Getting a Mac Pro; have questions

The system I built some five or six years ago is dying, and my desire to build computers has plummeted to zero over the years. I’m getting a Mac Pro (the desktop variety) very soon, with the intention of a) seeing what its nifty bundled software is capable of doing, and b) running Boot Camp and installing my copy of Windows XP Pro.

I haven’t used Macs for years and years, and am wondering about a few things:

  1. What is the Mac equivilient of seeing what items are running when your OS boots? For instance, in Windows, I can use msconfig, regedit, or the services snap-in in msc to tell Windows what programs/services it should or shouldn’t run at bootup. Is a Mac similar in concept? Do I even need to worry?

  2. How well does Boot Camp run XP Pro SP3?

  3. If a game is compatible with either Windows or Mac (e.g., World of Warcraft), which OS typically runs it better?


Thanks in advnace for any responses.

I can help here a bit.

  1. Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor

For login items… System Preferences > Accounts > Login items

  1. I have a black macbook 2.2ghz duo with 1gb ram and windows xp ran pretty good when I had it installed via boot camp… another alternative is Parallels where you can run them at the same time… I recommend at least 4gb to do this smoothly.

  2. Windows always. Mac games are usually ports by third party companies.


Just a suggestion… why the mac pro? Unless its for professional stuff… a reg. mac desktop/monitor thing will run fine and cost a lot less.

For virtualization, I actually prefer VMware Fusion over Parallels. Just my opinion.


Thanks muchly! I’ll probably stick with running each OS on its own.

Gotcha. The only game I want to play that runs on either is World of Warcraft. I’ll try it on both and see how it goes.

I find myself with a bit of cash to spend and the desire for a bit more muscle than a Macbook or iMac. And while I’m not an avid PC gamer, I still want to be able to run the games I will play (WoW, Gears of War, Age of Conan, and eventually Diablo 3) acceptably.