Get your sleep, it will help your Street Fighter

I read something interesting in a brain science book this morning…

While you sleep, your brain builds better neural connections to the things you learned during the day. If your sleep is interrupted or too short, your brain won’t be able to build these connections as well.

Several studies show that humans who were taught something and allowed to sleep a full nights rest had unbelievably better retention than somebody who did not get a good nights sleep.

Applied to Street Fighter, your muscle memory retention will be much better if you get quality sleep, not to mention other things you learned while playing and on here.

Just thought some of you pulling all-nighters (I’m talking to you, Sagat with 8000 GP on XBL that I played last night) might appreciate this info…

I thought that majority of the people here would know this already. While this is very true, to further increase “learning”, I would recommend playing Street Fighter or anything else not too far after you wake up in the morning. Also right before bed just to sort of review things that you’ve been trying to learn or things you have learned. Yes, it’s perfectly fine to play in between those times, but those times are crucial to learning and retaining memory.

All of the people that I know who play Beatmania say this one thing. “After not playing Beatmania for about a week I get better scores” My theory is after playing the game day in and day out and taking a small break, you let the game sort of simmer in your brain. That way the next time you play, all the notes and patterns from the songs are programmed into your head.

I can vouch for this because it works for me and it even helped a lot back when I was trying to learn basic Japanese.

Back to Beatmania as my example: The more you play a certain song the better you get but then you start to get worse. It’s because if you do something for too long your pretty much lose focus and go on auto-pilot. Auto-pilot as we know will never be as good as a actual human pilot but works well enough just to get by. While you may pass the song in Beatmania, your score may be worse and can become very frustrating.

Just stop and take 15 or so minutes away from the game and let the new information you gained situate into your brain. Sit back down and continue. It may take a little longer for some people .

Here is an even better example for people who were once new to arcade sticks.

Remember when you first got your stick and you couldn’t go forward without accidentally jumping. Not to mention hadokens would leave you jumping in. Remember how you played all day but it seemed you made very little progress and you just wanted to go crawling back to the pads. Well, when you woke up the next morning and popped in that fighting game and gave it a spin, all the shit you were trying to do the night before you could do easily and off the bat.

All the trouble of accidentally hitting in between buttons or jumping were all gone. It’s like you’ve had it for months but in fact it was only a few days. It all comes from consistency but also a good break. Of course never loaf too long on a game or you will become rusty on the stuff you’ve learned and have to bring your skill back up which never takes too long.

Take the most you can from your all nighter MrQuestions, but when you start to decline in skill then I advise you to wrap your game up and get a good long sleep. While laying down with your eyes closed you’ll more likely be replaying the matches in your head which is perfect. Think about it and think about what you should have done in certain scenarios and what your opponent should have done.

I can promise you the next morning you hop in SF4 and do some quick Arcade Mode warm up matches, you will be surprised with how much you improved in your online matches.

Getting sleep helps you in just about all faucets of life.

This is not new, or “revolutionary” advice.

Drink water…

eat your veggies

Seriously though…

I noticed my win rate seems noticeably higher after waking up in the mornings than it does after spending all night with the game.

While I thought sleep may have been the bigger factor I couldn’t help but think that maybe it had something to do with the set of online players I come across at various times of the day.

how many of you people will sleep if you attend a major like EVO? Getting up with the players or friends whom you may not see for another year. Watching hype ass matchses and MMs going down. Actually playing in the tournament. Hotel room battles. Needless to say that its hard to get sleep when all you hear is clicking from the buttons.

Not saying its impossible but stuff like that doesn’t come by every day. Most people try to take advantage of it and play a lot because its a good training exp.

shoultzula has a very good point… i dont plan on sleeping the entire week of EVO… will that effect my game drastically?.. i’ll have to bring some tylenol PM … cus im a bit of an insomniac… but i ahve noticed that my game if a slight degree better when playing right after i wake up… hm i’ll have to look into this and adapt this to my training…

btw… out of pure curiousity… what effect does weed smoking have on motor skills/muscle memory/gaming/ect… cuz when im buzzed weedwise i can predict stuff really well and i can pull of notations with less effort than normal… but when im buzzed alcoholwise i walk into stuff that is obvious and i fuck up commands… and sometimes when i play MK i puke… but i dont think that’s the alcohol…

I need no sleep.

I can’t fall asleep any sooner than 6am, and I can’t wake up any later than 10am. That is because something is wrong with me though. I need medication to get better at SF. ):

Ohhhh no, this is what I’ve been doing wrong the whole time!!

Well that settles it. Good night, guys.

I sleep on a reverse schedule so tournaments and sleep for me have always been kind of fucked up. I’d love to go to a tournament well rested for once but I go to bed around 7 AM and get up at like 2-3, and most tournies start at noon meaning if I’m gonna get up and drive there I gotta be up by like 9:30 - 10. I know most people would say “go to bed earlier”, but that’s like me saying ok, go to bed at 4 PM today. Not going to happen.

Might explain why I do awesome in casuals but don’t always place all that well at tournaments.

Yep yep study and get a good night sleep.

I don’t think anyone has ever used this emoticon before: :sleep:

I didn’t even know that existed.:sleep:

check it out… here are some other practices that’ll help your gaming performance:

sex - after sex your endorphins are lowered thus making your hands more still… you also think more clearly… if the intercourse in question was a long winded affair then your muscles will also be relaxed giving your muscle memory a workout when playing

seline (pronounced say-lean) - it’s the stuff they inject you with to replace white blood cells… i used to go to the blood bank twice a week and before i left they’d pump me full of seline… when i got home i’d be amazing at games in general… this is because the seline sharpens your nerves, and eye sight… your hands also get as steady as a rock… but these effects last for 2 hours at most

oxygen intake resriction - not like choking yourself… but limiting the amount of oxygen you take in while breathing, maybe wearing a bandanna or a doctor’s mask, will cause your brain to take in a small percentage of oxygen from the rest of your body, and in doing so it will give you increased precision in your hand eye coordination and also sharpens the nerves in your extremities i.e. your hands, arms, legs, feet, ect… it will also pump more adrenaline into your body… which has obvious effects

card games - they help the memory and they help your brain to align events so as to develop a technique for prediction… although this doesn’t always work

… so in short before tournaments do some erotic asphyxiation, then go donate some blood, get a cookie, some OJ, and an IV of seline… then go compete… i guarantee you’ll do a whole grade better than if you didn’t… also switching between games of drastically different genres (i.e. shooters to puzzle games or RPGs to fighters) will hinder your ability to identify with a game you’ve been playing for a long time… oh and lastly :sleep: