Get UMvC3 added to Xbox One in backcompat updates - VOTE HERE

I did a quick search in here to see if anyone else had posted this but couldn’t find anything.

Microsoft are taking votes as to which games to concentrate their efforts on for backcompat.

Let’s keep Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 alive, please vote to get it added to the backwards compatibility list on Xbox One and allow the community to keep flourishing as PS4/XBO consoles become more common in the FGC.



Since xbox one isn’t getting SFV, they might as well get capcom’s best selling classics…

I voted but the numbers are still extremely low. Only 6,700 so far :frowning:

Hi guys. If it gets enough votes will UMVC3 get the xbone compatibility? Or does it have to get so many votes in such a timeframe?

Really want this on XBone.

It’s never happening lmao