"Get out your Popcorn!" Rufus Video Thread



It doesn’t work on everyone, but just one of those useless things you find bored in training mode. I don’t even remember what the damage is but it’s not worth the 1f link.


Hardest part is inputting Super while holding forward on the GT for me.


Once Rufus gets it Bison is done, some sets against a Rufus here!


u can punish with ultra all ends from ex messiah, even if rufus finish with late lk.
ppl keep saying rufus have a little of advantage in this match even if its 5-5. i think bison have it.
srry english :confused:


Yeah i dont get all the people saying rufus wins this. Its really hard for rufus to get a knockdown, he has trouble aa some bison jump ins, in the corner rufus loses absolutely terribly, bison has a really solid wakeup (which against rufus is huge), and to top it all off if bison gets the lifelead first its a steep uphill battle for rufus navigating s.hk, scissors and pokes.

My thoughts on this matchup has been jumping around lately, but if anyone has the advantage imo its bison. If rufus gets a knockdown early he has a really solid chance of winning but beyond that its tough.


If anyone wanna practice the Rufus vs Blanka or Guile match up feel free to add me.


runback with that Rufus player, I hate dive kicks!


I’m having issues with a turtle dan and I’m just know starting to realize that dan can actually fight rufus …i just wanted to know what kind things should i be doing against him…if i dive kick he’ll just run away …i can’t jump in the air too much because i’ll get hit by tiger knee…and it’s difficult trying to play footsies with him… any suggestions?


MM my friend for the hell of it, I didn’t play for a couple of wks, kept mashing crouch tech and failed to mix up between block strings and frame traps so I got destroyed! Went back to dayone forgeting to use j.HP as anti-air and using shorts and jabs in jump so many combos lol


thats not correct at all, u can punish almost

low snake beat his dan kicks, they arent that fast so u can react easy,
about the run back is not that bad, at end he will go to corner and u can easy mix up there with dive, if u are on him try dive OS ultra if he permadash (or do a far dive instead instant) i think it works.
i dont use to fight at all vs dans but i guess is so much stress >>
sorry for my english :confused:


Dan kicks are super annoying, my only advice is dont panic if you end up blocking a lot of them. Throwing bad ex messiahs is super tempting in the match but dont get overzealous.


This advice might be three months too late, sorry, but vs Dan I try to play patient and keep him at distance for a while to figure out what he’s going to do. As long as he’s not up close then if he’s staying grounded you can throw out st.MP and it will stuff any random ground dan kicks. Once he gets hit by a few of those he will probably start doing air LK dan kicks which you can beat/trade with far st.HP anti-air.

If he’s right on top of you then sometimes you just have to take the pressure. But if you get the advantage then he has to do the same - you can divekick around his uppercut on his wakeup pretty well and he doesn’t seem to have any amazing three button tech options vs divekick/throw mixups. Every time he dashes back then follow him. And most importantly if you get a dizzy then remember that he has a weird dizzy animation so your st.HP or jumping attack will probably whiff - start your dizzy punish with focus crumple or a divekick.


lp snake beat dan m/h dan kick, it trade with low i think.
“if he back dash just follow him”, i dont think is that simple…


All 22 colors of Rufus’s new outfit :smiley:


Thought I would start posting videos on here in some attempt to revive the forums a bit. I go by Pirateyoshi and I play in the Orlando area (CEO). We have a solid group of pot monsters, but we all get bodied by Du/Booker/Balrog lol. Anyway, here are some videos from a little weekly we had. I will put up some XBL replays once I start saving them, but just wanted to introduce myself.

Need to work on the Rose matchup, but nothing too major. Just need to sit down and practice my s.lk OS on wakeup. The rose player there is still working on figuring the character out.

The Zangief here hasnt played the character in a while but his Makoto (while very strong) has not beat me in tournament at all, so hes going back to his old main to try and help me while helping himself.

