Get Lei'd: UMvC3 Combos for Corpses



Note:For most of these combos Multiple Tenrai-has can be added for roughly 150-200k per super.
Adding extra Tenrai-Has works by doing a :rdp: :m: and canceling it into another Tenrai-Ha.

Mid Screen Combos:
st.:m: :d::m:st.:h: :d::h: :f::h: j.:m: j.:s: st.:m:st.:s: j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s:
Damage: 374,900
Meter: 70%
Lei-Lei’s easiest new combo in my opinion. Can be followed up by an otg assist(do :s: j.:m::m::s: usually) for extra damage (about 450k depending on assist)and some more meter.

st.:m::d::m::d::h::f::h:j:h:j:s:st.:m::d::h::f::h:j.:h:j.:s:st.:m: st:s: j.:m: j.:m: j.:s:
Damage: 418,400
Meter: 95%

st.:m::d::m::d::h::f::h:j:m:j:s:st.:m::d::h::f::h:j.:h:j.:s:st.:m: st:s: j.:m: j.:m: j.:s:
Damage: 427,300
Meter: 90%

st.:m::d::m::d::h::f::h: j.:m::s: -land- j.:l::m::h::s: st:m::f::h: j.:h: j.:s: st.:m: st:s: j.:m::m::s:
Damage: 451,000
Meter: 105%

st. :m: :d::h::f::h: j.:m::h::s: st.:m: :rdp::l: st.:m: :d: :h: :s: j.:m::m::h::s:
Damage: 421.3k

On Short Characters, and M.O.D.O.K:
st. :l:/ :d: :l: st. :m::d::h::f::h: j.:h::s: land j.:l::m::h::s: land st.:m: :rdp: :l: st.:m: :d::h::s: j.:m::m::s:

Corner Combos:
st.:m::d::m:( :d::h::f::h::rdp::m:) x3 st.:s: j.:m::m::s:
Damage: 472,600
Meter: 90%

By Discovigilante:
j.:m: j.:s: st.:m: :d::m: :d::h: :f::h: j.:m: :rdp::l: j.:l: j.:s: st.:m: st.:s: j.:m: :rdp::l: j.:l: j.:s:

By: Evul Soldier:
st.:m::d::m:( :d::h::f::h::rdp::m:) x3 Cr.:h: :rdp::m: Wall Bounce assist :rdp::m: St.:s: j.:h: j.:s:

Damage: Roughly 500k
Meter: Roughly 100%

After Air Dash:
By Evul Soldier:
Air Dash j.:m: j.:s: St.:m: Cr.:h: :f::h: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: St.:m: Cr.:h: St.:s: j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s:
Damage: 420,200
Meter: 80%

After Throw:
[SIZE=3]Throw- :st.:m::d::h::f::h: j.:h::s: st:m::d::h:st.:s:j.:m::m::s:[/SIZE]
Damage: 256,400
Meter: 50%

By ll.nd:
Throw- st.:m: ( :d::m:) :f::m: j.:m::h::s: st.:m: :d::h: st.:s: j.:m::m::h::s:
Damage: 279/288k

Throw- st.:m: :f::m: j.:m::m::h: (1 hit) :s: st.:m: :rdp::l: st.:m::h: :d::h: st.:s: j.:m::m::s:
Damage: 303k

In Corner:
By: ll.nd:
Throw st.:m::f::m: j.:m::h::s: st.:m: ( :d::h::f::h: :rdp::m:) x2 :d::h: st.:s: j.:h::s:
Damage: Roughly 350k

After Anti Airs:
By Evul Soldier: (Does not work on small characters)

:f::m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: St.:m: Cr.:h: :f::h: j.:h: j.:s: St.:m: Cr.:h: St.:s: j.:m: j.:m: j.:s:
Damage: 387k
Meter: 90%

After Air Throw:
[SIZE=3]Requires unique otg assists such as Hidden Missile or Chris’ land mine.[/SIZE]

By: Discovigilante
c.:l: s.:m::h: (3 hits) xx :rdp::h:, X-Factor Cancel, s.:m::h: (3 hits) c.:h: f+:h: :rdp::h: c.:h: f+:h: :rdp::h: c.:h: f+:h: :rdp::h: c.:h::s:, neutral super jump, air :m::m::h: (3 hits) :rdp::l: :s:, land, :rdp::m: :qcb:+:atk::atk:
Damage: 957,600 before hyper.

