Getting a DC tomorrow and wondering if


I got you on the marvel…

I’m pretty sure this is how you get banned dude.

anyways, get rez and ikaruga as well.

someone hook this man up with tdc2

Oh. -_-; Wasn’t aware, I’ll delete it if possible.

Edit: The reason I didn’t think it’d be an issue is because one of the options would be myself opting out for the CD’s, if need be, I’ll pay shipping for the CD’s to and from who ever wants to burn them (if that was the issue). And 2. I didn’t post it in the trade outlet and I’m more or less asking a favor instead of b or s a product. But again, if this is an infraction, I’ll PM preppy and ask him to delete the thread.

This sentence is ridiculous in multiple ways, people would be greedy for wanting their costs covered? ROFL, you want someone to go out of pocket so you can pirate games? Saying I will pay either for CD-Rs or shipping is possibly the most laughable thing I’ve heard. Backwards ass Olympians…

ridiculous. you must be out of your damn mind.

Illegal activity, ROMs, anything illegal: 8 infraction points, 360 day bannination. No warnings allowed.

Bad freestyling: 12 infraction points, 3 days slappination.

Be smart. I <3 U and want to wield the mod hammer as little as possible.