on the screen if necessary. She also makes good use of OTG assists so she can extend combos.

Beams: Iron Man (α), Doctor Doom (α), M.O.D.O.K. (γ), Magneto (γ)

Good projectiles: Sentinel (α), Chris (β), Taskmaster (α), Dante (γ), Amaterasu (β), Arthur (β)

OTG: Wesker (β), Crimson Viper (β), Deadpool (β), She-Hulk (α), X-23 (β)

d. Grabs [GRB]

Tron is very scary with her grabs. Notably her normal grabs. She can transition a grab into a combo that can do insane damage, or use it to combo into Beacon Bomb for the DHC glitch, which will most likely kill a character. Landing grabs is easier said than done, though. You can use the projectile assists covered earlier to get close and use the blockstun to command grab them out of whatever they try. Another video by option.iv shows how to get option selects using assists: [media=youtube]mHW73HXeeAk&feature=player_embedded[/media]. The combos you can get from a grab will be covered in the combo section.

e. Combos [CMB]

I’ll be listing combos from common hit confirms here. All of these are tested, and are guaranteed to work. I’ll only be listing ones that I am sure have maximum damage output, and come from common hit-confirms. Tron Bonne is a flexible combo character, so get in the Danger Room and try out personal combos yourself. For combos involving drill, do not mash the attack button for maximum amount of hits or the rest of the combo will not work. All combos involving st.:m: can be replaced with cr.:m: for more damage, but less meter built in the combo. Damage depends entirely on your finisher.

j.:h: hit confirms:

j.H combos

[details=Spoiler][No Assist, 2 Meter, 723,700 damage]j.:h: st.:l: st.:m: st.:h: :rdp::h: st.:m: :f::m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: :qcf::l: :dp::atk::atk: st.:h: :qcf::atk::atk: (Works everywhere; midscreen replace [st.:h: :qcf::atk::atk:] with [:rdp::h: :qcf::atk::atk:])

[No Assist, 3 Meter, Corner only, 931,000 damage]j.:h: st.:l: cr.:m: st.:h: :rdp::h: cr.:m: :f::m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: :qcf::l: :dp::atk::atk: st.:h: :dp::atk::atk: st.:h: :qcf: :atk::atk: ( Only does max damage on big characters like Hulk. On smaller characters, do the Beacon Bomb faster so the initial hitbox on King Servbot that pops the opponent into the air will miss. Does less damage this way, but will always hit.)

[Assist, ? Meter, 900,000+ damage]j.:h: st.:l: cr.:m: st.:h: :rdp::h: cr.:m: f.:m: j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: st.:h: st.:s: j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: Finisher (Standard BnB for finishing a Tron combo with assists. It’s a different input for different assists after the last j.:s:. For OTG characters, you can call their assist and go right into :qcf::l:, then do Servbot Surprise st.:h: Servbot Takeout. For some characters, you have to OTG first, then do a :qcf::h:. Here’s some examples:


j.:s: hit-confirms

j.S combos


[Assist, 1 Meter, 600,000+ damage]j.:s: st.:l: cr.:m: st.:h: :rdp::h: cr.:m: st.:s: j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: Assist/cr.:h: Assist :rdp::h: :qcf::atk::atk: (Use beam bounce to extend j.:s: combos. After the last j.:s:, you can either call the assist right into Bonne Strike, or OTG with cr.:h:, use an assist like Doctor Doom’s to lock them down, then :rdp::h: into Servbot Takeout.)

Grab hitconfirms

Grab combos

[details=Spoiler]Grab st.:l: cr.:m: st.:h: :rdp::h: cr.:m: f.:m: j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: st.:h: st.:s: j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: Finisher (Don’t mash any Bonne Strike hits with this or it won’t work.)

Air Grab j.:m: :rdp::h: st.:m: :f::m: j.:m: j.:h: st.:h: st.:s: j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: Finisher (Cancel the first j.M into Bonne Strike H as soon as possible. Don’t mash any hits. Use normal finishers to end the combo.)[/details]

Bonne Strike :h: hitconfirms

Bonne Strike combos

[details=Spoiler][Assists]:rdp::h: cr.:m: st.:h: :rdp::h: cr.:m: f.:m: j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: st.:h: st.:s: j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: Finisher

[No Assists, 600,000+ damage]:rdp::h: cr.:m: :f::m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: :qcf::l: :dp::atk::atk: st.:h: :rdp::h: ~ :qcf::atk::atk: (In the corner, do this combo. Cancel the last Bonne Strike into Servbot Takeout as soon as possible. Midscreen, after Servbot Surprise, do Bonne Strike :h: into Servbot Takeout omitting the st.:h:.[/details]

The general rule of combos is to cancel a moves into st.:h: :rdp::h:. Learn how to combo off of every hit confirm. Even from random things like cr.:l:. As Tron, you might not get another chance at a big combo because of how hard it is to get a hit with her in the first place.

IV. Tron Bonne’s defense on point

a. Baiting/Punishing [BNP]

Tron is mostly about reading what the opponent is doing, and punishing with a big combo. She isn’t a top tier rushdown character like Zero or Magneto or Wolverine, and she doesn’t have great keepaway like Trish. This requires her to be patient and react accordingly with a jumping attack or a Bonne Strike. Learn how to take advantage of every hit you get. You will need to in order to scare your opponent. After they start blocking more, you can begin using your grabs to score even more damage.

Having a Tron with three bars of meter is also scary if you have your opponent locked down in the corner. If you hit them with a move like st.:l: or st.:m: in the corner, if they try to poke you, do your Shakedown Mixer. It’s a great punish for people that like to throw out attacks whenever they want. Learn how to use assists to lock people down and wait until the blockstun is over to get them in grab mixups. It’s a very important thing to learn with this character.

Against jump-ins, use your :f::m:. It’s one of the better anti-airs in this game, and can be jump canceled. If they block it, lead that :f::m: into a blockstring, and if they get used to blockstrings after a :f::m:, go for an air grab while calling an assist.

b. Zoning [ZNG]

Tron is no Sentinel, Doom, or Rosary Amaterasu, but against characters that have no tools to zone she can use the few projectiles she has to keep people out. Servbot Launcher can be used in the same way as Amaterasu’s Power Slash. Use it when you are away from an opponent to keep something out to protect you. The Servbot is actually a pretty good meat-shield.

Her :f::h: is a pretty good tool as well. The first few frames are able to cancel out projectiles, and the rock itself is durable after being thrown. You won’t win firefights with Magneto’s Electromagnetic Disruptor, but against Morrigan Soul Fist and other things, it’s decent. Here’s some notable projectiles you can nullify with the :f::h::

Wesker Samurai Edge
Doctor Doom Plasma Beam (even the :h: version)
Magneto EM Disruptor
Iron Man Unibeam

Tron’s st.:h: and j.:h: are also good at killing certain projectiles. For example, you can j.:h: right through Dante’s Jam Session because her j.:h: kills the hitbox on the move.

c. Dealing with rushdown as Tron Bonne [DFN]

This is a bit trickier. Characters like Magneto can, and will, stay on you a lot. The best you can really do is do the standard correctly blocking and advancing guard strategy. However, characters like Wolverine and She-Hulk can be kept out with good use of Servbot Launcher and :f::h: because they have no projectiles of their own like Zero, Akuma, and Magneto. Punish any laggy attacks with an attack and make sure the combo you do finishes them off. You might not get another chance. X-Factor combo them if you have to.

Tron can actually anti-air every dive kick in the game with :f::m: and convert it into a full combo, so there is that option to against Wolverines that love to mash Dive Kick all match.

V. Tips and Tricks

a. DHC Glitch [DHC]

Tron Bonne is a great character to take advantage of the DHC glitch with. Her high damage output before the next character even comes in is very high, and her combos are flexible enough that you can come up with a combo into Beacon Bomb anywhere.