Front Throw, :rdp:+:l: X-Factor Cancel, (j.:m: :h: (3 hits) :s: land) x2 or 3 or 4, s.:m: :s:, neutral super jump j.:m: :m: :h: (3 hits) :rdp:+:l: :s:

Damage: 717k Level 2, 934k Level 3

By ll.nd
Midscreen: Ground String- :d::h: :rdp:m: xfc :f::m: j.:m::h::s: land st.:m: :rdp::l: st. :m: :d::h: (In level 2/3: :rdp::l: st. :m: :d::h:) st.:s: j.:m::m::h::s:
Damage: 639k level 1.
811k level 2
891k level 3

Off-Guard Cancel or Raw:
Ground string- :d::h: :f::h: j.:h::s: land st.:m: :rdp::l: st. :m: :d: :h::s: j.:m::m::h::s:
Damage: 640k.

Alternate: st.:m: :d::h: :f::h: j.:h::s: land j.:m::m::h:(1 hit):s: land st. :m: :rdp::l: st.:m: :d::h::s: j.:m::m::h::s:
Damage: 695K.

Level 2 off-guard cancel or raw:
st.:m: :d::h: :f::h: j.:h::s: j.:rdp::l: :s: land st.:m: :d::h: :rdp::l: st.:m: :d::h::s: j.:m::m::h::s:
Damage: 805k level 2. 916k level 3.

Level 2 off-guard cancel or raw near corner:
st.:m: :d::h: :f::h: j.:h::s: j.:rdp::l: :s: land (st.:m: :d::h: :rdp::l:) x3, st. :m: :d::h::s: j.:h: :rdp::l: :s:
Damage: 980k level 2, 1105k level 3.

Off Throw:
st.:m: :rdp: :l: xfc :f::m: j.:m::h::s: land st.:m: :rdp::l: st.:m: :d::h:(In level 2/3 :rdp::l: st.:m: :d::h:) :s: j.:m::m::h::s:
Damage: 539k level 1, 705k level 2, 785k level 3.


Thank you for starting the new thread Jux!

So I was messing around a little with snapbacks. Is [whatever] cr.:h: :f::h: xx :qcf::a1:or:a2: the safest and most optimal way of ensuring one for her? And what are you guys doing after a snap? For some reason I didn’t really develop this with her in Vanilla.


Here’s this post-throw XF combo I was working on earlier. Works midscreen or in the corner.

Front Throw, :rdp:+:l: X-Factor Cancel, (j.:m: :h: (3 hits) :s: land) x2 or 3 or 4, s.:m: :s:, neutral super jump j.:m: :m: :h: (3 hits) :rdp:+:l: :s:

With max reps, does 717k in level 2 and 934k in level 3. How many reps you can get depends on the size of the character, and it doesn’t work at all on the little guys. Some slightly below average size characters (Storm, Morrigan) are more easily hit after a back throw instead of a front one.

I made a video of it working fully on Hulk though:



I guess I’ll copy paste the post I had on the old topic just in case.

An extended combo starting with an anti air :f::m:. Sorry if this combo already has been posted or done.

:f::m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: St.:m: Cr.:h: :f::h: j.:h: j.:s: St.:m: Cr.:h: St.:s: j.:m: j.:m: j.:s:

387,800 damage, builds 90% meter. The second j.H and j.S have to done as late as possible otherwise they’ll be too high. I can’t seem to do this combo against Rocket Raccoon, so the combo might not work against the other smaller characters.

