"Get Owned!" PDX Tilt tourny 1/30 SF4 & T6BR 3pm @ Lloyd Center Tilt


Here it Is! Enough talk lets play!

Seeds SF4 ???
Tekken 6 ???

Sign Ups 1:30 (need time to prepare bracket)
tourny starts 3:00 to 3:30 (depending on late comers)

5$ Entry Fee

1st 60% of Entree fees
2nd 30%
3rd 10%

T6 and SF4 will be on Xbox 360 (people are welcome to bring their PS3 if they rather it be on PS3)
People are welcome to bring their own sticks. I have 2 sticks, (tekken6 hori, SF EX hori)

Dont get scurred I suck at these games, But dont get owned either Hahahah.
For anyone with grudges against me personally if you dont show I’ll take it as you were too scared.

If Anyone feels they should be seeded, provide some tourny results and I’ll accommodate you. Its always been that way.

Please provide your own stools. Tilt will be providing T6 stools but I dont know about SF4 and you guys will get tired of standing I’m sure. Also volunteer to run SF4 would be cool.

For those that didnt show for whatever reason, you dont like me (etc). Its ok, I understand if you need more practice or if your just scared…:nunchuck:


I am scared (of my car getting stolen)


I’ll be there.

I predict lack of character knowledge will get me killed.


me and some guys from Salem might have to roll through this thing, we all play on pad btw.


I’ll probably be able to make this


i just shit my pants, you actually did make a thread for it, count me in :smiley:




I love you PDX guys but I must point out that…

  1. Tournament Wars is going down that night in Seattle for both Tekken & SFIV

  2. There is a rather large SFIV tournament going on in Vancouver BC that day as well. The BC tournament has been posted up for a while and I think there are some people who are not going to TW who are going to try and make it to that tournament.

  3. That weekend of the 30th/31st is Strong Style 4 down in Cali (HUGE Tekken tournament) that A LOT of the Seattle Tekken heads will be going to.

So what I’m saying is that a lot of people will be busy.



Which one you going to Jesse?


@ joe yeah people just like to post whatever they want with out reading anything that’s going on 2 threads away :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be there, but I vote to put tekken on PS3, I’m thinking SF4 too, but I’m not sure on that one.


the more tournys the better. ill b there


I’m going to Strong Style 4 to beat down some GDLK Koreans…from Korea!

I will make it to a PDX Tekken tournament as soon as I can though, I’ve just been busy with school and shit. Do you guys have one tournament a month @ Tilt?


Hi Phongsack hows it hangin


bring me back their sisters?


LOL is that all?


Asian girls don’t like the white devil sorry


My wife’s asian. BELIEVE!


Lol. Whats up Simon.

Yea definetly I’m trying to get 1 tourny a month going again.

for tekken6 I’m definetly down with it being on PS3. I just dont have a PS 3 to supply.

Depending on how this one turns out will determine another tourny for sure…

Yea havent had time to respond much due to work.

Korean girls??? …Yea they’ll get it.


couldn’t have said it better myself. ill be there too.