"Get out your Popcorn!" Rufus Video Thread



That was a great game dude, really well played. Broke my heart when he hit you with that last dp. Really hard to get around sagats fireball game once he gets it started, occasionally hk messiah will work well to get around fireballs to. kind of a stretch but its still an option.





A first to 5 against MrKimokoan’s Dudley, advice would be very welcome!



Two games against a strong Cammy player, I feel like I know what to do in this match-up but advice is still welcomed :wink:


After cross up divekick do a slightly higher divekick so you can punish o/s throw. That is something that a lot of players do after blocking a cross up divekick (as you most likely know) and the height you were doing it at wouldn’t allow you to punish it. Probably misstiming on your part, because I’m sure you aware of this.

The Cammy player was looking for you to jump at her during the neutral game the whole time and you still kept on jumping. You should have gone for a couple of rolling kicks. That would have made her doubt herself a little bit more, giving you a higher chance of succesfully jumping in.

What I noticed was that whenever you were low on life, you would concentrate so hard on what your opponent was doing that you forgot to pose as a threat. By that I mean that you would just walk to and fro instead of whiffing some jabs or doing some instant divekicks. It doesn’t seem of importance perhaps, but if you don’t give your opponent the idea that you’re doing something it becomes very apparent when you are finally doing something. So if you’re just walking to and fro and then suddenly decide to jump in, you are going to get hit out of the air every time.

Good job baiting the ex knuckle in the 3rd round. She could have gone for a DP, but you conditioned her into thinking that you would go for the cross up and you sniffed it out. ^^

When punishing a cannon spike you should go for far HK into sweep instead of walk up sweep. That’ll give you that extra bit of damage. If you want to max out damage in exchange for oki you can also dash up cl.HP xx tornado (if I recall correctly).

You also make good use of cl.HP as an anti-air. A lot of Rufus players tend to forget about it. You did get hit out of it a couple of times, but it’s very difficult to know when she is going to CS in. But even if you trade it’s going to be in your favor and you also just reset the ground game! If you have the reactions/expecting it try to go for the SS or a j.HK as you demonstrated later, that’ll beat it consistently.

What you didn’t pick up on the times that you were succesful with your HP anti-airs, was that she ALWAYS backdashed after being reset out of the air. Always pay attention to these little breakpoints, like an air reset or tech throw. A lot of people will always react the same way in these situations without even realising it. I remember a Viper player that I used to play who would always thunder knuckle after a teched throw.

All in all I think you did very well. Playing her can be quite difficult if you’re not used to being on the defensive.


Far hk to sweep is something I should’ve realised I could do but I wouldn’t have thought that dash, hp xx gt would work but I’ll be sure to try it out :wink:

All good feedback though thx a lot!


I watch your matches…
Honda…your main problem with this match was your patience. Honda is indeed a very easy match up for Rufus but that is not easy until u get in. In this match patience in key. Poke more with st. mp it tends to stuff most on honda’s moves, punish whiffed st.hk with cr.hk to get honda down.
One thing I must hand to you is ur use of st.hp as an anti-air.

Its bad…not as bad as grief…but bad.
Capitalize on punishing whiff condor spire and whiffed st.hk either with cr.hp or cr.hk depending on the distance.
Your biggest problem was anti airing…as soon as T.Hawk jumps jump after him with hk then do what ever.
Play the 50/50 game T.hawk has and use it against him…it is risky but rufus can greatly benefit from it.



Watching the games back I noticed that I didn’t adapt to his uppercut patterns at all, pretty much every time I cross-up dive kicked he would uppercut, so I’ll have to work on that. Overall I thought I played ok but I don’t feel like I was in control of many of the rounds, although that might just be the Ryu matchup, i’m not sure.

Any advice would be welcomed :wink:


Besides watching for dp patterns there were plenty of times you could have anti-air Ryu. Since Rufus has a weak defensive game, getting jumped on can be life threatening. Ryu’s cr.hk is easily punishable. When blocked from close you can punish sweep, ultra and a whole lot of stuff, from far use ex gt.
In the left corner Rufus has some nice ambiguous, fake cross up set ups. When doing bnb in the corner do not continue the combo with lp.gt, instead jump over and dive wen you see the character get up. This can be done from any knock down in the left corner.
In match up I go and play footsies when the Ryu starts to poke I dive on him.


I’m usually pretty on point with my anti-airs, I think I struggled to read when he was going to jump and he also seemed to jump at a range where I wasn’t sure whether to use st.hp or cr.mp, which led to me blocking most of the time.

Good point on blocked sweeps, I almost never punish stuff like that so I’ll try to be more aware. Not following up with lp.gt in the corner to allow for a better follow up setup is something I often do, not sure why I didn’t in this one. Good advice though thanks :wink:






Critique please


I think this would be the proper place to post this, just some minor thing about an expensive punish against T-hawk’s stand roundhouse, nothing groundbreaking or probably even new, I just thought it was interesting to do something like this from about 1 & 1/2 tiles away.


Good video and don’t worry, even if you think it’s something minor any Rufus tech is useful :wink:

I’m not sure how much I’d be willing to try and play footsies against Hawk’s st.hk with st.lp, but the crouch lp - ex gt is some good stuff, I’ll try and work that in the next time I play a Hawk.


Yeah, the most practical part is definitely the 1 bar punishes, 3 bars is way too expensive mid-match.
If you utilize it in any matches, be sure to share~


Two games against a very good Hawk Player:




That condor spire really gives me grief, as well as you too I see.
Particularly the light spire whiffs really make me uncomfortable waiting for the optimal block punish which costs meter and is 1/2 frames anyway.


Condor spire has a ton of start up. I like to let them abuse it at the beginning to get them comfortable with it. Keep that in your back pocket for the end of the round or the next so on reaction you can just ultra them in the face.


Yeah, watching the games back it looks like it has massive start up so I’ll keep u1 buffered in future.