Get mad? Who do you take it out on?


I’ll admit, when someone rules me with an x-factor sentinel or when dark phoenix solos my entire team I may say a few bad words… loudly. Or when I go up against a team that is based around having beam projectile hypers like iron man/ryu/deadpool/dante/akuma and know I’m going to get chipped into oblivion I may put such a deep scowl on my face I’m developing wrinkles far earlier than I should. But once all of this rage comes to a point that “I can’t control it!” anymore, I usually take it out on my joystick. And honestly, I’m impressed at how sturdy the thing is.

I’ve got a MadKatz TE stick with a Sanwa stick and Semitsu buttons and at first I was afraid to press the buttons too hard or ride the gate with the stick, but after having thrown my stick across the room once, picking it up and knee slamming it a few times, and quite a few tosses to the other couch in my living room it’s still kicking just like new. So I don’t get it, did I randomly get a winner or are they all this tank-like?


Yeah… you really shouldn’t be throwing things like arcade sticks around. Domestic abuse does not favour the odds of them still working after every time you lose your temper.

Can’t you just get one of those executive stress toys instead? Or have sex?


They’re all this tank like.
TE’s are really robust in their design and its easy enough to swap out parts from circuit boards to pushbuttons/joysticks whenever something does break


Must resist… Gootecks jokes…


…or…juicebox jokes…


Of the scumbag persuasion? XD


Beating your sticks is silly.


Depends on which stick you’re referring too.


Rolls on the floor laughing my ass off.

But seriously Many arcade sticks, like the Mad Catz TE, Hori HRAP and others are build like tanks. In the actual arcades a cab have to survive a couple of hundred players a day, all range from gentle to rough as Donkey Kong was playing on the cab.

The TE (and others) use Arcade parts and a rugged-ized plastic shell. Hell I drop my wooden case stick and my Modded Ageetc alot, and they so no damage. Although I would still avoid actually throwing, punching, kicking a joystick.

Joystick protective services will home and would have to put your stick into a Foster home.


VLX are tanks, but they also kill…


The wifey. I beat her MERCILESSLY. :stuck_out_tongue:


I cut through a router’s mainboard with a soldering iron because it kept failing out on me.



The asian wife, when she’s not there I have O.Sagat to punch


they are built like tanks. Think of all of the spaz/button mashing that occurs in the arcades.


take your rage out on me. I dare you.


Let me rephrase that: Beating your sticks out of frustration is silly.


I use to get so pissed off and just beat the shit out of stuff including the many customs that i broke and what not but then i grew up. I dont mean that as an age thing i mean that with fighters. I just grew up with fighters a little more, once you start to look at your losses and stuff that beats you differently you can start to make progress and you have to remember that it is a game. I also had a daughter so maybe that is the reason as well hahaha.



I have a dual-modded SFAC stick that I play on, wouldn’t dare take any anger out on it, it’d probably break my bones. :rofl:


i used to bang on the american arcade cabs all the time…they’re pretty sturdy…here at home i broke the top of the 4 foot book shelf that i play on…also in my younger days put my fist through a plaster wall once…so dumb…i guess it’s why i don’t game much anymore.