Getting a stick for the PS3 but


So I’ve been eyeing the HRAP3 for month now. But I just don’t have the funds to pay $100+ on this stick. The cheapest I’ve seen this stick was like $110 at this place called Video Games New York. Anyway, just now I figured I would just buy the PS3 Fighting Stick 3 for a butt load cheaper. I want to know if it’s worth it? So I just screw the HRAP3 and settle for the Fighting Stick 3 or should I just wait it out? What do you guys think? Thanks.


The outrageous prices seem to be dying down so I’d just wait it out


By the way, there’s one right here…


Thanks for the quick replies guys. I’ve been seeing the Fight stick for as low as 40. That’s why I’m considering getting it. I guess what I’m asking is, the jump from the fight stick to the HRAP3 big enough to justify the 100 difference? I mean, they are both Hori’s… so they have to be at least good, right?


As far as I know the Fightstick is just harder to mod


It requires soldering if you want to mod the fs3, whereas hrap3 is qd. Also, hrap3 is larger relative to fs3 so it has more space for you to manuever. People claimed the fs3 is not good but i think it’s completely preference. Just go with what you want.

P.S. i just bought a hrap3 on ebay for $130 o.o … about 30 more the retail price heh … but its alright


I had a hori ex2, which is the 360 equivalent of the fight stick for ps3, I never really liked it something about the joystick didn’t quite feel right, maybe it was too tight or something (not talking about the square gate) but i don’t know how to describe it. I picked up an hrap3 before amazon ran out and I like the JLF a lot better, the hori buttons aren’t that great but its dead easy in comparison to swap the buttons. See if you can play with them before buying, if you want to feel a JLF you might want to head down to the arcade, they’ve got it at Chinatown Fair on Mott street in manhattan, dunno where you might try the fight stick 3 though.


Ah this is a hard choice, seeing as I’ve never played on any of them. I’m pretty much just listening to people reviews on the sticks so I dunno. Of course the HRAP3 is better but I wanna know if I’d be fine just picking up the FS3 instead cause funds are low.


Then comes how much you will really play. If you play a lot i suggest the HRAP3 if your casual fightstick should be enough


Ah okay. Thanks for the input. I’m gonna pick up the HRAP3 once I get enough cash. I’m tired of being a pad warrior. Haha.


I have not tried one of the new fightsticks (just ordered a hrap3) but the first Hori I had, the SV4 stick that costs around $50 was decent at first, but after a week or two of play, started to get very annoying.

As soon as I started to inch into the “somewhat advanced” level of play, I started to realize more and more that the buttons were failing on me. At first I just thought I was messing up, but it became very obvious the stick had an issue when I connected it to my PC.

I’d not be surprised at all about the cheaper fight sticks having the exact same problem.


Where are you still finding Fighting Stick 3’s at? I was thinking of getting another one, as they work with PS3 -> PS2 backwards compatability while my Madcatz SE stick does not, and I can’t seem to find one at a Gamestop within a 100 miles of me or my friends and noone seemed to want to do an inter-store transfer.

If you can get the FS3 for a good price you could mod it for a total price that was cheaper than an HRAP.


Yeah, I wouldn’t ‘settle’ for something so I would definitely hold out a bit and get what you want. In the end you won’t regret your purchase and have that thought in the back of your mind of ‘I should of held out and bought the HRAP3 that I initially wanted’.


Don’t just settle… you’ll end up with an x-arcade lol


I own a fs3 and a sanwa modded t5 stick which is basically a HRAP now. Out of the 2 i prefer the t5 case since its bigger and its more comfortable IMO to play on. Dont get me wrong, the fs3 is really good, i usually use it when im really drunk or something. But my vote goes to the hrap.


The main reason why I bought a Hrap3 is the size and weight are right where I wanted them. Well, that and I don’t feel like waiting for months to get a TE stick. Even with the right components, the $60 sticks are just too small and light. Although they do make great “house” sticks. :stuck_out_tongue:


The FS3 and EX2 aren’t bad sticks, IMO they’re actually pretty decent for someone who doesn’t need to have a huge investment in their gear. I used my EX2 for a long time and decided to get a better stick for SF4, but I didn’t dislike it, you just need to stick it down to something.

I do like the fact the the SE and the TE are really easy to work on and upgrade where the EX2 and FS3 really aren’t.


Just buy a T5 stick & then a cheap $10 adapter…That way you have PS2 backward compatibility too…Im selling a new one w/o box for $65+ shipping…


Get what you want, trust me. In the long run, you’ll be happier.


A great suggestion. My T5 works really well with the Sumoto convertor.