Getting a new car


Well my old car just died and went to car heaven.:angel:

so whats some good sites for used cars and advice on buying cars?

I looking around $3,000ish… =/


Hit up CL. It’s a godsend if you’re more of a lemon lot person.


aren’t “lemons” bad?


You’re buying a car for $3,000… you expect it to be good? =P


If you can wait a bit you can usually get a pretty decent car for that price at a dealership. They’ll get in cars with a shitload of miles but that are still driveable for a long while. Look for a foreign car ( preferably asian ) that has over 100k miles on it with no problems, and you should be able to pick it up for around that price.

I picked up a 2000 acura with 105k miles on it in 07 and the thing drives like a fucking dream and i only paid 2.5 thousand for it.


I wish I had bought a decent car instead of signing all my fucking money away to a dealership.




Just reminding people that if you are a petrolhead/gearhead, then you are required to own at least on Alfa Romeo over the course of your life.


So what usually do they want when making a down payment on a car? I have zero credit… =x


It is entirely possible to spend $50k on a shitty range rover like my neighbor who seems to have smoke coming out of the engine of it every month unlike my $5k Civic where I hardly have any problems.


When I got my car I had $400 dollars in my pocket. I was screwed badly, but blame my fucking parents for that one. I didn’t even want a car. If I didn’t have a car I had to pay my life would be so much more different and I’d probably be out on the tracks traveling cross-country.


3 grand will most likely give you trips to the shop. Unless you plan on doing the maintenance & repairs yourself, I would suggest saving up more and get one at a dealership that has some kind of warrenty. That way you can shop with confidence knowing the vehicles are solid. My .02 cents


Yeah my mom kinda made me get my current car when I didn’t really need it. It was supposed make me a better driver and to teach me finical responsibility or some shit. :confused:


If you signed away all your money at a dealership, you should HAVE a decent car - not the other way around.

Seriously though, OP - under $3000 isn’t going to get you much; in any country. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying a cheap 10-year old car that’s still in good shape (I driven my '89 Corolla since 2000, btw, just replaced it last month). But, on the other hand, you also might want to think about maintenance costs on such an old vehicle.

Whatever you go for, when you decide on the car you want, you want the following:

  • an inspection conducted by an independant mechanic. Don’t trust the dealer to have the car in shape for you, no matter how reputable.
  • full documentation regarding the price and fees you’re paying: registration transfer, VIN check, stamp duty, warranty costs, the works.
  • preferably a secured loan if you’re going to borrow
  • bill of sale if you’re conducting a private sale (the tax invoice from a dealer is the equivalent of this)
  • full terms and condition of any dealership warranty.

and, most imporantly - room in your budget for repayments, insurance and six-monthly inspections (depends on how many miles you drive, but I would aim for at least two inspections a year).


What is this, Top Gear?


I have a great car, but it hurts having to pay $16,000. Two years and I’ve only paid 6,000. It sucks.


An old Honda Accord. There are parts everywhere, people know how to fix them easily and they last forever. Downside? It’s also the most commonly stolen car. Meh, chances. I’d say condition/upkeep > just looking at mileage. They can last forever with no problems if well kept. Same goes for Toyotas, but they’re gonna cost a bit more to fix when you do need it. :tup:


trans am


get a $2k loan from a credit union with a low rate and add in that $3k of yours and get the nicest older accord/camry you can find. Otherwise I’m always a supporter of an older Jeep Cherokee. those things are fucking tanks and there is a lot of simpler maintenance that isn’t too tough to handle yourself due to the simple layouts of them. I sold a '93 w/ 230k miles for $500 like 10 years ago and the guy who bought it still drives it today.


More food for thought (I know your hungry right :arazz: )
How long do you need this vehicle to last? Like where are you in life?

Is this vehicle to hold you down until you finish high school/college? do you need it for a ton of driving or just random shopping/etc?

Those factors should help you out immensly with making a purchase. If this has to hold up for a long period of time, then you are best off trying to cop a corolla/civic that falls into that price range…but I’d save up a little more ot try and buy in some extra mileage. If this just needs to hold yo udown, I’d scoop a cheap POS that won’t fall apart when I make a right at the end of the driveway. As well, short term…Craigslist. Long term…dealership. Hell what did yo udo with your old vehicle? Might be worth a little change as scrap.

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