Get to know a negro BETTER!: A Tragedy


A tragedy indeed. The thread was epic.


Thats weak


The last game I played was MvC2 last night online. The last game in person? NWM, MvC2 in the tourney and MvC3 over at Jeff/Nolan’s.



Last game I played is 3rd Strike because I’m always playing 3rd Strike. There was a cab at NWM6 that had CPS3 3rd in it, but it had terrible controls and it made me extra hella sad to play on. Felt like IL/Happ sticks, four Sanwa buttons and two IL/Happ buttons. Felt so wrong.


I Brought that cab. my bad fam, best intentions but those controls are indeed garbage. I will be swapping parts on it soon.


Shout out to Deezo, I know we ain’t kicked it EVER lol, but I CPR and I have revived the Dojo so come through and get some games in sometime.


Mandel is our homeboy. Everybody misses Mandel. Too much life, not enough casual fun Saturdays together these days. :sad:






That thread was better than the rest of the website put together.


Smfh. Just found out the Tilt inside the Lloyd Center closed down… over a year ago. That really bombards me with feels.

Anybody in Vancover know if the Tilt at the Heritage Mall is still open? Last time I was there, they had a custom UMVC3 cab set up near the front.


Is the fighting game scene dead in the Northwest…


Seems to be around these parts, but I believe there is a very active Facebook group somewhere.


It’s dead in the PDX. One of the most recent ranbats held at/near a Salvation Army had a laughable turnout.


There’s monthly tournaments, but they’re advertised on Facebook. SRK kept going up and down and most of the OGs kinda wandered away as a result.


What’s the Facebook group URL? I wonder if I can see it without an account.



I am ALWAYS down to play Alpha 3

I play V Sakura, V Akuma


played this dude on twitch yest lol


at 2hr 05 min approx if it doesnt load


I guess 25-30 people is laughable.