Get your work in print!

This guy just rang me up asking if he could use Duckie for his underground mag he’s looking at Publishing the middle of next month.


But you will own all the copyrights of your work. So no one gets burnt.
But he sounds like a nice enough guy. If you wanna see your work in print in Little ol’ New Zealand and Canada. Give him an email. Who knows? Your work could become the next underground hit!

His email he just sent me starts… now

my name is Jonny Kearns.

I am developing a magazine is to be a collaboration between Canada /
New Zealand and perhaps in the future, it having full distribution in
both countries. There will also be the facility to purchase
copies/subscriptions online from the website (when its built in the
next couple of weeks!).
I am looking for artists who may be interested in submitting work.
Artists from other countries are also welcome to submit work. Either
new work or previously published work is great. Subjects can be
supplied if artists would prefer.

As well as being a comic we are also interested in all art and talented
artists and stand up comedy (written of course). Anything that gets a
Other works in the publication will range from humorous articles,
interviews to things based on popular culture (piss takes of block
buster movies etc) and even street art. Also bogus (humourous) ads &
humours bogus newspaper articles.
We are looking at a publication that ranges from Mad magazine to Viz
(english comic - you’ll know it) to 2000AD (Judge Dredd etc) to Time
Unfortuately at this stage (this will be the first issue) I will be
unable to pay artists but they will get full credit and contact details
etc will be printed in the publication if artists wish. All art will
remain property of the artists.

I am endeavouring to have artwork / strips / articles supplied to me
asap so hopefully I can go to print at the end of June. If this is not
possible, please the artists can please let me know artwork is on the

Page dimensions (portrait)

Full page - no bleed
186mm x 246mm (7 and 3 tenths x 9 and 7 tenths)

Full page - image bleeding off page
215mm x 279mm (8 and 3 tenths x 11 inches)

Anything within these dimensions I will find a place for.

This first issue will be black n white throughout.

Files to be supplied in high resolution: pdf, jpeg, tif, eps format.

They can be emailed to me at or posted to the
address below. Whatever suits you.

My postal address is:
Jonny Kearns
Splitter Magazine
1/162 Main Road,
New Zealand.

mainroad media group

Physical Address: 172 High Street, Christchurch
Postal Address: 1/162 Main Road, Redcliffs

Jonathan Kearns - Graphic Design/Print/Illustration
03-377 4885, 027 208-6986 Email:

Andrea Russell - Writing/Editing/Research
027 275-2023 Email:

Facsimile +64 3 377-4888

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