"Get out your Popcorn!" Rufus Video Thread



I hate the dhalsim matchup lol, you got to play it derp and try to do some random shit to get a knockdown and then just win lol.

Against fuerte you should really use U2 since it shuts down all his mixup game, I was surprised the fuerte didnt do more tortillas (rufus can punish with jump back dive kick but still sooo many splashes). You would have won the match with u2 imo.

Good rufus, its hard to deal with fuerte if u dont know the matchup and practice it a lot.


I can’t believe Arturo of all people wouldn’t option select tech, you played good but Arturo played pretty sloppy there too.


YouTube - Ov3rheadGreg’s Channel has been uploading a ton of footage of MDR playing Rufus in AE at NSB19


You don’t always want to OS tech, as Rufus can punish with dive kick and deal major damage with one bnb. Basically he has to read his opponent correct and decide when to OS tech and when not to.


No, if you OS tech then you’ll stuff divekick, that’s the point of it.




Hi guys. As some of you folks know, there was an international match between Singapore and Hong Kong. I’m a Rufus player, and I’ll like to share a few videos regarding Singapore’s Rufus player(SY aka SoonYong). Hope you guys will like it, and allow us to have a proper constructive feedback on it! :slight_smile:

[media=youtube]d4Tz0GBgTg4[/media] [River.HK(Rose) vs SoonYong.SG(Rufus)]

[media=youtube]QVLzsTsDs7c&feature=related[/media] [SoonYong.SG(Rufus) vs ScrubyDan.HK(Sagat)]

Please comment, guys! :slight_smile:


Haha I liked those commentaries, your Rufus ain’t bad at all. Mind if I add you and play you sometime? (I main Rufus now too, he’s bloody hard to learn! :))

As to the Singaporian guy that was some nice Rufus play. I find Rose very hard but you did well against her :slight_smile:


Here’s two of my matches from Beat By Contest. Any feedback is appreciated.




A tournament final from a month and a half ago of me against helltpm´s guile:

ADFT 2011

@Parge I hate the ryu matchup so much lol, got eliminated by ryan in a close 2-1. I don´t think you did anything wrong other than jumping a bit too much and the last ultra, there is a lot of guessing and risks on that matchup and ryu jumpins are very hard to punish properly. Block more if you see him going too srk-happy tho.

Also don´t focus too much on landing u2, sometimes we blind ourself with the fireballs and stop playing how we should.


If you have any concerns about the Rufus vs Ibuki matchup in AE I believe this will suffice

YouTube - No.2 ?14? a-cho SSF4AE??? ???

seriously: all 49 minutes, with a Ken cameo for flavor.


vs. Shungoku Neurosis (#2 BP Dictator)
vs. Danbiru (#2 BP Sakura)
vs. Sukekiyo (Master Yun)






http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycHzRfZtuP0&feature=player_embedded#at=121 its a pretty good video back in the day of those good ol vanilla days


Some of my AE matches from DreamHack Summer 2011… only placed 5th this time but oh well…

1).Ryan “Prodigal Son” Hart (Fei Long, Ryu, Yun)
2).The Emperor (El Fuerte)
3).SkatanMilla (Sakura)
4).Yagami (Yang, Dhalsim)
5).Louie (Rufus, Sakura) / Megaraz (Akuma, Yang)

Gorbachop (Sagat) vs. Louie (Rufus) WB
Yagami (Yang) vs. Louie (Rufus) WB
Megaraz (Akuma) vs. Louie (Rufus) WB
Ryan “Prodigal Son” Hart (Ryu) vs. Louie (Rufus, Sakura) WB
Yagami (Yang) vs. Louie (Rufus) LB

Feel free to subscribe aswell 8)


Good stuff Louie. Didn’t watch all of the matches but I have few comments about the Sagat match:

  • 2:28 and 3:25 are frame traps?
  • Very cool to see your usage of normal Messiahs to bypass the fireballs. Where they MK our HK?
  • 2:31 safe jump OS fierce? If so, what are the inputs?
  • Very nice moment at 2:52. Roll, back a little, s.HK? Very cool.

And good combo at 6:36 in the Akuma match
j.HP, c.LP, c.LP, s.LP, c.MK xx GT awesome


hey [Roz]
-the 2:28/3:25 are frametraps yes, i do cl.st.MP and if it hits i confirm it to cr.LP xx EX-tornado…
-The messiahs over FBs are mostly HKs, you can also do LP-SnakeStrike over them if u dont wanna jump/block, less punishable sometimes than a jump depending on the situation
-2:31 = safe jump OS cr.Fierce yes. Its just a safe jump HP but you double tap the HP for the OS (if he blocked the j.HP the other HP wouldnt have come out…)


Thank you Louie, very good knowledge.

Was in a tournament this Saturday and I have a match I would like you guys to analyse (if you have the time of course). Also, don’t bother with the 2nd match, I cracked like an egg. Totally clueless with the Gen matchup.

So, what are the major areas I could have done better? I know a lot of stuff I did wrong, but I would like some critiques from outside and better players. I want to level up my game, so if you can, help me out :slight_smile:


Hey Louie,

Just watched your games vs yagami, and i was wondering if you had any tips in the Yang MU. Played a pretty good one this afternoon, and damn! this match up is hard. At first, i was doing just like you did, zoning with cr.hp and st.hp, but sometimes, Yang’s dive get him through st.hp, and the nightmare begins: Yagami didn’t pressure you that much, and i didn’t see him reset you(maybe he was afraid of EX messiah), but Yang has crazy reset possibilities and most of the time you just have to guess.
Anyway, the most important thing I discovered about this MU is that you can almost never throw EX messiah. Most of the time, Yang’s pressure has no holes, and if he crosses you up, he catches you with a dragon, or worse, ultra 2(BTW, U2 beats all messiah variation). So, when you’re under pressure, the game’s almost over. There’s no way out.
On the other hand, you can kill yang(like yun) really fast…if you get in. To get in, I found the better way was to have him dive on you, by faking 2hp. Then, just like he’d do if you’d have jump in, you make a vertical jump and dive in to catch his dive. Then it’s classic guess game “Is he going to dragon, or not?”. I don’t think you should leave him space unless you have huge lead(and by huge, I mean 500-600pv, lol).

If you have hints on this MU, i’d take them gladly, because this is hard, damn hard(and not being able to use messiah makes it maybe harder than fighting Yun).

EDIT: I forgot to mention that there’s an awful frame trap that prevents you from OS teching, just like boxer’s one(except the combo you eat deals 250 dmg). You can OS, but very very late and i wouldn’t recommend it.