Get off my D***: The Thread


Tag people here who need to leave you alone or:

A) hit the ignore button on you

B)Get Laid

C)Kill themselves(JK)

LBVS don’t take it too far the purpose of the thread Is so people air their grievances out with each other instead of polluting threads with bogus flags, downvotes, off topic bickering, etc



What did you really think I’d get myself banned for a clever joke?




HAX Translated, $14.95 please


Sorry @S00perCam but anyone who isn’t tagging the person making a thread like this in a thread like this is doing it wrong.


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go away irrelevant peasant :coffee:




Does this mean I get to play the bad guy?

Sad thing about pre 09ers is they been using the same sad trollbait since 2009

Even sadder is if I was an actual post 09er I might have taken the bait

Internet Never Change.



All day. Each day. I train. I train on the highest mountains and in the lowest valleys. I have one cause: to be the best. And while I have achieved this goal, I strive to make it so by a greater margin every day.


You come around poisoning this forum and my chi itself using language like ************, ************, and -of.

I will punch through you like so many tiles! Get off my D***. I’m enormous, but I assume it’s still down there.


Don’t summon angelpalm to confront him.

It might force him to summon another Asian stalker from the unwashed depths of his virginity.


The Dragonballs have been gathered but can Shenron grant his wish

Asian stalker…

Do I even want to know?



It ain’t like I’m making that much anyway.


Hoes on my dick cause I look like a dead man
Hoes on my dick cause I treat em like a bed pan
Hit em with the left hand, get real creepy
Hoes on my dick when I make them real sleepy
Flow like BP, hoes on my pee-pee
Hubble telescope, but you still can’t see me


@souporman. Is this your illegitimate seed?


You miserable pile of asterisks, to even suggest that you have what it takes to be the best is an insult to all the gods of the elder realm. Maybe if you didn’t neglect your stone punching training your will wouldn’t have the consistency of runny poop. It needs to be stalwart and firm much like the poop of the girls in my all Japanese harem.