Also, to add something else, the corner combo can be extended with the use of a wall bounce assist. Not sure if all the assists are fast enough for it to work.

st.:m::d::m:( :d::h::f::h::rdp::m:) x3 Cr.:h: :rdp::m: Wall Bounce assist :rdp::m: St.:s: j.:h: j.:s:

Damage varies by assist, but the damage is generally above 500K and builds around 1 meter.


Was the wallbounce assist you used Armor Piercer?


Does anyone have good resets? I have a few air throw resets, but that’s really only useful if you want to kill without spending meter…


I used Iron Fist’s, Nemesis’s, and Spencer’s wall bounce assists and they all worked. The ones which I think might not work are the slow ones such as the raccoon’s Pendulum assist.

Closest thing to a reset I have is doing a ground combo against a grounded foe but omit the Cr. H and instead do F.M or F.H, jump cancel, instant air dash,then come down with an attack. They’ll probably figure that out pretty quick, so I’m not sure if it’s worth doing it much.


I have this corner combo after an air dash.

Air dash j.:m: j.:s: st.:m: st.:h: cr.:h: :f::h::rdp::m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: st.:m: cr.:h: :s: j.:m::m::h::s: :rdp::m: :qcb:+:atk::atk:

This will work on all characters, though there is slightly different timing on j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: after first gong for smaller characters. Gonna go back to test again of course. Plus, usually not at the spiked balls will hit the smaller characters… -.- (For RR, i found you can just omit crouching H after first gong. So after gong, air M H S, standing M, to S.)

With mashing, the most I get is 648,400.


Hey jux, can you fix the combo on the short characters? It goes: st/cr.L, st.M cr.H, f+H, j.HS, land, j.LMH(3 hits)S, land, st.M, L gong, st.M, cr.HS, j.MMS (or j.HS) - 415k

Reposting/improving these x-factor combos. omit the (()) segments if you’re not in level 2/3 x-factor:
midscreen x-factor transition combo(any level): Any ground series into cr.H, M gong, xfc, f+M, j.MH(3hits)S, land, st.M, L gong, st. M, cr.H((L gong, st.M, cr.H in lv2/3 only!))S, j.MMHS - 639k(lv1)/811k(lv2)/891k(lv3).

raw x-factor combo or guard cancel combo(lv1): Any ground series into cr.H, f+H, j.HS, land, st.M, L gong, st.M, cr.HS, j.MMHS- 640k.
Alternate version(lv1): st.L/cr.L, st.M, cr.H, f+H, j.HS, land, j.MMH(1hit)S, land, st.M, L gong, st.M, cr.HS, j.MMHS - 695k.

raw x-factor combo or gc combo(lv2 or higher): st/cr.L, st.M, cr.H, f+H, j.HS, j.L gong, j.S, land, st.M, cr.H, L gong, st.M, cr.HS, j.MMHS - 805k(lv2)/916k(lv3)

raw x-factor combo or gc combo near/approaching a corner (lv2 or higher): st/cr.L, st.M, cr.H, f+H, j.HS, j.L gong, j.S, land, (st.M, cr.H, L gong)x3, st.M, cr.HS, j.H, j.L gong, j.S - 980k(lv2)/1.115mil(lv3)

forward/back throw x-factor combo(any level): st.M, L gong, xfc, f+M, j.MH(3hits)S, land, st.M, L gong, st.M, cr.H((L gong, st.M, cr.H in lv2/3 only!))S, j.MMHS - 539k(lv1)/705k(lv2)/785k(lv3)


For what it’s worth, I replicated many of the combos listed not only to test out my new recording equipment, but because personally I find practicing combos much simpler when I have a video to guide me. I couldn’t figure out how to do all the combos listed in the opening post, but this video still might be of use to some people.



Here’s two combos that uses projectile assists. It only works on standing opponents and not all projectile assists works for mid screen.

