"Get out your Popcorn!" Rufus Video Thread






I’m sure this is very situational and everything but still, I’ve never seen Rufus cross-up with hard kick before.


Ive had this happen to me in the rufus mirror to. I think its probably just a situational thing, maybe it works on timothy hawkins?


Any tips suggestions are always helpful



It doesn’t seem like you need much advice as you beat all of them pretty easily :wink: Against Vega just keep dat pressure on and he’s got no chance. It’s worth considering U2 but it didn’t look like it would’ve been much use against that guy.

That Makoto FADC’d out of your dk pressure a couple of times so maybe consider doing ‘meaty’ dks so you can keep the pressure on and dissuade them from doing that. Against Viper the advice I always give is use cr.mp against her burn kicks as it works great and again maybe consider U2 as it limits her air options.


Saulabis showing us the way against Ken. Forward HP at 1:03 looks like it puts you at the perfect range to avoid a lot of Ken’s options (except for that pesky foward mk).


Thanks man will I be able to catch her clean or will it trade.


It’s depends, at times it trades and at times it beats it clean. I guess it’s based on timing.


Yeah sometimes it will trade but more often than not it will beat it. I find the hardest part is training yourself to do it and not just sit there blocking (trying to block) :wink:


Hmm, here are some matches I had with my mate:

I gave my own feedback in each video description. Would be nice if someone else could have a look and see what else I fail to spot/punish.

I am finding it hard to react to a CW escape when I am on offense, and I don’t have any good OS which I can punish apart from U2 but I prefer U1 in this match.

Still trying to iron out my bad habits, there are situations I get lazy and wake up ex messiah, and I should stop using c.hp against Fei… and stop jumping when it’s not safe!!


Seems like your aware of most of the mistakes your making looking at your comments so I’ll just add a couple of things:

I try to avoid using cr.hp in this match and use st.mk as my long range poke. He was teching like mad after divekicks (at least I presume he was as u didn’t have inputs on) so maybe you could have mixed in more instant dks or perhaps used st.mp or cr.mk after blocked st.lk to frame trap him :slight_smile:

Other than that you seem to play the match right, not a particularly easy one for Rufus when Fei gets the pressure on.



Some highlights of Chobixinco I put together :slight_smile:




Chobixinco should definitely attend Evo this year.









Just some clips from matches I had saved in AE 2012 that I’d forgotten about as a result of not playing the game for a little while. Includes perfects, double perfects, almost perfects, comebacks, fadc combos, and some stupid random stuff :slight_smile:






Me vs. Viper and Sagat, anyone looking at how to approach the Sagat matchup should probably watch that.

Other match I had vs. Lucky D I played like shit and kept accidentally focusing for some reason.