Get your drink on - A Shun Di Thread


I’ve been lurking this forums and, as I haven’t found a Shun Di thread yet, I’ll start it myself.

Let’s begin with some simple things:

1P = Super annoying low with great range. Works like a low poke.

6P+K = Slow and difficult to land, but you get 5 drinks after (Unless you folow up with another hit)

Neutral throw = Gives you 2 drinks

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Shun can be extremely tricky to begin with at first. I had alot of trouble picking him up myself.

The first order of business for any Shun is to GET DRUNK ASAP. There’s a few ways that you wanna reach that goal -

  1. 9K+G, 6P+K - This is a mid launcher. It won’t do alot of damage, but it will get you 5 drinks. The followups from 6P+K are very good for people trying to rush in when they see you drink

  2. P+G throw, 66P+G throw - The first throw gives you 2 drinks, and the second gives you 4. Normally people are gonna try and break the 6 throw, because it adds more drinks, so you might have do mix up between the two at first.

  3. 6P followups - 6PP is a delayable mid-mid string, and unpunishable from mid screen despite being -10 on block. You can delay, or mix up the 6PP with 6P P+K+G and sneak drinks in.

  4. 4P+K:P+G - This is a mid half circular Just Frame that does decent damage and nets you 3 drinks.

  5. If an opponent is spacing you out, just start drinking your life away with P+K+G or any other way you see fit.

  6. During post-rounds, learn how to do 3P, 4 cancel. this will give you two drinks, and you can mash P+K+G to get about a total of 4 drinks before the next round begins.

The magic number for Shun to become a solid character is probably 8 DPs. (Drinks Points) The thread on VFDC is pretty good from what I’ve seen, so check it out!


Thanks a lot for the input!

About point 1. When I watched Fuudo against Chibita I noticed Fuudo ended many of his combos with 6P+K.


lol I tried to learn Shun but getting your drink on was not as easy as it is in this game…

Shun is so much better, but I’m having trouble learning all of the new moves that he got…

Shun is mad good in this game, but learning to play him takes tons of effort(I was never that great with him, but Shun is pretty broke in this game imo, but nobody wants to take the effort to use him)…

In order to do decent with Shun, you have to know everything he can do without drinks…

You don’t have to take the drink if you do a combo that goes into Soukokukyuu, and it’s not really recommended(by me) that you do, at least until your opponent knows that you going for the drink out of Soukokukyuu is not a free pass to attack… you can immediately attack from Soukokukyuu before you take the drink… I don’t think his launcher(236 P) is available until four drinks though :sad:

Favorite Moves that don’t require drinks
4K, (P or K)
KK2P (Good for juggling opponent while they are in the air)
1KK(Good for juggling opponent when they low to the ground)
KK(hold), or 4K+G(hold) (Quick way to go into a stance that requires no drinks to get good use from, 6P+K+G from the stance you end up in is good mindfuckery if you’re a decent distance from opponent)
KK(don’t hold) (I think this can be followed up with 1KK for some easy damage)
6P+K+G This might as well be a new stance because they added so many damn moves that you can follow up with after…

Other than that though, best drink up… if Shun gets 8 drinks, your opponent might as well quit unless they sober him up(Shun can be sobered if he hits the ground)

@Shuntsurugi, hopefully you can be the Shun player that I never got to be:sad:


LOL I don’t think I’ll end up being that good.

Any idea on the attacks that sober Shun the most? I’ve noticed he loses DP very irregulary.


iirc that new move I think goes like 214K or 236K(I forget which one it was) drains the shit out of his drink points…

Avoid that thing like the plague if you get the drink points to do it… other than that, the moves that suck drink points are the ones that end with Shun falling on the ground…

Thankfully in FS, you don’t have to fall down and instead you get to fall into a stance, which takes no drink points(moves like 3PPK allow you into a stance with P+K+G)

And correction… his launcher(236P) takes 6 drinks:sad:

I’ll probably check this out later on today… not at home lol…

EDIT: As in actual attacks ON shun that sober him up the most… do not know and don’t care to know…


finally, i was wondering why there was no thread for him. just gonna share some slight thoughts, iydm.