If you manage to combo into a Beacon Bomb, DHC into Servbot Surprise. DHC out as soon as Tron says “King!”. This will make the Servbot still summon, do an unscaled DHC hit, while the character that comes in can still attack, and prepare for their combo after the Servbot leaves. The Servbot that comes in this way is unscales, adding 320,700 damage to combos. Example:


b. X-Factor [XFC]

Tron Bonne isn’t the greatest in X-Factor, but she has a few tricks. Her problem of not being able to approach most characters still remains, but her damage goes through the roof when she activates X-Factor. Most characters die in a simple magic series combo after the power up. She has some other tricks too:

Cancelling X-Factor into Level 3 Hyper (Shakedown Mixer). This is great when Tron is your last character left and you need to kill a character that’s rushing you down. It does 875,500 damage for free if it’s level 3 X-Factor. Practice cancelling blockstun into level 3s with Tron Bonne. She’s very good at it if you use her in anchor position.

Chip damage from Bonne Strike in X-Factor. This move does an absurd amount of chip damage in X-Factor. Unfortunately, even X-Factor doesn’t make the move safe. It’s a good move to kill of a low health character though.

Chip damage Servbot Surprise in X-Factor. This is a good move to use on incoming characters. If they’re just entering the field after a dead character, it’s a good “checkmate” on an incoming character.

c. Tron team positions [TTP]

First spot - Point character
This is a pretty good spot for Tron, but there are better places for her. In this spot, she can start the DHC glitch, and she can get two assists backing her up, making her a dangerous character. Let’s say you used Tron (a), Wesker (b), Doom (a). With this team setup you can have near unblockable j.:h: setups with Wesker’s low hitting assist, you get a beam assist for Tron and Wesker, and you can set the DHC glitch up with Tron to Wesker, and Tron builds a lot of meter for incoming characters. This is the type of team to build if you’re trying to set up a team around the DHC glitch. Unfortunately, you won’t get much use of Tron’s assist as you could if she was in the third slot. It’s still a powerful team setup though.

Second spot - Assist
This is probably the best spot to put Tron Bonne in. You can immediately get use from her amazing Gustaff Flame assist, and still get help from your third character’s assist. The downside is that if your point character is a meter building character, Tron won’t make as much use of that as she builds more than enough meter on her own and you will be sitting on excess meter. You can’t set up DHC glitch with her immediately either. An okay team setup for Tron in second spot would be something like She-Hulk, Tron Bonne, and Sentinel. She-Hulk makes good use of that Gustaff Flame assist, and she makes good use of Sentinel assist. She’s got decent DHC options, and She-Hulk and Tron build enough meter for Sentinel, and it is a meter heavy character. Tron can also perform DHC glitch to Sentinel in this spot. If Tron switches in from She-Hulk, Tron gets the low hitting assist of She-Hulk and the great Sentinel Force assist.

Third spot - Anchor
Probably the weakest spot for Tron Bonne. You get a lot of use from her assists, but…Tron Bonne is a terrible anchor. She has a lot of trouble getting in without assists, and she can’t set up DHC glitch to anyone which is one of her better strenghts. You do get X-Factor cancels into Level 3 though, which is nice.

Special thanks and useful links.: [SPL]

[url=]Tron Bonne Shoryuken Wiki
[url=]Tron Bonne Combo Thread
[url=]Tron Team Building Thread

Okay I’m not sure how nobody has posted here yet but this was a great read. Well done.

awesome guide

Thanks. I’ll probably be fixing it up a bit as time goes on. I just wanted to get this out here first. I don’t think many other character sections have a guide.

Amazing guide. This helped me a lot!

This is a great guide. I had been using Tron since week 1, but took a month long break and messed around casually with a few gimmicky teams while I focused on playing other fighters. Now I feel like picking up the game again, and wanted to get back to my roots with Tron, so I set out to make a team based around her and utilization of the DHC glitch. I already knew most of everything in the guide from personal experience, but reading it all laid out in an organized fashion helped me work out the kinks in my new team (like order, assists, and general gameplan). Things sorta just clicked. Thanks!

Just FYI, this guide says her level 3 is QCB. It should be HCB.

Oh whoops. Silly mistake on my part. Thank you.

Godlike. Thanks for posting. It never ceases to amaze me how much work the fighting game community puts into helping each other level up.

Great guide, really well-written and thorough. I really agree with the comments about having her in the second team slot to make the most of her assist without risking having her alone as anchor.

The only thing I’d comment on is that I questioned the value of having an OTG assist for her since she can already OTG pretty easily to extend combos with her :d::h: to :f::h:. Some of the projectile assists you already mentioned before that let her combo easily after her own OTG as you noted in the combo section.

