"Get out your Popcorn!" Rufus Video Thread



Really well played dude, made the viper match look a hell of a lot easier than it is. Its crazy how fast she can open you up off of one burn-kick, scary considering how hard they are to block.

Edit: People overate how easy the sim match is for rufus imo. It can be an incredibly uphill battle for rufus at times. Btw vivaldi you from baltimore? i was actually just up there at a tourney (left because apparently noone likes ae in md), i live not so far away. Any ae tourneys in the area u know of coming up?


Yeah, Baltimore (Xanadu specifically) is where I learned to play, it’s funny because even though Xanadu hates AE they’re still really good at it. I’m going to try to organize some AE events in NoVA, but other than that just watch out for the monthlies and Steve H/Skisonic’s tournament at Dave and Busters.

I think the matchup is underrated too, but it’s more of me not knowing the matchup than anything else. Dhalsim has so many crazy gimmicks to get out of Rufus pressure it’s hard to learn them all in a 2-game tourney setting.

I’m talking like, backdash, teleport, OS tech, low forward slide, etc that aren’t real reversals that you can bait like a DP, but will still fuck your game over if you just ignore them or don’t punish them.



I uploaded this mainly to test out my crappy camcorder as I bust my PVR the other day, but there’s some decent Rufus on Rufus action here :slight_smile:


Rufus vs Fei set from here some time ago, sorry bout the quality.



Some games against a good Chun player. I know what to do in this match-up but sometimes get frustrated when I’m being kept out for long periods, but besides that (and not being able to do option selects because I still haven’t got fully used to my arcade stick) I thought I played ok :slight_smile:


Nice play, but there’s a few things that I disliked. You let him mindlessly rush you down and once he had you in the corner you didn’t attempt much to get out. When you have a chance to get out don’t sit there blocking, like how he was throwing out blocked rekkas and instead of you punishing or escaping you sat there and let him go for more pressure. And you seemed really scared to play offensively like after you had a knockdown. Instead of going for corner divekick mixups for example you let him wake up safely because I’m guessing you were scared of reversals. I only watched a couple games but from what I seen you played very hesitantly and afraid to fight back.


Thank you sir. The Rufus pictured is my acquaintance actually, but I will pass the info to him.



Jwong picks U1 vs Sagat?



Let me know what you guys think. I just recently started recording my matches. I have a couple of other matches on my channel, and I’ll be adding a lot more soon.


I was a firm believer in U2 against Sagat until quite recently, now I don’t use it against any fireball characters. I still think it has it’s uses against characters that like to dominate the air like Viper or Guy though.

If anyone struggles against DJ then watch this match because it shows perfectly how you have to accept that your going to get hit by lots of normals, fireballs etc and just generally get zoned to death, but you have to keep attacking him. Thx 4 posting :slight_smile:


Mmm I think Jwong still uses U2 vs Ryu though, could be wrong.

I only pick U2 vs Ryu/Sagat/Dhalsim/Bison/Blanka/Gouken.


Me too until recently, I think I just got fed up of trying to react with it instead of playing Rufus like he was designed. He has all the tools to get round fireballs anyway so i prefer to concentrate on getting in :wink:



Me vs Gachikun sagat.


Looking for help, I know there are holes in krone’s patterns, it was the first time I’ve seen this kinda level of Viper and I must say while I don’t like it, he is definitely beatable…


any sorta anti-viper knowledge (general or specific) would help a lot :slight_smile:


Tbh you played pretty well, only reason you lost is because of a couple unfortunate chokes. I feel like a majority of the matchup is just having on point blocks, you have this down to a science so its pretty much just up to grinding out the matchup at this point. jw in general do u think that stand blocking is better for blocking burn kicks?

Personally id go for more cr.mp, effectively stops a lot of her burn kick shenanigans and all that jazz (timing can be a lil tricky though). Whenever she does the burn kick while you are in the corner it almost never crosses up so pretty much always just block it normally (even if you do get hit with the crossover one it knocks you out of the corner so spatially you are better off, it can be situationally cr.mpd to). Also i also wouldn’t tech quite as much as you do, imo i think viper has the best through mixups in the game but still getting overzealous with teching can get you blown up pretty hard (I’m pretty sure you can OS throw/cr.mp if you think she will throw/burnkick, this will stuff her overhead to).
As far as jumps go i like to be primarily defensive with them, rufus doesn’t totally own the air to air game vs viper (her jump roundhouse will own you) so just sticking to jb-fierce and neutral roundhouse is safe (i just throw them out there every once in a while just in case) with the occasional jump toward roundhouse if you sniff out the jump. Also jump forward fierce is really good for that offensive pull if you want to put some pressure on or try and take her out air to air, always the chance you will just get dp’d though so its a lil risky.
On the subject of air vs ground gameplay id say viper is best approached on the ground. Rufus can defend himself from her pretty well with cr.mp, ex messiah and backdashes, while he can close the gap with rolls, well spaced dive kicks and just plain walking. Once you get in it pays to be a bit reserved with offense, if you go for multiple dive kicks she will just dp you away and your blown. Patiently getting individual dive kicks in and trying to throw her can pay off. All it takes is one good neutral jump to keep viper where you want her. Really entertaining game, i think if you ran it back you could take krone out.


Thanks for the advice fizzy,

The very first burn kick, was a cr mp AA attempt, but it beat it pretty convincingly…after that I decided I wasn’t gonna get knocked down if I could help it. I know cr mp beats burn kicks, as to where and when…not so much. Instead I just decided to block as well as I could, next time I’ll be a bit more aggro with it.

I was always blocking non-crossup, but he tricked me twice. he hit me with the fake crossup which I tried to tech for some reason, then when i blocked he crossed me up with FK. Teching as much as I did was horrible, which is another thing I did against Chi-rithy in pools, (which i’ll link when it comes out) but I just chalk that up as nervousness and not having the courage to take mixups.

My main problem was figuring out how to deal with reversal burn kick on a dive kick. I didnt exactly know how to punish it, but im sure theres a way. maybe walk back c mk? cr mp? not sure…

Is focusing the burn kicks a valid option? If so how does it work?


Yeah to aa the burn kicks you have to do the cr.mp pretty early, if you are not used to just reacting to vipers jumps its hard. Teching is kinda crazy against viper, i feel like some sort of aa/tech os would make this matchup a lot less scary (maybe that thing in the justin vid would work in more situations?) , just a pain in the ass getting knocked down. Focusing burn kicks technically does work but i feel like whenever i do it i tend to just get blown up somehow, like focusing one way and having her end up on a different side or ill just get jump roundhouses and eat a combo and pretty much get stunned (seriously jump roundhouse is incredibly dangerous). i think it would actually work really well for when you dive kick in and they reversal burn kick cause you could focus and be immediately close enough to hit them with it, just going in there and focusing seems pretty ballsy on its own though. Honestly just blocking and waiting/jabbing seems like it would work better, i think jab can actually beat burn kicks sometimes. Crossing viper over is really the only safe way to be aggressive and even then when you land you have to be careful. If you think they’ll dp in that situation right after the cross up you can always just jump clean over her if you go early enough. Bottom line is that viper is just a bitch

edit: when i first wrote this i accidentally wrote dick-kicking instead of dive-kicking a couple times :3