Get your drink on - A Shun Di Thread


I have been improving my win rate (from a miserable 30% to a slightly less miserable 40%). I’m now at 10th Dan so I guess I’ll be a hunter soon and start the real ranking (I have already won against some hunters and higher). One more matchup question so I can improve more:

What’s the strategy to deal with big guys like Jeffrey or Wolf? I know how to deal with Taka, as I used him before I settled with Shun, but I tend to treat the big guys just like regular characters and then when they get close and grab-fuck me I go “ooops, maybe I shouldn’t have let him get this close”. LOL

PS: When in “lay down” after 66p+k or 9p+k, k with the right timing can stuff most wake up attacks. :slight_smile:

PS2: Lots of interesting Shun/Fuudo vids here:

PS3: Another interesting Shun Di playlist


Against bigger guys like Jeff and Wolf, its a matter of having the better spacing.
Work on knowing their range compared to yours, and abuse 1P (not 1PK, just 1P) and get ready to break grabs whatever you can


Thanks for the input! When I started using 1PK I forgot about how useful a simple 1P can be as a poke. On the other hand, I’ve been punished lately for using 1PK too much, so I’m trying to mix it up a little more with mixups like PPKK, 1KK or 4KK. Any other low/high/mid mixups recommended?


Actually theres really not much to say on high/low so much as safety.
If they block a good high/low mix thats unsafe you’ve set yourself up to lose 75% of your health. Stick to the good stuff, 1KK is a great idea.


okay after a week or two of just playing daily, ranked (hell, i’m STUCK on being Guardian rank, if that matters), player match, room, whatever… i’ve had some observations (well, at least to me) regarding Shun. but i’m sure these are all common sense so forgive the scrubness :V

-214KK - beginning to see how beautiful this move is. Risk it, its VERY useful, you might lose big drinks, but in the last round it won’t matter. but yeah, don’t just throw it out of nowhere ofc.
-214P+K - WOW. great float on counter, lots of options, never forget this exists.

-the 9P ‘pounce’ when opp is lying down is tricky, it can make you switch sides and you end up also in a downed state, but unlike normal, you can be HIT otg, it’s basically like another stance. Just be psychic and know when and where to roll out when this happens.

-63214P+G is his best throw, and this is just my observation, most people tend to throw escape neutral and forward throws :wink:

from Oushin (front) - KP2KK
43+PK P (VERY dirty)


Thanks for the input!

About the 9P pounce. I tried to use it as Average Skyler suggested, but I really suck at hitting people when they are on the ground. I’d rather let them get up and start the guessing game again.

I already use Oushin a lot :slight_smile:

I’ll try to introduce 43+PK P in my game. I’ve seen Fuudo use it a lot in combos.

About the rank. I hope it doesn’t matter cos I’ve been stuck on Hunter for a while LOL My rank bar has gone up and down a lot. Cannot seem to rank up.


I still enjoy throwing out 214KK in any rounds I can manage since I can P and then 6P+K my drinks back (unless they tech). But then again, usually by then I have them afraid to tech.


I like VF5FS so much that I have purchased VF5 (I had it in the past but I traded it) again. I can’t wait for it to arrive. Is the VF5 online scene dead? Is Shun very different from his VF5FS counterpart?


^very different. I basically had to relearn shun in FS

edit- i may be exaggerating, but yeah, he’s somewhat different, in a sense that his commands have been switched around a lot… but the fundamentals (i.e. VF2 moves) are in-tact


Thanks for the info! That’s what I figured from watching videos. I didn’t recognize many moves or noticed differences. For example 6P+K now goes into the drink animation if it hits. In the videos from VF5 it seems you have to PKG to get the drinks (or it looks that way at least)


VF5 was a bit of an easier time. You had a much easier command listing to follow imo, but yeah coming into FS I had to take some Dojo time.


In what ways is he easier? I thought VF5 was harder than VF5FS in general.

PS: On the mixup department, I think we forgot to mention 3PPK


I dont know, personally I just found him to flow better


I’ve been watching the EVO matches and it’s been very refreshing. Watching Itazan’s style is very different from watching Fuudo’s. When I watch Fuudo I think “WOW, there’s no way I’d be able to pull that off”. Not that I think that I can do what Itazan does, but I think he has a more straightforward approach. It has made me want to use 46PPP and 66K more for example. Kissa’s Crazydrunk’s, LA Akira’s and Sam the seed’s matches were cool too.


Don’t forget 6p, p (or 6p drink or 6p grab or drink cancel to something or or or). It’s a great little setup.


Thanks for the input. I’m really loving Shun’s cancels into drinking/stances lately.

Sega Shun tutorial video:



Here, a training vid for you all:



LOL Thanks for the vid!

Beggar Su must have been the inspiration for Shun Di.

PS: I don’t want to go offtopic, but I wonder what other characters are based on. Wolf = Ultimate Warrior?! LOL

PS2: What are your thoughts on Shun - Backturned stance? I have become very fond of going into backturned with 44P or 44K and then K+G, K+G my opponent.


Any tips on Shun-Di’s best moves or things to avoid as a new player? Also would it be worth to purchase the customization pack? I have the game, its been sitting there, but I would like to learn more to master the art of the virtual drunken fist?


neutral gives u 2 drinks
66 Grab gives u 4
1P is Great for spacing
6p is shun’s "Elbow"
4k is evasive and has 2 different follow ups
1kk is a low high mix up
2k has long Range
6k gets u into “1leg” stance
6p+k gives u 5 drinks
4k+g is good to run away
6k+g is an anti low move
8k+g is a launcher
Hcf p is a launcher
66p+k is psycho crusher

This is what I remember right Now (haven’t played in a while) without going into stances