"Get out your Popcorn!" Rufus Video Thread



FT7 set I had with a pretty good Juri player, I never know what to think of this Match up; at times I think Rufus steam rolls her but I also think she has some nice tools to deal with Rufus.


Yeah I go back and forth on it. I remember the first good Juri I played left me thinking it was a really bad match-up what with her fireball game, air normals and good damage potential. After some practice it soon became clear that once your in (like lots of other match-ups) she doesn’t have many options.

That being said I still have trouble getting around her fireballs sometimes. It didn’t seem like you had much of a problem with that in those games though, so if you have any tips they’d be well received. Good games anyway, thanks for posting :wink:


Honestly, I can’t really offer any concrete tips or advice on the match up because I so rarely play it, especially against good Juri players.
I did play WeirdoNeo at evo last year and beat him in 2 money matches, but i think it was just a case of him not knowing the match up like many Juri players don’t.

my only tips would be to make her use up her fireball charges and use that as your ticket in, if the Juri player like’s to air to air with jump MP then you should always jump in with HK to try and catch her as she jumps and if she doesn’t jump then she will have to block the jump in or anti air it with a ground normal, which of course can be countered with a dive kick, so it’s important to mix those options up.
Once you’re in make sure to capitalize on her poor defensive options, if she uses her absorb counter neutral jump on a dive kick it can be reaction jump hard kicked or st.fp. and when she has no meter just go ham with dive kicks and cross up dive kicks.


I read somewhere that Justin Wong considers Rufus to have the advantage in the match-up. I think after he beat Juicebox’s Abel and Juri at some tournament in Grand Finals. It feels to me a bit like the Dhalsim matchup in that it can be a pain to get in but once Rufus is in there he’s deadly. Anyway, that was a fun set to watch thanks for posting.


Learn to count her fireball stores and read the angle/order they prefer to release them. Once you get in it’s just standard offense.

Small tidbits, on wakeup divekicks make sure to option select a jump in case they do EX Counter, you get a free j.rh. Also, Rufus’ fs.rh is projectile invincible and will beat low fireball (even EX) clean at certain ranges.


Hey guys,
can you watch the grand finals at 3:05:40 and try and help me out.
I’m usually pretty confident against Sagat but when ever I play Ryan he always seems to control the match so comfortably, it doesn’t help that he has ridiculous reactions which means i can’t get away with a lot of stuff like mid screen tornados or hard kick messiahs.
Is there anything I can be doing better in this match up?


Ok, here’s a few things you might consider trying out:

Using U2. It’s not something I would do as I think U1 is the way to go in all of Rufus’ matches tbh, but I’m not playing Ryan Hart am I! If you do use U2 not only can you make him less comfortable with his fireball game but you can concentrate on staying out of tiger knee range as well.

The commentators were saying you should be reacting with U1 to his tiger knees. For me that’s pretty hard but if you think u can then it’s worth a try. With the pressure you were under especially at the start I guess it’s worth a shot.

Honestly though I think what lost you the match was going for cross-up setups in the corner (and missing most of them). It’s a useful mix-up but you really want to focus on not letting him out (and more importantly not getting cornered yourself).

That all being said he’s a very good player and it’s a bad match-up, there isn’t always something you can do and you did play better after the bracket was reset :slight_smile:


i think u should abuse sweep a bit more when u get close, anyway his sagat become too agresive sometimes, dunno how i will react to that.

mubress i just use U2 vs akuma, i think it doesnt worth vs sagat at all imo.


Yeah I agree, like I said I personally don’t use U2 in any match-ups but it’s still worth thinking about if your under heavy pressure.


u should at least vs dhalsim, is the only match up where i think U2 woth 100% compared with U1.


I could never consistently punish Sim’s teleports with U2 so I stopped using it. I’m content with just hitting him and then putting the pressure back on, plus with U1 there’s that threat of damage from basically anything. If I thought I could land it I would def use U2 though.


OS u2 destroy dhalsim, he cant get away cuz u can OS after every dive, not just the wake up option, if he pick U1 u can finish the match with save chip dmg (he cant do absoluty nothing), and ofc u can punish fireballs or jumps backs pretty easy.
I dont think u need that free dmg from U1 cuz once u get him in corner he should be dead.