Thanks for the compliments guys. Good to see you all getting something useful from this.

Updated a few things. Notably a set of codes to help search for certain sections faster since this is pretty big. Sometime in the future I’ll probably add frame data and some more combos.

Most if not all otg assists also fall in the hitting low category, and seeing how most of Tron’s combos come off a j.H, low hitting assists for unblockables are of high value. Also in the case of my team, I have no means of using her self otg to land a beacon bomb. I could potentially do it if I switched to Taskmaster’s diagonal arrows, but that would mess up both the approaches for Wesker and Tron.

For the assist section of the guide.

Beams: Iron Man (a), Doctor Doom (a), M.O.D.O.K. (y), Magneto (a)

Good projectiles: Sentinel (a), Chris (b), Taskmaster (a), Dante (y), Amaterasu (b), Arthur (b)

OTG: Wesker (b), Crimson Viper (b), Deadpool (b), She-Hulk (a), X-23 (b)

DHC glitch setups:

Off j.H hitconfirm:

(j.H) L c.M H rdp.H, c.M f+M jc j.M j.M j.H c.M S sjc j.M j.M j.H j.S (otg)
If using an OTG assist: A#, qcf+L/H falling j.S qcf+L/H dpATKATK xx DHC

If using tron to OTG: A# c.H qcf+L/H falling j.S qcf+L/H

The two beacon bombs are necessary in most cases, otherwise your assist wont leave the screen fast enough to DHC when you need to.

Off j.S hitconfirm:
(j.S) L c.M H rdp.H c.M f+M jc j.M j.M j.H c.M S sjc j.M j.M j.H j.s (otg)

If using an OTG assist: A#, qcf+L/H (wait for assist to leave) qcf+ATKATK xx DHC

If using Tron to OTG: A#, c.H qcf+L/H (wait for assist to leave) qcf+ATKATK

In this case you have to use Lunch Rush to DHC because of its quicker startup. If you use Servbot Surprise the enemy will pop out of beacon bomb too fast for the DHC glitch to take place. One thing though, you actually CANT let Lunch rush hit. Input the command for the DHC during the cinematic start of Lunch Rush.

I’ll work on fixing up the images soon. I hate that they don’t even use the same code anymore. ARRRRGH. So much reformatting.

Thank you very much Momo, this guide atleast showed me how to play Tron other than spinning around for 50 seconds. It also helps that you added some nice tricks through creative use of Assists, from braindead unblockables to even beam bounces.

There. Fixed. Sorry for the wait. I don’t even know why apostrophes got changed to ?'s but whatever, lol. Fixing the random ?'s were harder than writing the guide.

Some minor corrections in bold:

st.:m: Tron Bonne pokes the opponent with Gustaff’s drill. Does 4 hits. Used in almost all of her combos.
Damage: 72,800

cr.:l: Tron uses the saws at the bottom of Gustaff to hit the opponent. Does 6 hits. Can be linked into cr.:m: or st.:m:. Low
Damage: 65,600

cr.:m: Tron uses some…spiked thing to hit the opponent. Good for combos, if you don’t want added proration and hitstun deterioration, but builds less meter than st.:m:. Also does chip damage.
Damage: 75,000 Low

st.:h: Tron spins the top of Gustaff in place, with the arms stretched out. Pushes the opponent back quite a bit. Can be cancelled into :f::h: to make it safe. (Only on block) Don’t cancel this into Bonne Strike on block. It’s not as useful as the jumping variation.
Damage: 100,000

If you manage to combo into a Beacon Bomb, DHC into Servbot Surprise. DHC out as soon as Tron says “King!”. This will make the Servbot still summon, do an unscaled DHC hit, while the character that comes in can still attack, and prepare for their combo after the Servbot leaves. The Servbot that comes in this way is unscales, adding** 320,700 **damage to combos.

Not sure about this one, but if you DHC Glitch with KSB the initial “growth” hit will whiff and you won’t get the full 320,700. Haven’t gone in training mode to see the actual damage, but I believe you won’t get the full 320,700.

Ah, good point. I’ll fix that and the other stuff.