Get ready Gen users



Everyone w half a brain cell is going to cry for nerfs, incorrectly I add. Congrats to Xian, nice to see a little used character win evo.


Why do you say incorrectly?

Gen has won Evo. He’s clearly in the top 5 characters in the game. Can’t do that with a bottom tier character.

He’s got insane normals, great combos, uppercut, crazy-good vortex and can combo super into ultra. He sure as hell doesn’t need any buffs.


You must be joking. He is not top 5 in the game, but definitely middle- upper tier. Just because Xian makes him look unstoppable doesnt mean that the character doesn’t have grave weaknesses. Also, that vague description you gave matches alot of characters in the game.

EDIT: dunno if youre sarcastic or not lol. I hope you are


No. I’m not even a Gen user, your just a whining little baby. NO ONE used Gen this effectively and it was hardly done w little effort. Xian was on point, big time. the character isnt easy to use. Just because a character wins evo doesn’t mean jack. He was NEVER placed in anyone’s top 5, most had him mid tier, b+ range, Now he suddenly is top 5 due to a player using him effectively? Lolz

Why didn’t you ask for these nerfs before? Seeing as you make it appear obvious. Because your salty, now, thats why. He doesn’t need nerfed, you need to stop posting.


Xian is a very good player, but he couldn’t have done it without a very strong character. You don’t win Evo with a low-bottom character. Every character has weaknesses, so pointing out Gen has some isn’t really insightful.

Gen does have some really overpowered attributes to him, I just hope Capcom recognize this (especially after the Evo win) and tune him appropriately.


Fail. He isn’t top 5. Stop posting. Your a troll bud. You are what’s wrong w this forum. “OMG HE WON EVO NERF HIM”.


Stop flagging everyone because we think you’re an idiot


The cries of your stupid shall echo throughout the underworld.




You realize I was saying he doesn’t need nerfed but people were going to cry for it, right? Read before looking stupid,


hehee, my apologies, I was refering to MrSimtang, was viewing with my phone so I saw his as first post.


Understood. It’s all good. :slight_smile:


Sad that this is the current state of our community… Gen players everywhere should be rejoicing, Xian showed the world what your character is capable of (in the right hands) and should be commended for it. Not because Gen is “SEKRIT OP CHARACTER CABCOMPLS NERFS” but because he’s an under utilized/represented character that truly made SFIV finals incredible this year.

The most that I expect out of this is the same case every year following an EVO win:
-An influx of new Gens online and offline trying to replicate Xian’s strategy
-Updated match up guides in our character sub-forums or a “How to beat Gen” guide on EHubs
-The whines and cries of those who are weak and want Capcom to patch Gen (always request nerfs for someone elses character, rage when its yours mentality), only to get shut down by a litany of better (minded) players through forum posts, comments on sites, and videos showing options and weaknesses.

Gen is an awesome character and I do hope that Xian’s victory breeds a better understanding and respect for the old master.


True you are spot on, Gen is such a tough character to use, that it really hurts his accessibility for players not well versed in the games fundamentals. Make no mistake, Xian won, not Gen. That was incredibly impressive.


I think Justin Wongs tier list, which has Gen in 11th place, is pretty accurate. He’s a good character, but not top five good. Luckily his worst matchups aren’t the most popular characters either - just the damage output from his super alone gives him a pretty good chance vs Akuma, for example.

Basically, this is a really balanced game. Just look at the character variety in the top 16/32 of this and last years Evo.


Welcome, Gen players, to the life Akuma players have lived AI (After Infiltration). Get one prodigy to body people with a character, and even reasonable tools get cries of imbalance. I mean, Akuma/Ryu buttons are OP and godlike now, you heard it on the Internet first. There’s some legit stupid stuff like Flip Palm owning some characters’ pretty bad wakeups pretty brainlessly, but no, the move itself is OP as hell and the circus just goes on.

They say shared joy is twice the joy, I sure hope that isn’t the case for idiot complaint induced frustration.


No… I don’t think Gen and Akuma are now equals in that right. Akuma (and Ryu for that matter) is built to have answers for everything, in the right hands that can be horrifyingly good. Gen is getting this insane reaction because nobody has played him in that level of expertise probably since vanilla (don’t quote me on that) and people don’t know what their options against him are. Akumas are everywhere because of their advantageous playstyle, hell I only dream that Ibuki’s kunai could have just 1 more point of durability so I too could have dat air fireball fun. Is Akuma unbeatable however? No. He is, he’s properly balanced for that (2nd lowest health/stun in the game) and shouldn’t receive kneejerk nerfs because the fear in the scrub’s spine is causing them to convulse.

No, I’ve always been a proponent of buffing lower ranking or otherwise widely considered “bad” characters to be more formidable BEFORE resorting to nerfing the Cammys, Feis and Akumas and especially the Gens. We need more Xians who will dedicate to a character to their fullest and I mean to the absolute distilled edge, so we can see what each character’s prime looks like.

That’s the biggest reason why I am most excited for USF4. During the panel Peter said that the object of this patch was not to nerf but to create the best/strongest versions of every character so that EVO next year will be even more diverse and insane. That is beautiful in my opinion. Mirror matches are great, but Inflitration vs Tokido this year proved that it becomes more of a joke for the viewers when the same (effective) characters are doing the same things. Will there be mirror matches next year? Definitely. It would be incredibly ignorant to claim otherwise, but hopefully it’ll be characters that people aren’t used to seeing at that level.