Mid Screen: j.:m: j.:s: St.:m: :f::h: (jump and air dash) Assist j.:h: St.:m: Cr.:h: :f::h: j.:h: j.:s: St.:m: Cr.:h: St.:s: j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s:

Corner: j.:m: j.:s: St.:m: :f::h: (jump and air dash) Assist j.:h: j.:m: j.:s: St.:m: ( :d::h::f::h::rdp::m:) x3 Cr.:h: St.:s: j.:h: j.:s:

The timing, damage, and meter varies for each assist. The first two hits can be replaced with any attack, but I used those two since it’s the most damaging combo starter. If they block the initial hits, you can do Edoga while calling the assist and maintain some pressure. If you want to get dirty, you can omit the Cr. H after the first jump cancel and go for a reset. Either you can do Edoga then jump cancel again for an aerial mix up, or stay on the ground and go for a low/grab mix up. If some are interested, I can make a video to show all of the assists that works as well as the damage and meter built.


Yeah, go ahead and make that video.

Also forgot to thank Rhyllis for making that video. I tend to learn combos (and a lot of stuff) better if I can get a visual of it, and I know lot of other people do too.


It’s nice to see those Hsien-Ko combos in action, but depressing at the same time knowing the amount of timing and effort that has to go into them, and the end result is still under 400-500k for the most part. :expressionless:


It’s too bad that her overall speed is the main factor why her HSD scales quicker than others. She actually has above average minimum damage scaling on everything she does(20% on normals/specials, 50% on hypers). Also keep in mind most of the combos posted are without adding hypers since trh spiked balls scatter randomly to get an accurate number.

But yeah, we’re still looking at around 580-650k ish damage tacking on a hyper. Off chireitou though, you can tag in characters that have moves that ignore HSD like spencer or chris and build extra meter/damage without having to dhc.


Just a random combo with zero assist [media=youtube]u5jU6MaASts[/media]


New and improved x-factor combos! Now easier to confirm, do anywhere, corner or not, and even more damage you probably don’t need to use meter!

-lv2/3 xfactor transition - st/cr.L, st.M, cr.M, st.H, cr.H, M gong, xfc, (f+M, j.MH(3 hits)S, land)x2, st.M, (L gong, st. M, cr.H)x2, S, j.H/MM(lv3 only)S - 901k(lv2)/1.008mil(lv3)

-raw/gc lv2/3 - st/cr.L, st.M, cr.M, st.H, cr.H, f+H, j.S, land, st.M, f+M, j.MH(3 hits)S, j.L gong, j.S, land, st.M, cr.H, L gong, st.M, cr. HS, j.MM/MMH(lv3 only)S- 931k(lv2)/1.098mil(lv3)

-forward/back throw lv2/3 - st.M, M gong, xfc, j.MH(3 hits)S, land, (st.M, cr.H, L gong)x3, st.M, cr.HS, j.H/MM(lv3 only)S - 743k(lv2)/843k(lv3)

If you’re hesitant to use any meter you can tack this elevator extended combo on after any of the above combos and squeeze out an extra 100k:
(j.H(1-2 hits), L gong)x3.
You may not be able to follow up with a hyper midscreen, but you most certainly can near a corner with a j.S after the last L gong.


i’m kind of curious how come this isn’t posted as a corner combo?
2h,[6h, 421m]x4,s,j.h,j.s
which does 493.6k in the corner

i guess it’s harder to hit confirm from just 2h but doing 4 reps is what i was wondering about.
oh i guess omitting the 2h in the loop makes it a touch harder too but it’s not that bad really

**it might only be on certain chars now that i try it on others i’ll find edit again if the amount of chars it works on is worth knowing about


Hey guys, been a while. Been figuring out some XF3 combos with her lately. Managed to work 7 gongs into these combos:


I think there’s a lot to figure out with these gong loops, so I’m gonna try and see if I can get some more going tonight.


i remember a lot of people having hsien ko second
with that in mind and now trying to use her second
do we have any tac combos with her?
i was never a fan of the possible break but now i don’t mind if they break it my point char can actually benefit from that


The main one I remember in the corner is:
(Hsien-Ko comes in from down TAC)
M xx 421+L, L, M xx 421+L, L, M xx 421+L, L, S

But there’s much fancier midscreen stuff that I’ve never bothered to figure out.