Getting a new arcade cabinet built, need advice

Gonna get thearcadeguys to build me one of their new 43 inch arcade cabinets…what are your recommendations for joysticks, buttons, gates and encoders that i should use for my build, fighting games are my top priority, I believe their arcades come with zippy joysticks and buttons i’m not familiar with them are they any good? If not i’m gonna have them install something else better, so let me hear your recommendations…

Zippy is pretty budget stuff?

What brand and model parts to use is no you.

Do you have any preferences or experiences with arcade sticks on home consoles?

Do you have a favorite arcade cabinet as kid?

Yeah Marvel vs capcom 2 and samurai showdown 2 are my favorite arcade cabinets

So you more than likely want to have the same or similar style parts. In that case I would recommend IL (short for Industrials Lozenzo) as they used to make all the parts for Happ back then, and older US cabs used Happ or IL parts.

thanks any suggestions on the encoders or gates???

There are no gate options for IL’s american-style joysticks.

In terms of encoders, it would depend what you actually plan on putting in there.
A Brook Universal Fighting Board would cover all your bases of PS3/PS4/X360/XBO/PC/Switch, but it might be overkill (and expensive) if you didn’t need all that.

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Also depends what he wants in there as a system, a game console, and old PC or Laptop, raspberry pi, or Mister, ect.

It’s powered by a rasberry pi 4, so usb encoders

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what are some of the top usb encoders???

Brooks is the top brand for arcade stick, but they are pricey. THE zero delay boards on ebay and Amazon aren’t bad.

thanks gentlemen for your advice

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Not familiar with “Zippy” style, so i dunno. But you can’t go wrong with Sanwa JLF and Sanwa OBSF buttons.