Get Salty Tournament 2! South Jersey UMVC3 Tournament


Hey everyone, the Get Salty crew is back again to throw our second tournament here in South Jersey!

Our previous event (Hello Ultimate! South Jersey Ultimate MvC3 Tournament (Voorhees, New Jersey)) was small but it was a start for an active south jersey community and we hope that we can bring more people in this time around. Here’s a little promo video of our last tournament.[media=youtube]Q7Mr5SxvusE[/media]

Anyways, getting on with our upcoming tournament!
Here’s the info for Get Salty Tournament 2!

-This will be held at GamerDoc.
The address is 873 Cooper Landing Road
Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

-Xbox 360 only tournament, that’s the only console Gamerdoc is holding at their place.

-Double elimination, no stress if you lose once, right?

-Please bring your own equipment (sticks or pads.) I will bring 2 sticks with me (Hori EX2 / Mad Catz TE Fightstick S) but of course, I can’t provide it to everyone if it comes to 3 people that need it at one time.

-The cover is $15 dollars. 10 venue, 5 pot.

-I’m trying to set up a pretty basic stream set up. I know we won’t have any viewers straight up but just to have our matches recorded so we can see how our progression goes would be good for the community as a whole. The venue itself has assured me they have internet available so I hope to be able to stream this!

If there are any questions, please leave a comment below, private message me, or email us at and please check out our event page on facebook:

So please, come on out, we hope to have some good fights and generally build up a community.

One last thing:

The New Jersey Thread, Roc Boys in the building(get money) v.2.83
South Jersey places to play

AWWWWWWWWWWWWYEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Hopefully this stays as a regular tourney series in SJ.


It will, we hope to bring in more people than last time though!



Hopefully you guys come out to our tournament on the 29th!


Me and a friend are interested in coming. What time does it start? You don’t seem to have that listed here or on eventhubs.


There’s a Facebook page for this event


My mistake -
Sign ups start at 3 - Tourney strictly starts at 5.



I’m thinking about going with 3 other people but two of them only play SSF4.


Come anyways, we plan to start throwing street fighter tourneys there next month too


We are streaming! Josh Wong on the stream!


<---- Ryback

Should post this on the tournaments and events page as an updated thread if the tournament is a recurring thing, it does seem slightly out of place in this section. Awesome time out there guys, just get some AE going in there so i have a chance to win the thing. =P


Dude! It was really fun having you there despite being utterly bodied by you! Haha, I guess I’ll start posting this on the tournament section but yeah, definitely the last thursday of every month is going to be UMVC3 tourney and the thursday before that is going to be our first AE tourney. I’ll set it up this weekend and post it up!