"Get out your Popcorn!" Rufus Video Thread




st.fierce O_O


Even JR can’t handle a st.fp to the face, well played!


Holy shit at 2:45 that jump back fierce brought a tear to my eye…so under appreciated, great move.


Had some Trouble with a Yang player at a tournament any tips Here are the vids


against yang-

you definitely want ultra 1 over 2 imo, super easy to scoop them with a jump rh or get it off a punish combo when its so easy to bait u2 with divekicks which i saw happen

Id say you want to use cr.mp a little more over st.fierce in some of those situations, you tagged him hard with it a few times but a good yang is going to try and get closer to you before doing that high of a nuetral jump in your face.

A lot of it looked just like you were lacking matchup knowledge, like knowing his options off knockdowns and the resets yang can do so watch out for that too. You grabbed way too little and without the threat of that grab coming in you arent going to get any damage out from divekick pressure. Overall you just seemed to let him go in while you played defense, which is not something I like to do with rufus. Option selecting yangs pressure with cr.mp and grab is really useful because you can really scare him from going in hard if it hits a few times.

You were going for a few jump rh which is good but if youre going to guess on it do it when the odds are in your favor, from that far back you can react to yangs jump ins with jump rh into whatever.

The biggest thing I saw was your game off a knockdown seemed really spontaneous and not thought out. After you get that knockdown you should have a setup or mind game already in progress so that you can stay in. I noticed a lot of your knockdowns you would nuetral jump and do a late divekick and it got dp’d every time so if its not working maybe try to change it up a bit. Yangs dp is really weak against cross up divekicks and if you can get him in that position youll be able to continue your pressure better.

good shit though, glad to see rufus players exist!


Could you elaborate more on this

That comes from lack of knowledge not used to playing a good yang so was not sure what he would do on wake up any suggestions


I’m on my phone so this might be a little sloppy but I’ll see what I can do.

You can option select grab with some normals by pressing tech and the normal at the same time, so if you press tech and mp while crouching you will either get a grab tech or the medium punch. If the yang is doing low divekicks to try and get you pressing buttons then you should hit his divekick with cr.mp, otherwise you will get crOuch tech. Obviously this is dangerous to use all the time because it can be punished but it’s a nice tool to have. You’ll see a lot of people use that os against Rufus.

As for the matchup, after a forward throw dashing twice and doing a high cross up divekick will stuff any reversal yang has, on top of being a safe jump. After a knockdown you usually want to cross up divekick because yang can’t do much about it. I can list some more things when I get home but I’m in class atm D:


Played a match I was happy with earlier today. I was on PC so this is still pre-2012, not like it would have changed the matchup much or anything. Hit me up with some feedback, I’ll start recording better and closer matches for advice too.



That was well played, it was good how on some hard knockdowns you went for the really deep crossover on makoto. It can really cripple her if you keep her from back dashing on wakeup. The one thing i saw that i would watch out for is the way you threw out ex messiahs in round 1. You used them pretty consistently on wakeup and a bit on offense. Id say just try and be more conscious about when you do and don’t throw it out there, just keeping it in the back of your mind that you want to conserve some meter to keep situations safe can make a difference in your play. Other than that though good entertaining match!


I agree with what fizzy said but would also add that you were a bit jump happy. I know it’s tempting to try and jump all over Makoto believe me and you weren’t punished for it against this guy, but maybe other players would have done a better job. gg anyway though :slight_smile:




A couple of ranked games against two very good players.

I felt like I did well in both games but just got out played, although I do always struggle to keep the pressure on Rose when she can just backdash away so any tips on that would be good.


When you anticipate a focus attack back dash from Rose, I EX GT on reaction. That’s the advice I can give and usually it works for me.


I’ll try that ty :wink:





just helping out. questions, let me know.

rufus at 3:38


Good to know, thanks :wink:


some matches from a smaller local tournament
3:05 -rose match, then a makoto match right after
4:16- losers finals vs. honda, then grand finals (rose, cammy, bison)

grand finals is against a good friend and training partner who is better than me and knows how i play way too well :confused:
I feel like i didnt play as solid as i should have so critique is welcome


Just a thing to keep in mind, whenever you got rose or in the corner you go for a cross over divekick while they are still knocked-down that puts them out of the corner. You then immediately go for another divekick crossover that puts them back in the corner. While this is relatively good positioning for you its still much better until they are standing-up to crossover.
If you dont go for the preliminary crossover you have more space, time for mixups, and more options for mixups. When u crossover divekick while their back is against the wall at no point do you end up behind them. So even if they do manage to block the crossup you have the opportunity to cross up again or whatever else you want in the corner.
It may feel awkward to keep them there first but it really does help, especially against dp characters.Just watched a bit of it, planning to watch the rest later.

Sorry if this is an intimidating block of text, was entertained by the play so far, good shit!

edit: Wow rereading this my description is pretty bad xd. I cleaned it up a bit so hopefully it flows a lil better.
Edit again: Is that nujabes i hear? Delicious stuff



The first Sagat I’ve beaten in quite a while. I had been using ultra 2 in this match but switched back to u1 recently with good success. I think other people have mentioned this on these forums before but it’s merely the fact that your not concentrating on reacting to fireballs when you have u2 and instead are free to keep trying to get in on him.


yea after watching it a few times i realized I let her get out of the corner more than i should have, ive been working on my corner game to keep the pressure and keeping rose or any character honest without any gimmicky escape options that wont get punished