Get your jokes read. Capcom fighting evo for 360?


haha Don’t ask first of all.

Second, Is Capcom fighting evolution portable to the 360? if so, is there a trick to it? my 360 wont download anything like it did for my other games.

or is that game just that bad that 360 wont support it




Capcom fighting evolution



The goggles do nothing yes?


afaik CFE isn’t backwards compatible. Most practical way to play it is on Xbox or PS2.

I never got why people hate CFE so bad. The game isn’t great by any means but I don’t think it’s as bad as people say. Just my 2 cents.


One of my favorite jokes about this game was in a sig on HerV.

Paraphrased, it goes:

“Capcom Fighting Evolution is an ironic choice for a title as the game itself IS Capcom fighting evolution…”

That being said, the game’s not that bad…

It just reeks of laziness.


If Microsoft thought it was that bad, it would of been on the first back-wards compatibility list.


Imo this game is way better then what most people say about it.


Yeah, CFE is definitely the best MUGEN game I’ve ever played.


So it’s better than SvC:Chaos or MAHVEL BAYBEE? :stuck_out_tongue:


let’s close this, as the general consensus is no one cares enough to even make good jokes about it