"Get out your Popcorn!" Rufus Video Thread




The Sim match isn’t one I normally struggle with but I’ve played this guy a few times and he’s really solid. His pokes are always on point and I end up running from one end of the screen to the other trying to pin him down.

Watching it back I noticed that I telegraphed my jumps too much, didn’t use enough grab mixup and that I need to be more patient; but you can’t just sit and block against Sim as that will get you nowhere…

Any advice would be great!


you can usa randon ex messiah to catch sin pokes(i like to use focus, dash, ex-messiah), and if you are close to him pressure all day, if he know the matchups maybe he use c.tech+c.mp option-select, then use cl.mp frametraps…this match is really good to rufus, but you need to be pacient to aproach


standing strong when the match starts, it beats a lot of pokes. If you want to move forward, try mixing up divekick angles. Mixing up with focus is another option to try to get him the corner faster. And bait the shit out of those teleports. He does a bad one, you standing fierce his ass. You also need to learn standing jab to standing strong off of any random jabs, after the strong hits you can roll to try to catch a counter hit for a decent mixup. You get in once there’s a good chance he’s going to lose half life.

This match-up is so bad for Sim that Rufus players forget to take the time to learn it.


Mumbress, that Sim was spamming Yoga Teleport. Those are free j.FP’s and divekick resets. Here are some tips:

  • Sim starts off with either st.MK or cr.MP at the beginning of the round. Usually it’s st.MK. cr.MP stuffs that limb.

  • Getting in at the beginning of the round is all about your divekick timing. Rufus can slow his flight trajectory by doing late divekicks. That means a regularly well-timed anti-air from Sim (b.HK) will get stuffed by late divekicks. If the Sim predicts a late divekick then a regular jump in or quick divekick (j.FP) should usually get in.

  • Doing regular Messiah Kicks on Dhalsim on block is NOT bad. At that point you have 4 options: late LK follow up, MK follow up, HK follow up, or no follow up. Dhalsim has a response to all 4 but it’s a guessing game that works out in Rufus’ favor due to Dhalsim’s low health and Rufus’ high health. Don’t be reckless, but your goal is to get the Dhalsim ruffled. Playing things calm like the Sim makes it easier for him to zone.

  • If a Sim jumps back in the corner WAIT for the Yoga Teleport, THEN j.RH. Sim should not get free teleports out of the corner ever.

  • cl.st.FP Sim’s that teleport into you. Divekick for teleports that are further away.

  • Sim’s like to do EX Yoga Blast angled up against Rufus. Kind of like how some characters option select cr.fierce. If you notice that the Sim has done this at least once bait it. Then maximum punish.

  • I wouldn’t advise FA’ing the limbs. Rufus’ FA is ass.

  • Don’t do full jumps from full screen. Way too easy to zone. Short divekick and block your way into mid-screen before going for jumps.

  • Don’t fall for his slide into grab shenanigans. Tech and/or instant divekick those bad boys.

  • If you have 4 meters I believe EX Messiah FADC EX Snakestrike hits for retarded damage. Dat Sim hitbox.

That’s all I can think of for now. The key is applying pressure to Sim once you get in. If Sim resets the situation work your way patiently back to midscreen where its much harder to zone Rufus’ jump ins. I use U1 in this match FYI.


Yup that’s me :slight_smile:

I always forget that some characters don’t have an easy way to deal with the mix-up after blocked messiah, good advice ty.





Hey, I posted this in the other forums…but if any of you guys need help…I can answer the majority of these outside of the really really crazy stuff (i.e. how does standing mk link into ex gt sometimes in Vanilla)… but otherwise…tweet @hungryhuman if you guys are really hard up and need Rufus help.I’m at the point where the only people that can help me really seem to be Ricky/Justin sometimes…and I HATE that…so don’t want you guys to have to go through that if that makes any sense.LOL…anyways…I’m done.

Oh! And hit Hungry Human on XBL! I play time to time between school and clothes stuff…I should be on all night trying to remember how to play for SCR!Check me out if you ever see me on!-h_h-


I ran a really good set with an aggressive guile yesterday. Lots of close back and forth games with some solid play from both of us imo. Lots of really close matches and other than a couple desperation ultras and crappy ex messiahs there isnt a whole lot scrubby. Just thought id post em for shits and giggles, any constructive criticism is appreciated! Sorry for the shitty quality btw.
I wasnt really ready for him this game, he took it pretty convincingly


Really enjoyable games thanks for posting!

