Gettin back into mvc2 (i forgot everything!)

ok so recently I saw romneto’s highlight video on the front page and quickly was reminded of why this game was one of the best fighters ever. but I’ll be honest, I was loyal to the franchise so moved onto mvc3 even with all it’s flaws I kept playing so been playin that alot and am good at it but lets be honest it is nothing like this game in terms of mechanics or skill level.

so anyway I jump into training mode and quickly see I am total ass. I used to play cable sent cap, but I just wanna play low-mid tier chars. Can anyone recommend some teams with good dhc synergy that are not top tier. I’m most likely not gonna learn high level combos people have been exploring with many obscure characters but just wanna have some fun, and hoping people are still playing online aren’t all godlike magneto’s lol.

a couple chars I like are amingo, jill, ruby heart but I doubt that’s a good team. If at the least can someone just recommend a low-mid tier character with a good assist? I can go and explore from there. thanks

but to answer your question, you played team scrub? that’s a godlike team.

I know you’d like to learn the mid tiers first but id actually suggest learning the top tiers so that way your execution and understanding of the game’s engine will be better, knowing what can happen (of course there is shit the mid tiers can do that the top cant but that’s later).

if you want to explore, alot of the character subforums are dead but still have really good info. you say you like jill and ruby, those are pretty simple characters with decent damage (of course, providing you’re not playing against top tiers). just learn their combos, really. simple stuff like jills otg into launch into magic into super. ruby’s sweep into spike into j.hp into super.

i dont play much mid tier myself (unless you count running commando on point for fun mid tier) but from what ive gathered online guile/charlie/sakura/iceman seem to be popular. if you’re looking for people to play online only midtier, the mvc2 threads in the online subforum (for either psn or 360) is where the people who still play actually post. just say youre looking to play mid tier battles and im sure someone will oblige you