Gettin the dreamcast emulator chankast to run at proper speeds


i wuz just messin around recently on my computer with chankast the dreamcast emulator… and it runs way too fast due to the lack of frame rate limiter options, especially the fighting games like marvel vs capcom 2, capcom vs snk 2 and street fighter 3… i’m sure those of you who have fast computers got the same problem…

well here’s the solution to this…
just enable vsync in your direct 3d settings of your video card control panel. make sure its forced to ON (and make sure your refresh rate is 60hz) and thats’ it… those fighting games will go no higher than 60 fps and will play at proper speeds…

lemme know if it works for u guys…

update: this applys to full screen mode not windowed mode…


i cant get the emulator working all together, my comp is athlon XP 1800+, 768ddram, 256meg gfx card. blah blah blah… anyway is that good enough to run it? or is it just im doing the wrong settings?


yeah, my 1.8 runs MVC2 to SLOW on chankast


Ughh, I’m computer illiterate. Can you tell me how I’m supposed to do that? I don’t see the option anywhere when I click on properties for my videocard (Nvidia). Neither for the display properties in control panel.


aw man. my laptop runs Chankast a little too fast, too, but it doesn’t have a video card and the shared video program doesn’t have the VSync option. :L

any ideas?


Download and install the latest Forceware release (81.95 currently), from Once installed (and rebooted), right click on desktop->properties->Settings tab->Advanced button. I’m not on a system w/ an Nvidia card currently, so I don’t know the exact tab in Advanced Display Properties, but you should be able to set it in there somewhere, as well as having the option to establish a profile with these attributes for chankast.


Thanks, appreciate it.

I guess at this point, though, not much use even if I could get it running flawlessly. I have a DC, was just hoping to play 3S online, seeing as how I don’t have an X-Box.
Hopefully, it’ll be perfected soon, and there’ll be some kind of Kaillera app for it.