Getting a laptop, any recommendations?

I’ll mostly be using it for pictures, music, maybe like two MMOs, Photoshop, as well as other editing programs.

I’ve been thinking about getting the AlienWare Aurora mALX. The price is a bit steep but if it’s worth it, I’ll definitely get it:

What do you guys recommend? :angel:

go for a thinkpad i’d say; famously rugged design, you have access to both a trackpoint and one of those stupid trackpads, refurbed ones are fairly easy to find (i’ve still got a T23 over here)

mind posting the sys requirements for these MMOs to be sure?

Sure, here they are.


Windows System 2000/XP OS:
Intel Pentium III 800 MHz or AMD Athlon 800 MHz
512 MB or more of RAM
32 MB 3D graphics card with Hardware Transform and Lighting, such as NVIDIA GeForce 2 class card or above
DirectX 9.0c (included) and latest video drivers
6.0 GB available HD space
4x CD-ROM drive
A 56k or better Internet connection


Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP
CPU: Intel PentiumIII 800Mhz or faster processor
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce series graphics processing unit with 32MB
or ATI RADEON 9000 series graphics card
Sound Card: DirectX8.1 compatible sound card
Hard Drive Space: 6 GB free hard disk space
CD-ROM Speed: 4x CD-ROM drive (required only at installation)
Other: Keyboard, mouse

I want to be able to play these games in the highest settings and to still after installing them have enough memory space. :sweat:

Well in general alienware laptop prices are too steep for anything but hi-def gaming/hd dvd/Bluray use. you wouldnt really need it unless your playing games with graphics in this generation. those specs in the games dont seem too graphics heavy. ( plus alienwares tech support is horrid) you could save lots by just buying any laptop at bestbuy or any other electronics store. sorry im bad with specific reccomendations but any geforce 6-7 series graphics card, duo-core processor, 1.5g RAM or more, and a 400-500gig hard drive.

if you want quality laptops that aren’t made by alien ware you should check new I highly suggest Asus laptops, they have competitive gaming laptops also for half that cost.

those specs could probably be run on something about 6-7 years old at the worst, sounds like you could get just about anything 2 years old or less and still run them great; if you go for a thinkpad you might want to look up the gfx card inside the one you’re buying (thinkpads used to be marketed as business machines first and foremost so, though highly unlikely for obvious reasons, recent models might probably still have shitty integrated video like mine from 2001 does)

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll be looking at laptops this weekend so if anyone has any other suggestions, I’m all ears. :wgrin:

alien ware is unnecessary, here in uk/ire** dells **easy and reliable, just make sure you get atleast 1GB ram, and make sure your graphics card is dedicated.
Dual core processor would be nice but 64bit processor’s are not necessary either.

I was thinking about Alienware too, but ended up going with Sager. Don’t regret it one bit.

Trust me on this. You can get a notebook that still looks pretty damn clean and save yourself quite a bit of money.

I would recommend a Macbook. I am more than happy with mine and I run both Mac OS X and Windows XP on it.
I run Photoshop et.c also and it is much nicer in Mac than Windows I think.
Also, it is super easy to change RAM and Harddrive on it (you don`t have to pay the high prices that Apple have on these items).

Some videos:
[media=youtube]Y75BYIiHrZE[/media] (Preview)
[media=youtube]JVMTVRsCifE[/media] (“review”)

I have used Windows (still use it) all my life but after I tried OS X I was in love. I know some people hate Mac OS X and some people hate Windows but I would say just try it.

I own a MacBook and it kicks ass. I also just ordered a 17" Sager for gaming purposes; they have a great reputation.

I used Macs in the past and my boyfriend also has a Mac, I don’t know why but I was never too fond of Macs.:sweat: I mean, I guess I can give it a try but I’m mostly looking for a Windows laptop.

By the way TheRealNeoGeo, how does Windows run on a Mac? I heard couple of years ago that it had problems.

Because Mac`s use Intel processors it runs it 100% perfect (even runs Vista ^_^).
Try using a fairly new mac and I think you will like it, takes a day or two to get into it.

If you play much games then a Windows-laptop that has a good graphics card would be the best for you.

Sweet deal, I’ll probably pop in the Apple store and just check it out in person this weekend considering I have a three day weekend.:wgrin:

Thanks a lot for the info.

I’d suggest a Macbook too. I love mine! I have the 13 inch Macbook and I run FFXI on it. Free ipod and printer when you buy if your a college student. btw, what server are you on for ffxi?

Nice! Can you run FFXI in the highest settings on your Macbook? Doubt you’re on the same server, no one is in my server. I’m on Fenrir, what about you? :wgrin:

I haven’t tried to run max settings actually, I’ll try it and I’ll try to get back to you on that tomorrow when I have some free time. I’m at work right now till pretty late then I got school tomorrow morning. D:

I’m sure the macbook pro will def be able to run it on max settings since it uses an nvidia graphics card rather than just an intel one w/ shared memory.

I’m on the Bahamut server. Too bad we aren’t on the same server, it’d be nice to party or something.

Thanks, I’d really appreciate that.

See? Told you so haha, no one is on Fenrir. Oh well, would be cool. :wgrin:
check it today! one day only sale.

699.99 + 5$ shipping

Intel Core Duo Processor T2350 (1.8GHz) Processor

Windows Vista Home Premium Operating System

1GB PC2-5300 667MHz DDR2 RAM (Upgradeable to 2GB)

120GB 5400rpm SATA Hard Drive

Integrated DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Optical Drive

4-in-1 Card Reader (SD/MMC/MS/XD),

15.4? WXGA+ (1280800) VibrantView TFT display

Intel 950 graphics, Dual independent display option, Dynamic Display Detect

Realtek High Definition Audio w/ Built-in Stereo Speakers & Microphone

802.11 a/b/g WLAN

10/100 LAN

Integrated Bluetooth

Integrated fingerprint reader

Integrated webcam

Integrated V.92 modem

Ports: S-Video out, RJ-45, RJ-11, IEEE 1394, Headphone / Line out, External Microphone/Line-In, External Display (VGA), 4 USB 2.0

Slots: 1 PC Card, 1 Mini-PCIe, 1 Communication Daughter Card

lol a fellow wooter =)