Get to buy a cracker's JOYSTICK(s)

Removed from the Negro thread:
"I am going to be getting rid of two joysticks. Both Mayflash (=Elecom) USB Fighting Sticks. (link) I will not lie: They are not very good - crappy stock parts. The good part is that they are not too ugly, and the PCB supports PS2/PS3/USB, and macros and turbos and stuff.

They’d only be worth using if you were going to mod them, or if you wanted the PCB for another stick, or something. I thought that I would do that, but it turns out that I am lazy, etc.

It seems like they’re basically $40 + shipping and up online, (and that’s what I paid for them) so… Is there anybody who wants to kick me $30 for one or both? $10 seems like a fair discount to me, but let me know. (“THAT’S A 25% SAVINGS!!!”) They are both basically new, one is unopened.

I’ll give you guys a week or something, and then I’m tossing them up on craigslist."

Kendrik - I don’t know how much it’ll cost to ship them, but I don’t see any reason I couldn’t do that if you’re willing to pay for it. I won’t mark up the shipping like assholes on ebay, either.

Still interested? How do you want to do payment?

I’m vaguely interested. One of those “I want to do this, but I don’t know if I can pull it off” sorta things. By itself… they wouldn’t do a great deal of good to me… and I have to figure out how much upgrade parts would cost me.

But that friend of mine may also be interested, so if you have rough weight/size estimates so I can get him shipping/final costs… that’d be sweet.

If that takes more than a moment to do, though… probably don’t need to worry about it. Don’t wanna run you through the ringer if I don’t end up buying it, y’know?

Good luck with the sale one way or another. :tup:

According to USPS, it will be $9.74 for a 5 lb. package, $11.24 for a 10 lb. package. 5 lbs. is a wild guess, but I guess it’ll be in that neighborhood. Call it $10 even.
Of course I’d also be happy to pass it along to anybody who could make the delivery for you, etc.

I mean, that is, let’s call it $10 if I’m shipping two, 'cause it’s close. If you only want one, I guess it’ll probably be, like, $9? I don’t know. If a dollar or two makes a difference, let me know and I will work with you.

If I get there and I ship it and it costs less than that, you don’t have to pay it. But it looks like that’s what it’ll be.

Well… looks like my friend is as broke as I am. Thanks for the offer and shipping research. I’m not gonna be able to buy.

Good luck.

EDIT: You know what? I bought two EX2s in hope of having other local people wanting to play games with me, but my local (non-SRK) friends aren’t into fighting games, and my family can’t tell the difference between the pad and stick… seemingly favoring the pad, anyway. I think I’ll sell one of those off. I’m not committing to a purchase just yet, but I’d like to buy at least one of the sticks from you.

That is, of course, assuming that you’d be alright with accepting PayPal. Is PayPal alright with you?

I am totally fine with Paypal.

I actually just sold the other one for $35 to a craigslister, but the Bros Only Discount still applies! Also, you’ll be getting the completely unopened joystick, so you don’t have to worry about me sullying it.

Got your IM, send me the address and stuff, and I’ll take it down to the post office in the following day or three.

Sweet. I’ll hit you with another PM. Glad you got the other one sold off without trouble.

Now I need to find someone that wants to buy my (second) Hori EX2 that was used… like… once… and still has its original packaging to offset the cost of upgrade parts for this Mayflash. :lol:

Well, with your sticks taken care of… I’m jacking your thread, cool?

I have a like new (used once) Hori EX2 for sale. You all know your ish, so I’m not gonna give a sales pitch. I bought two of these a little while back, but I since realized that… I don’t have local friends or family who actually play fighting games. The second stick is thus useless to me. Not sure what the going rate is on these things, but I’m thinking $40 + $10 shipping is about fair.

Make me an offer I can’t refuse if you’re interested.

PM Sent :slight_smile:

Blast. Forgot to update this post. Sold it already through the trading section.

Sorry man.