Get your favorite merchandise at!

Lik Sang and Shoryuken have teamed up, so that you can get your favorite Street Fighter merchandise, as well as all your favorite import games!

Click through Shoryuken when ordering, and soon they will start contests and giveaways to the fine people at SRK!

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In Before Lock

Edit : only 7 $, thats hot.

Good shit Wiz.

I’ve just been purchasing through PlayAsia for the past months, but since you’ve teamed up, I’ll check out Lik-Sang more. Good stuff man.

This is cool and all, but I personaly cant recommend lik-sang, they are slow any time ive gotten anything from them.

Shipping is fairly pricey too. I know it’s international and all, but when I want an item that’s 50 dollars, and shipping is 34, that’s a bit hard to swallow.

damn does anyone know where to get a dc stick for cheap? lik sang will probably not have them in stock for a while i’m betting.

I might be willing to sell mine. I haven’t decided yet.

lik-sang sponsors a lot of other sites to. i like ordering from them because i get points i can redeem for a kung-fu movie.

play-asia is much better. great speed, more reasonable shipping, and when I bought a converter that didn’t work with the HRAP I bought through them they replaced it with no hassle at all. <3

Lik-Sang is a quailty online store that has alot of useful accessories and items. I have ordered from them about two or three times. However their shipping is bananas and the price of their imports is sometimes laughable. For imports games go to or

speed? i’ve been waiting 2 weeks for my converter taht was suppsed to be here last week. and when when i needed a different converter lik-sang was pretty helpful about it. now i can compare the 2 help wise i gues. play-asia seems to have sent a 100% broken magic box to me.

How about giving us some cupons to start with?

Get one on ebay like I did, they’re wayyyy cheaper. I got lucky and got one that works perfectly.



Heh, I just spent $60 on a Metallic Blue Saturn USB pad and a couple of figures, forgot to take the link from this site though so… sorry.

kinda off topic

sony is suing lik sang

God damn! I didn’t know UK didn’t have a PSP release yet, poor guys.

Sony wants to make em pay around $320 instead of the already over priced $250. Why you Euro folk still support them is beyound me, that’s like liek buying back shit that was stolen from your house for a higher price, from the guy that raped your mother and put your dog to sleep, somehow…

I support Lik-Sang on this one.