Your pretty evenly matched and I think these games show how close this matchup is tbh. A discussion in another thread about the Guile matchup shocked me in that quite a few Rufus players on these forums think Guile is a really bad matchup; and while these videos show that he has all the right tools to stop you, so long as you keep the pressure on he’s quite beatable.

As for advice there isn’t much I can say; you clearly know how to play against Guile. Once you accept that your going to get hit by lots of normals and booms then it allows to just get on with forcing your way in.

The only 2 things I would like to have seen more of are far HK after jab block strings and st.lk -> st.mp because it’s good for frame trapping and also combos on Guile (st.lk x2 -> st.mp works as well). Other than that you played well, great Rufus!


Heh, I played floorwalker before as well with my Akuma. Solid player, he beat me. :frowning:


@mubress: Thanks for the input! I wholeheartedly agree that this match is really pretty even for the most part, the only thing that gives guile an advantage in this match is his absurd amount of aa’s. This isnt all that bad though considering Guiles wakeup game is pretty awful, rufus is easily able to take control off a knockdown. Once your in there the match is pretty much all rufus, just cant get too discouraged from the normals you get hit by on your way in. Just like when your playing a shoto you cant get mindfucked into not divekicking. Plus guile gets destroyed in the corner xd.

Im a littel bit ambivalent about using the far HK in these matches, i was a little reserved with it because i feel like when i use it in the past ive gotten turn punched or gotten hit by some standing normal of guiles. This being said I still like that it keeps rufus in, the forward momentum it builds with block strings is pretty big (and if you do hit you get a free ultra so why not xd). And i like the idea of the st.mp, ive heard its a frametrap havent tried it out to much tho.

@Noriega: Yeah, he was pretty good. We were playing with other chars earlier, he kicked my ass with dan a couple games, also has a beast of a DJ.


Here is a match I just played was able to use some of Rufus’s new V2012 combos. Check them out tell me what you think.


Direct Clip



Good matches, nice Rufus. I’ve landed cr.lk, st.lp, cr.lp - > ex gt or similar into tc - > U1 quite a few times in endless games but the scaling makes it kinda pointless and only for show really. I think that the forward j.hp into cr.mk -> ex gt - fadc - hp -> hp gt (preferably ultra if you have it) that you landed is the best use for Rufus’ new fadc tool; it makes Rufus more deadly from 3/4 screen away.


Why you no just U1 after j.HP?


Some casual games against a good Ryu player:





I felt like there might have been some lag in these games but it wasn’t too bad just noticeable enough to put me off landing st.lk -> st.hp, but that aside I’ll take any advice you guys have.

The main trouble I had was getting past his fireball game (switched to U2 later on in the games but he hasn’t uploaded those, i’ll post them if he does) and I found it really hard to tell when he was going to jump; I’m normally pretty on point with my AA’s these days.

EDIT: added 2 videos from the rest of the set.


Watched. Here are some tips:

1.) Get into close range without jumping. Walk and block. You’ll eventually make Ryu very antsy and this is normally when they start jumping.

2.) St.fierce ALL of his jump-ins. st.fierce and cl.st.fierce are such amazing anti-airs. Especially against Ryu and it works if they’re jumping from far away and close. Practice just walking in and keeping your finger on st.FP. As soon as you see them lift the air it’s a free fierce. This includes neutral jumps. Literally, anytime you see his feet lift the air a st.fierce should be there. But yes, you did let the Ryu jump around too much for free.

I watched them both. Everything else looks clean. Seriously, st.FP. You will fucking love me forever.


You’re my new favorite person ever.

I don’t know why I never thought to use it in that matchup. But for some reason it owns ryu.


Here is a match against a very tough Ken was able to use some of Rufus’s new combos I seem to be using them a lot. At first I didn’t think much of them but for show but they have really helped me out in matches



Was that toward me?


You are quite right it does, cr.mp has always been my go to against Ryu but st.hp works great especially at close range if they are jumping all over you. At certain ranges far st.hp will lose to Ryu’s forward j.hk though so don’t go mad with it :slight_smile:

Good games. The combo at 10:12 shows how effective it can be if used right; opponent was stunned and it basically won you that round. It can be a bad habit though as you didn’t need to cancel at 1:38 and you just wasted meter…better safe than sorry though I guess :wink: