"Get out your Popcorn!" Rufus Video Thread







Stream of a local tournament. My matches are at 3:06:52 and 3:38:00. I usually beat both of the players I played pretty convincingly but they got into my head last night for whatever reason.

Anyway critique is def welcome.



I’m going to take the time to make a short tutorial on this at some point. I’m just lazy. But I wanted to bring it up on here because I don’t think a lot of Rufus players utilize the autocorrect U1. It just happened to come up in an XBL match this weekend, and I took a quick cap of it.

You know that annoying spacing where if you hit EX Messiah you’re too far from the corner to backdash and hit U1, but if you dash forward you’ll go under? Autocorrect works in that situation too.

I got some weird looks from people when I hit it in a pool match at Evo this year. It isn’t voodoo, it isn’t luck, it’s just training mode.


I’ve never thought of doing that before but i’ve just been in to training mode and tried it and it seems pretty easy. I feel like I’m being more precise with the ultra input and maybe delaying slightly but I’m not sure so a tutorial would be nice :wink:


I’m guessing you just hold the forward on the second QCF to walk a tad then when you cross-under and press 3P it will reverse the direction on the ultra.


There isn’t any input trick to it really. I only use it in the situations where the corner pushes them over your head. So it’s just a matter of timing your 3p input in the autocorrect window just after the middle of their hitbox crosses the middle of yours. Like mubress said, it’s really not that hard. It’s just a matter of getting used to it so it’s just a natural reaction to the situation.



Some games against a very good Sakura player, advice is welcomed although these were just casuals so don’t be too hard on me :wink:


good shit mub! Imo the sakura match is one of rufus’s most straightforward. They both can mess each other up if they get the chance, fun one to watch.


I think you don’t need to respect her fireball like she’s a shoto - it’s slow and she doesn’t have a proper uppercut.



I threw a little thing together for the autocorrect.

And I forgot to mention before, there’s no drawback to always doing the autocorrect timing. If you do it on that timing, and they fall in front of you it still hits like normal.


Cheers dude! Your right it’s just a case of who can get the pressure on and without meter they’re both in trouble.

Yes I know, I felt like I didn’t deal with his fireball game well at all really. I think maybe I was thrown off by the speed of the fireball and the range that her srk is useful at. Probably too much time playing against Ryu :wink:

If there’s supposed to be a video then I’m not seeing it, could be a problem my end but I can see the other vids in this thread so I’m not sure what the issue is :frowning:


Weird… Here’s the non-embedded link.


Thanks! I’ve messed about with it in training and I can land it most of the time now, yet to try it in a match but I’m sure I’ll use it at some point :wink:


And as far as the Sakura match-up… see above. You guys are right when you talk about a mid-level match. But at the highest level Rufus gets touched once and dies.


Thats pretty awesome, really situational but still incredibly useful. Also music worked ridiculously well, even for a short video like that man. Love m83


Thanks, the music was why I had to upload it on Vimeo, because youtube blocked it. :frowning:

But it worked too perfect to take out.


Here’s a playlist where I’m going to dump just random dumb stuff I find while messing around in training mode. I’ll update it whenever I find something worth recording. Some stuff is useful, some of it isn’t. Maybe you can find something with it I can’t. Boredom breeds creativity. Stick yourself in training mode and see what happens. (It’s how I found the autocorrect stuff and I use that in my game all the time now.)


Really good Rufus player locally aka HungryHuman, he straight up bodied me and the other locals!






My match with Sanford Kelly from Summer Jam 6.