"Get out your Popcorn!" Rufus Video Thread




First to 5 against Wakatteru - #1 Gen on the Europe XBL rankings. It took me a few games to adapt as I don’t face many Gen players but this is a really tough match-up for Gen so I just tried to stay patient and get damage where I could :slight_smile:


First to 5 against peqqi’s Evil Ryu. I thought I played well for the most part, messed up a few setups from knockdowns and so on but overall not bad. I kept getting caught by his overhead fwd.mk into ex tatsu which hurts a lot, and peqqi really punished my constant crouch teching with lots of frame traps so I’ll have to stop that, but overall i think I played ok.

Advice/thoughts are always welcome!


vs a friend





Haha, nice. I love that feeling when every mixup seems to hit. Had one of those the other day:



Haha “poor sim” nice title :wink:

Btw does throw - dash x2 - crossup mk always work on him in the corner? If so that’d be useful.


Not normally. It only connected because his hitbox changes when he does ex upflame. I was just on autopilot.


Ok, that’s still good to know though as Sim’s like to throw that out if they see you in the air.



First to 5 against a very good Guile player. Overall I thought I played ok, the majority of the games were close and I stayed patient which is important in this match-up especially. The main things I noticed watching the games back are:

He started off flash kicking after blocked divekicks, then switched to grab (not crouch tech) which stopped a lot of my mixups. Not sure if he planned that but it worked. I also kept pressing buttons when I shouldn’t have, playing footsies with Guile is a bad idea!

All advice is welcomed!


Good games mubress, did a good job of capitalizing once you got in. Some pretty crazy jump fierces to. Id say the main thing you want to focus on in this match is just walking forward and blocking. It closes the gap really well while leaving rufus with minimal damage by the time hes in.
Divekicking/jumping too much leaves rufus in a position to get flash kicked and fierced to the point that he doesnt have enough life to work with beating guile once hes in (unless youve got an intense clutch muscle). ive also found that a lot of guiles have a tendency to jump forward when theyre being walked to the corner which just gives you free cr.mp and a place to start your offense.


The jump fierce trade with fireball characters, especially charge ones (Chun, Guile) is something i’ve gotten good at spacing and it’s really useful as it always trades in your favour. I did try my best to walk him to the corner but it seems I have an allergy to blocking fireballs and can’t seem to resist jumping at some point. Your totally right though. I also attempted to keep him in the corner as best I could, but sometimes I got a bit pressure happy and crossed up which is a really dumb thing to do :frowning:

Good advice though as always!



Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all my Rufus brothers!


sparring with a friend I usually get bodied by dumb decisions in this match!



Good pressure throughout, well played.



Another cool and dumb video, this one features my first unblockable divekick in an actual match, input errors, failed trolling (not by me), a SICK anti-air and much much more!!! :wink:


Great video as always dude, that autocorrect U1 is pretty flashy


Haha, I love styling with the autocorrect U1. Glad someone else is using it.


Yeah I can’t help but do it now, and almost every time I get a message saying how cool/weird it was :wink:

It’s probably my favourite thing to do now and like you said before, once you’ve got it it’s surprisingly easy (although I still mess up some times). Thanks again! :slight_smile:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSgb-T15Mso<br><br>Another perfect compilation I made, including one against me this time which I thought was good. And no it wasn’t by a Seth or Cammy player!
<br><br>http://youtu.be/g_VYHZUGt7M<br><br>Here’s a match I thought was a good example of how to play against Bison. I appreciate this guy is one of the better Rufus players online but he still does things that all Rufus players can utilize, and certainly make this match-up a lot easier. For example: walking him to the corner when he’s trying to build meter with devil’s reverse, cr.mp on devil’s reverse or stomp follow-ups (something I rarely use tbh), divekick pressure when he has no meter etc.




<br> :-*