I’ve been playing shun since 4evo mostly, and jumping from that game to 5FS is a huge change… although some old habits still remain (reliance on 1P,K during combos). And for some reason, I worry about drinks less in this game, once i reach 8, or even 6, i can do some neat stuff already.

The stance i tend to work well with is the hcf+PKG (crossed legs on his side), so much viable “wake up” options that has saved me from really close matches so far. Ive gotten used to some drinkless combos too from this stance, getting up with a clean P+K gives you a lot of time to be creative.

i usually get a good 12-16 drinks by the last round, and i never really get to utilize the moves unlocked from this :confused:

I have a question though, from neutral, P+K (to stance) - how/when exactly do you make ‘use’ of it?


Shun is a beast in this game. 6G+K crushes lows and gives you a combo.
Use that against players that low punch as their panic button.


Actually the 214KK is a naturally comboing low launcher you get a full combo off of. (WTF) The only move of its kind in the game, but it requires 10 DPs and takes away 5. Go for it if you have 20+, if you have over 20 DP you are in the surplus zone.

The other move to mention is 214P+K. a mid launcher that’s plus on block? WHY SEGA :frowning: You need 10DP and it takes away 3.

Drink management is an important concept, more than ever. Regardless if you win or lose, do you think its good that you closed with 30 DP stocked?


I rely on 1P a lot too. I agree, once you get a few drinks on it all flows more naturally.

About P+K. I don’t know the way it’s supposed to be used, but I tend to use it at a mid/long range, when I think my opponent is going to move forward, some go straight into it and you can follow up from there.

PS: If you look for
**[SIZE=3]SBO 2010 Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown **[/SIZE]

on youtube you’ll find a bunch of VF5FS videos that include some interesting Shun Di play by top Japan Players


I’d be careful with 1p, it’s still -10 on block and special low. Haven’t played Shun much yet, but 3k seems like a comparable move but better stats on block.


Nevermind the 3k, it’s completely changed now.


4K -> P into 2PP 12+PK
Probably the funniest thing I’ve seen, watching them bounce so many times.


The thing about 1P is its long range. I use it to space my opponents out and to make them fear low attacks so I can throw mids/highs. Maybe it’s because I come from Soul Calibur that I zone/annoy my opponents as a main part of my game plan so I can control the pace.


Yeah I thought Shun still had the typical stagger on crouch mid kick. I loved that kick…

Anyway I finally started to try to relearn Shun last night, but I was a tad too drunk by the time I actually got online. Actual useful information will have to wait. But I do know that I want 3p,4 to have my babies. Love that move.

Alcohlic Drunken Masters Anonymous, the Shun Di thread

Anyone ever start trolling with 234P+K+G, PPPPPP?
I find that it is really effective against noobs that do nothing but try to do PPP or do really slow low attacks, and because you are laying on the ground, their instinct is to block low, but it hits mid, I believe that it beats 2p. Pretty much they have to block it, back up and do a quick low attack.

I find it works particularly well against new Brad players


^ive used that few times.
i just love how a handful of his moves can end in the lying down stance. real great for making people panic. even neutral lying down can mess with people. i think a lot of newcomers dont know much drinks affect shun. ive had a few online matches where they just turtle and let me get up to 20+ drinks.

9+KG seems like a good surprise wtf move on rare occasions. it can also give good bounce but can lead to nothing afaik.


I’ve had that happen too. They must think it’s a taunt.


My favourite thing right now is going to Soukokukyu. People see you drink and freak out to stop you, then they eat p+k sabaki into combo, and I drink more.


Started doing this and my game improved immediately. Won against a 10th dan Pai lol thanks!