Was playing a bit nutty and not patient enough. Early anti-airs/EX SS are important, along with not becoming too dependent on cr.hp (better to not press anything most of the time). I will have to test that j,hk that stuffed lariat around 3:50 and see if its something I could sneak in once a set. Messed up the timer scam at the end (boy did light gh get fast) but overall gave up a lot of space and thats no good.

Starts at 7:52 (have to learn the BBCode later). He played Yun in the first match and I was a little impatient to get him to switch over to his Sagat (we are close friends). With both of his characters though, you can see that his 3 button tech game is very strong compared to some people I play against, so I have to even further delay my divekick or make my cl.mp frame trap/throw game a lot tighter to open him up.

Anyway, sagat comes out at 10:05 and I havent won a tourney set against him in forever. I jump in immediately because he has a bad habit to do low fireball at match start but mess up my plink and lose a bit of damage. The first round is a testament to how lousy I am at sweeping s.hk and high tiger shot. The matchup in my opinion revolves around beating s.hk to the point where they are afraid to use it, then it turns into something manageable. Having to block it crouching from far away while getting hit out of closer sweeps/divekicks/staggers makes that move so annoying. Lose my cool and get too obsessed with being his zoning game as opposed to staying right outside of his s.hk and playing the sweep/poke/divekick game. I think that is the optimal range to react to most things he can do in the matchup, and staying there is important. Remembered to use crouching jab for a change and things were going alright I guess. Still forgot about the positioning but whatever. Messed up the hk messiah fadc (ty justin) and tilted out.

Got mauled first round in that second match, didnt take time before the rematch. The second round was more of the same beatdown, but I got my fraudulent delay flipkick into ultra and regained composure. I moved back after a cr.lk chain which was pretty poor since I already baited 2 dp’s that round and probably could have afforded to be more aggressive. Either way a fireball fadc setup didnt work out (I think j.hp would have connected either way) and I got a 3rd round.

Tried catching a cr.mp tech with a higher divekick but got dp’d (grounded frame traps are better here since s.hk can catch you if you are trying to delay too hard). Whiffed a ex messiah followup (I find crossup divekicks to be hard on Sagat since he is really tall, but there is a sweet one that hits his middle back and makes dp’s whiff. Just need to formally practice it.) Got dp’d out of an air reset which is really my fault since one can react to a divekick like that. Gave up my positioning after the j.hk ultra with a lame crossup setup (barely any reward if it hits) and lost from there. Sagat’s dp isnt all that great, but the fear of losing control after finally getting a knockdown keeps me from being aggressive. Oddly enough I get like that with most 5 frame dps but not with the strong 3 frames. Possibly because I am more actively thinking on how to bait them, but who knows.

Anyway, will try to post more in the future. I am a first-year teacher so I am pretty busy lately but I know I need to help build the Rufus community since the EG cats are tight-lipped!


I appreciate the videos as well as your other posts, Pirateyoshi. I am in the earlier stages of learning Rufus, and this stuff is very helpful.


Np feel free to put up videos sometime and i can try to see what to suggest eother generally or in the mu


Ok, will do. Question for you since we’re already in this thread. What is a good hit confirm combo off of low jab or short when the opponent is also crouching? Cr.lp to st.lp to st.mp doesn’t seem to work when they’re crouching. The best I can hypothesize is cr.lp to st.lk to standing fierce, but the timing on cr.lp to st.lk is hard.

Is cr.lk to st.lk possible? I couldn’t get it to work, only cr.lp to st.lk. It would be easier to keep it all on the lk button rather than having to go from lp to lk.


crlk - st lk doesnt work, only crlp into stlk but the link is hard also sometimes the sthp doesnt come as close, so what rufus always use to do is cr jabs into ex gt.


Ok. I appreciate it. I have tried that, and it seems hard to cancel the 2nd or 3rd jab in a string, but I’m sure it’s easier than cr.lp to st.lk. And actually I postulate that maybe it’s better to just start out standing and mash lk in that situation because it can be hit confirmed into st.hp. At least for someone of my execution level.