"Get out your Popcorn!" Rufus Video Thread



Cross up MK setup



Everyone watch this around 00:50. I started playing “dive kick” footsies against yun and yang. The second I see a divekick, I dive kick after. This results in me punishing their divekick recovery frames. Just wait for them to jump. Don’t dive kick them unless they divekick you.



Yeah, i’m doing that too, but against good players(either yun or yang, but yun especially because he can and will dive closer from the ground) it’s difficult if your opponent mixes all kind of dive kicks and the pace of their jump in. Anyway, it’s a good strategy, and mostly because you don’t have another option to get in(yun’s defense against rufus is awesome because of the fat man’s huge hitbox and no less huge yun’s both mp(s) hitboxes).
Same thing against yang, easier but if you miss and yang gets in, well…


A few casual matches I have played yesterday vs remyeric44:


Hi Clerks, sorry for the late answer, but theres really not much that I can think of lol…

There was one thing I probably should’ve done alot more in the Yagami matchup, to pressure him more with divekick mixup…
I do recall that st.MP and st.MK is quite good vs. Yang (could be wrong tho) but I recall one of them outpoked one of his common pokes.
I also know that SnakeStrikes are very good vs. twins divekicks, seems to beat it clean, you can try it, also try lp-SS he divekicks you on your wakeup etc… Ive been trying to use lp-SS as a poke at a certain range I cant get punished at or something lol, examining if its good vs. a fast suprise divekick from twins…
Also remember that Yangs st.LPs are as fast as boxers jabs and is +2 on block, If im not wrong, dont be mashing ex-messiahs inbetween those =p

Thats all lol, except for Yang beeing very strong, I wouldnt say that Yang is a bad matchup for Rufus. Rufus has good chances and you dont have to change/adapt Rufus playstyle to play Yang, its his ordinary so, thats good. Not like when you’re playing other matchups thats hard for him.


Chobixinco Rufus vs Momochi



Yay, nice to see that Chobixinco is the number one Rufus on Xbox Live. Watching him play Rufus is a work of art.


Rufus Vs Yun
Cammy vs. Rufus
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Dwf70BKDqI Part 1
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgZTvRIl0F4 Part 2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncl2B1jIpec Part 3

Tips would be awesome Thanks



3rd match.


And (variably) the 31st best player over Live. Staying around that rank must be an absurd task. What I also respect is how with reasonable confidence he can play fast and furiously and still combo off just about anything.






A set of matches I had yesterday vs a friend who got a nice Rufus (Blanka vs Rufus,Ryu vs Cody and Guile vs Rufus)


0:00 rufus vs seth
2:26:50 rufus vs fei
2:33:10 rufus vs bison
2:56:22 rufus vs yang

some good matches from uk armshouse stream wso tournament.



good rufus vs cody best of 3 tournament set.
match starts at 0:50.


topanga posted some chobixinco vs mago matchs, chobixinco know very well this match:

match starts at 3:55


vids of my rufus at t12 comin soon via spooky/other ppl.

the singles tourney was a debacle and good lesson on how not to play certain matches (Feilong,Cammy)



hokuto_maru @ 3:06




That’s the best I’ve seen Saulabis play in a while and it’s inspirational. Noticed he used cr.lk whenever Tokido was doing an air-ground special/crossup tastu attempt; could be onto a reliable response for both.