I guess the last hit of Rufus’ u1 hitting behind should be fixed… but it’s still funny when it happens!


I’ve started doing commentary over some of my matches recently in an effort to make it more interesting for people watching, but also to try and voice why I do certain things and hopefully get some discussion going. The video below is a first to 5 against a very good Ryu player, we played a ft5 a while ago and he won 5 - 4 so expect some more close games. Thoughts, criticism etc are always welcome!

I waffle a bit at the start so for your benefit the games start @ 0:55, plus there are links to all the games in the youtube description, as well as the final score :slight_smile:


Only saw the first 5 fights, but he’s really obnoxious with the shoryukens. Sure, he’s always in your face but I feel you could have adapted and tried to maintain a better range so that s.HP would AA. Easier said than done I know, but I think you can be more patient and prevent him from having the zone he wants. Not only was it useless to do s.HP, even if you did nothing and block, he would be right besides you to start his crazy agression. Even if you don’t use s.HP, I think you should keep the neutral game by being farther away from him, so that he can’t pressure with stuff like c.HP, c.MK and random jabs confirmed into SRK. That way, you can try and use your mid-range tools. Also, he really didn’t fireball that much and he was always going in, and that’s good, because the risk is his (as proven by many whiffed close range SRK’s).

Also, you took crazy damage from mid-range high dive kicks, because he would just react and SRK. Against a Ryu like this, you can’t afford test the waters more than a few times. Should’ve stayed more grounded. Another thing I noticed was when he blocked a high dive kick, I think he never went for grabs. But you were trying to jump out anyway, or push buttons, without reason to do so. If I notice this during a match, I just block. I’d rather eat a throw or two instead of a srk > ultra.

Anyway, these are the things that I observed. I’m not that good, so take it with a grain of salt.


Don’t worry I take any and all observations on board, and it doesn’t matter how good you are at the game I’m really just looking for other people’s opinions, because other players can spot things that I don’t.

So like I mention in the video look at when he does the shoryukens, quite often he’s leading or will still be equal in life even if I punish with ultra. That means it isn’t really that random, he knows what he doing. However your right, I could have tried to space him out better and look for st.hp, but like I mention in the video if I can’t read someone that well then I just block instead. This guy will punish me for messing up anti-airs, so I feel like it’s not worth it. Anyway I did look for st.hp and cr.mp and got it a few times, but more often than not he was jumping at awkward ranges, whenever I was looking for him to jump he didn’t :frowning:

I did get hit by a lot of srks from high divekicks it’s true. In the last set we played I got hit by pretty much every srk he did after a cross-up dk so I was looking for that this time, good point on him not grabbing a lot though I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks a lot :wink:


Yikes! You’re a far better player than myself and Ryan is a far better Sagat than I’ve ever played. But I can tell you what I noticed? Eh?

Without too much over-analysis–he got a gang of mileage out of DP. I would go back and count how many he hit out of how many he attempted. It’s certainly a high percentage, especially in the first set. I know he’s “The Prodigal Son”, but bring it back to basics: let him whiff DP or spend two meters FADC’ing it while you block. Reset that meta-game. If the Sagat player doesn’t have to do too much thinking, he wins.

Not sure if this helps, but hope it does. Your Rufus is a murderer!


Been ages since i uploaded any match footage so i figured with having a lil free time on my hands that id start doing some ft5s. This one is just a match with a psolid akuma. This guy has reallty stepped his shit up lately, he was getting me with his demon flip pressure. Id say on my part i played decently, missed a bunch of links into st.mp which is a lil unusual, and at times i was incredibly reckless with messiah. I also noticed that i had a really tough time challenging his air fireballs/demon flips, its doable with cr.mp and ex snake strike but i found it tough. At best doing it air to air resulted in trades. Any observations or criticism welcome!

Gonna try to upload some various matches and a ft5 with hsien chang from a while ago when i get the chance. Has seemed especially dead here nowadays, figured ppl would be getting a lil hype withe evo and v2013 coming up.


I guess Youtube doesn’t care anymore about the song so this vid is back up. Helps a ton even mid screen when you barely get the knockdown of j.rh on floaty characters.


I had no fucking idea Rufus could combo into Super like that.