Getting a local woodshop to make your box?

just curious if anyone has ever hired a local carpenter,cabinet maker,metal fabricator,etc to have them make a box for u? i’m thinking about doing this but not sure if it’s a good idea. honestly,i’d much rather do it myself but for reasons such as living in an apartment and not having space,no woodworking experience,etc. maybe it’d be bettter for someone who knows what they’re doing to undertake the project. i could supply the wood,dimensions,details,etc. any thoughts guys?

probably better to talk to them, yeah.

I could see this being very pricey from some shops for a one off. You might get lucky and find someone cool to work with though.

Yeah, it’s rare for you to ever get a price that makes one or two boxes worth it. I looked around to have some plastic work done with boxes after making some designs in cad+solidedge and my professors knew it was out of my price range.

check my thread, i had to get a batch of 40 made before it even breaks even


I was thinking about doing the same thing…But i asked around at work and with friends and family if anyone knew anything about woodwork…And i found like 5 people that were willing to help. So im having a guy at work do one for me for free. (he does woodwork for a hobby and has some really nice stuff he has made) But im sure if you do the same thing you could probably find someone that will do it alot cheaper then hiring a local carpenter or cabinet maker…When i was asking around for people to help me out at work a fiberglass guy i work with (i work at a Marina) told me he could make a sweet box out of fiberglass i might have to take him up on that this summer.

I would imagine you could go on craigslist, find someone who is offereing woodworking services, and ask them about it.

If you’re willing to buy the materials they may just do it for a small fee. Get them to throw a box together and drill some holes in plexi for you. You can do the finishing and sanding on your own.

hmmm, im actually going that route but im having my co-worker do the woodwork, the only thing he has a problem doin is the top panel. so im having another guy do a metal panel for me and have my co-worker build the box around it. they are doin this work for me cheap since im supplying the materials.