GET PAID: Championship Edition

Happy birthday SRK.

Nice, I love this pic!

That looks absolutely amazing.

The expressions, coloring, background, proportions - all very well done. Love those teacups-as-stars for Dudley also.

Inaccurate. Dudley would have won by FIGHTING LIKE GENTLEMEN.

This is really great. I’m going to use this as my wallpaper for my netbook.

amazing work as usual. why does it say mexico on rog’s gloves? is it referencing something? it doesn’t bother me, just curious

I was wondering that too. Balrog’s gloves in SF4, on his default costume, say “Hecho, Mexico” on them. Thank a lot for the comments guys!

That looks incredible. I would love to learn how to color like that. Any tips on it, and what type of brushes do you use?

They were made there.

Made in Mexico.

PS - The background edition is very good. I think Dudley’s arms could be a little more limp. But that is just nitpicking.


very nice

yo mick cut me. love the way u drew duds

I really dig the style. I like the painted look rather then a Japanese animated style. How many layers?

qft dudley would rape his face! but nonetheless awesome

Wow dude, that looks incredible.

wow amazing piece of art

thats sick, balrog > dudley

Colors look great man. Neon blue highlights FTW. haha.
My only real critique is Balrog’s face is too squat. It’s usually drawn much longer, but hey, creative license.

Great stuff man.

no way would dudley get punched out by such ‘yank - gutter trash’.

i refuse to like this great piccie.

that is a great drawing, love the smear on balrog’s face

hahaha awesome. love how you do your brush strokes!
one thing though – why do the ring ropes turn from red to white?

prob cause they are red in the middle of the rope itself. ;D
hate that dudley got owned ;(