Get teh knife....



or it will get YOU!


kinda true… that knife is blinkin all day long, begging to be picked up and yet, no one cares much : (


lol that video… also, im like a knife wizard these days :pleased:


Knife Pickup xx EXCU. Worth it?


short answer: yes

& my next codyproject is gonna be an insane knifing guide. people love to say/think, “you get hit once, you drop it” but if youve got a nice life lead, you achieve knifegrab success, & commence to challenge yourself to a game of ‘how long can i keep the knife’… all the sudden youre forcing your opponent to adapt to a whole new cody match. & if youre good @ keeping the knife & hurting them in the process, your once nice life lead becomes a hefty one.
all the impractical stuff can suddenly become worthwhile when you apply it properly. tho… thats where the problem lies :sweat:

lately, i just throw craziness out whenever/wherever… but those more appropriate times do pop up.
as ive said before, cancelling knifegrab to criminaluppers can allow you to more semisafely get the knife(i like it spaced on their wakeup). of course it all depends on reading your opponent, spacing, the char youre up against & their reversal/punish options.

walk up to waking up shoto & knifegrabexcu? uppercut your face
walk up to a rising grappler & knifegrabexcu? excu > command throw


It’s hilarious to pull off wins when they fall to teh knife but what about cody dittos? who ever gets the knife first wins :rock:


This is kinda of topic, but how important is the use of the knife in Cody’s gameplay? I rarely ever use it since I drop it so quickly after picking it up. Should I use it more often?


it’s matchup dependent really. it can bring you a slight advantage in footsie against some characters. but it remains more of a gimmick. in conclusion it IS worth to be picked up sometimes, but not at all cost.



firstly, sorry about the sound i dunno what happened it came out all loud & crappy sounding. ahwell, just an example vid.

this is NOT a how to play cody/how to fight adon video… instead, a vid of how ive been playing lately while workin on knifin around.

its rather unorthodox & it doesnt only work because this particular adon may be inexperienced(though he mustve known the matchup slightly cause he wasnt throwing off the wall jaguar)
i had a near 50 game set w/a rival level friend of mine recently, & tho he may have been a lil rusty, his 10k+bp adon is actually really solid… & using these same & similar tech, i was knifin my way to a 3:1 win ratio. afterward, he said my cody has become “super tricky” :pleased:
ill probably upload some of those matches as well, as he is def a better opponent… theres just a lot of them to go through :sweat:


Since you brought up the knife, I see (with knife obviously) c.lp c.lp s.lp, xx fierce criminal as a combo.
I usually use eventhubs for frame data, maybe its wrong, but it says c.lp is+3 on hit and s.lp is a 4 frame start up.

Am I losing my mind?


You have to check the frame data to see if the move is ch/sp/su or not. ch means it’s chain cancelable which means it chain cancels into other light attacks. That means you can chain cancel to s.lp which is probably +5 or something which links to which is 4 frame startup.


If I have used the knife like 20 times since lunch I think that a lot. The problem. with the knife is that if u tech u lose it if u focus u lose it and if u get hit u lose it. The only thing that the knifes has is reach and cheap damage IMO. Plus if u where able to link cr.lp to cr.hp, then it would be a better options to punish but every time I get the knife people jump back and turtle thus if u want to open them up u need to grab and therefore u lose the knife :frowning: also the knife has projectile sucks it should be instantaneous.


then all you do is walk up to them and chip them with or c.lp. or if they have bad anti airs go in with j.hp.

I’ve been experimenting with the knife and I find it surprisingly useful. It adds a new dimension to cody’s game. The hitbox’s are amazing. You get to be offensive without worrying too much about someone mashing DP or turtling forever


Ha duh. Yeah its a cancel c.lp into s.lp. This combo is pretty easy too. I think ima start grabbin dat knife more.


remember when i said:

well, heres a good example of mr.hunter winning @ knifekeep, later that very evening on the stream:
best of the night 1-31-11 Kelso (Abel) vs Ryan Hunter (Cody)


I love Cody’s knife. It has saved me a few times. Either im using it to keep pressure, or im just chilling back with it, blocking and countering every mistake my opponant makes. I got a few perfects turtling in the corner against bad players :smiley: