Getting a PS3 Dualshock to work on a PC.. as a mouse

Hey guys,

I have a tech question and I wasn’t sure where to take it, since I don’t know of any PC tech related forums. So, I figured I’d ask here and see where it takes me.

I recently installed some drivers on my PC that allow me to use my PS3 Dualshock as a game-pad, which has been awesome. I used MotioninJoy as the program to set up the proper drivers.

So after playing some PC platformers (shoot-em-ups, Super Meat Boy, etc) using the pad and feeling a difference, I began to wonder what some other games might be like on a pad, especially games with mouse look like maybe an FPS or an MMO.

So my question is…

Is it possible to get the right analog stick on a DualShock to register as mouse movement on a PC? If so, how? And if you don’t know, any idea where I can go to find out?

MotionJoy has that built in.

Just set the mode to custom and you can pretty bind everything to anything.

Edit: Decided to try it out with 1.6, surprised out how well it works. Still prefer the mouse though.

Bah, I didn’t think to look in the profiles.

I’ll check it when I get home.