GetHQaDoor Tourny! (TORONTO) 11/12/10

Game - Super Streetfighter 4
Entry - $5 for tourny + standard HQ Venue fee
When - Saturday 11th, December 2010
Where - TOSF:HQ
Why - Fundraiser for HQ!

If you’ve been to HQ, you would know that we have a garage-door style door. Whenever it’s opened, we lose all the heat in the unit. To keep the units warm, many other unit renters put up a wall and a door so that you can keep the unit somewhat insulated. This will make HQ much more tolerable in the winter time, and will keep the unit nice and warm. This is a FUNRAISER tourny, and there will be no cash payouts, but the prizes will be as listed:

1st - 8 Free entries to HQ
2nd - 3 Free entries to HQ
3rd - 1 Free entry to HQ
4th-12th - 1 Complimentary HQ snack.

The tournament entry money will be used to buy materials to put up this door. I know this is short notice, but first 12 people to sign up will have spots in this tourny. I will try to get these footages RECORDED, but nothing is 100% yet.

Rules for the tourny are standard, double elimination.

Please show your support to HQ guys! 12 player cap! so sign up quickly!!


Lets raise some fun in the HQ guys :smiley:

I’m working a 10 hour shift (damn Xmas hours). I would of loved to enter this tournament. Maybe I’ll just donate an extra 5 bucks anyways next time I stop by. Keep up the good work.

$5 for a complementary snack??? so fucking down.

Im down.

would the wall be placed inside the unit? i’m trying to imagine how that works.

You open the garage. you see a huge wall with a door in your face.
The wall is probably gonna be pretty flush with the garage

Pot bonus!

1st place finisher will now also get a free 1 hour session with ehai. and JS Master!

so fuckin ghetto lolol get hype

darn! if only this were 1 week later.

Aren’t the sessions usually 4 hours or is this a budget version of the actual prodect?

I suppose I’m down for this.

It’s ufc that night :frowning:

This is a free bonus if the winner of the tournament chooses to have an hour of training time with ehai or myself.

PS. we will start the tournament as soon as every get there so people don’t miss their UFC etc…

Sign me up.

Cancel my down status, really need to catch up on some reading.

Ideal time? 6?

HQ will be opened at 4pm today, and we will to start the tournament around 6pm


I’ll try to get there for 6, have an exam today at 3:25.

good luck SS Aerials u got this shiet