Getting a custom stick... Should I go 6 buttons or 8 buttons?

Two things. I’m considering getting a custom made stick. I don’t want to spend more than $250.

As of now, I’m considering asking Hahano to make the stick. Are there any other recommendations for affordable stick makers?

Secondly, I’m not sure whether to go with a 6 or 8 button layout. I play SF4, Tekken, and BlazBlue. All of those are fine on 6 button machines. There aren’t any games that use 8 buttons, are there? Is there a reason to go with an 8 button arcade stick? If possible, I’d prefer to just go 6 button, since it allows more room for the graphic under (aesthetics are a big thing for me) and looks less clustered together. But if there’s a good reason for me to have an 8 button stick instead, then I’ll go with that.

Not aware of anything that would make full use of 8 buttons, however some people to prefer the straight 4 layout for snk games which leads to the 7 button layout.

So, in the end, personal preference.

Id always go with six, but at times navigating some menus(Blazblu, KOF) and minigames (Fate:U/C) need the use of L1 that can get a lil annoying.

You could always just get L1 L2 on the sides of the stick.

But yeah unless you play SNK stuff, just go for 6.

I’d honestly just go for 8. Too many games these days navigate menus with the extra two buttons. You’ll probably never use them outside of the menus, however.

If you play on emulators you’d want as many as you can get basically.

I beg to differ, I find the extra 2 buttons quite useful in SF4 to emulate simultaneous 3 buttons, makes ultra/lariats easier to pass.

I agree with other users. If you don’t play a lot of SNK games or emulators, you are probably better off with a 6 button layout. I have a 6 button Arcade in a Box and a Mad Catz TE and I tend to use the TE more often since I use the extra two buttons to navigate the menus. But I’d prefer a 6 button layout.

Even if you do go with the 6 button layout, I would put the other two buttons on the face similar to the Virtua Stick High Grade.

This. Namco and VSHG got this right. Six face buttons with the other two up top for navigation.

If you only play games with 6 buttons then there is no need to get an 8 button joystick. I prefer 8 buttons because i play MAME

Why would you want more buttons if you are playing on an emulator? I can’t think of any games that use more than 6 buttons and you have start/select for start/coin to take care of everything you need.

Modded Xbox1 needs them for emulators. They commonly use L2/R2 for scrolling through menu items and Start/Select/L2/R2 to return to the main menu. It’s like having a 360 stick without a Guide button… tolerable but a pain.

I would get 6 on the face, and put the L1 and L2 on the left hand side of the stick if you need them for menus navigation.

It really depends on what you play. The 3D KOF games need 8 buttons, and with the options of moves to configure could actually use more. Any 4 button game doesn’t feel right on a 6 button stick. OTOH, I tend to accidentally hit the unneeded buttons when playing an 8 button game on a 6 button stick. I’d start with whatever you’re likely use more, and then buy the other one later. I have plenty of 6 and 8 button sticks with Sanwa, Seimitsu, Crown and even 2 Happs myself.

That is useful, though a lot of players frown on using macros like that since the arcade cabinets don’t have that functionality. But hey, I don’t judge.:rofl:

As for my opinion, I stick with 6. I just like having a flat surface for my pinky to rest on when I play, and don’t like the feel of extra buttons there. Even for SNK stuff, I just play them with my outermost 4 buttons.

4 button games don’t really have to feel all that weird on a 6 button layout. For one, newer SNK games use a square 4 button layout (2 on top of 2), and for the 4 horizontal layouts, in a Vewlix layout the buttons seem to curve well enough so that the bottom left button and the top 3 make a decent 4 button, curved layout.

In regards to the Vewlix layout I agree. I never thought I would get so used to the BB layout but it just fits naturally and often will find fingers on those 4 when playing SF4. For me I think it just feels right.

basically this!

I originally thought I didn’t need all eight, but then I started playing this MMO called Dungeon Fighter and it’s only fun on stick. Right now, I’m using all eight of my buttons + start and select for quick keys and I feel that it still isn’t enough.

It really depends on what you’re playing, but sometimes things can come up spontaneously.

I know this is really just preference, but I’m kinda interested in what the general consensus is over here regarding whether they prefer HRAP 1 or HRAP 2.