Getting absolutely destroyed in SSF4: AE

I’ve not played on PC since Ultra was released on console (waiting for PC release) but I know on console things got a bit harder for beginners, with the points reset even the good players often still had low BP/PP, so chosing ‘same skill’ often didn’t mean much, also it was generally only the more keen players (ie better players) who upgraded to Ultra. Once the phyiscal release happens next month I daresay more new players will appear and even the field a bit…

Are you being ironic? Also wth is with the picture lol

Yea I actually didn’t realise Ultra wasn’t even out on PC until about 2 hours after I created this thread. What you say makes sense though, I better prepare for August then :wink:

Yea there are some great stickies in this forum. I actually got the idea of getting the brawl stick from the stick thread you mentioned.

I watched the CrossCounter guide on YT yesterday and that blew my mind! I didn’t think a fighting game could be this complex. I definitely learned a lot of cool tricks thanks for the suggestion, I had not found the guide before on YT.

Haha Ryu is just the tip of the iceberg. Welcome to Street Fighter - it owns you now haha.

Yes. I wanted Biden in this thread but didn’t know how to make it work. I figured 920 uber combo is something he’d say.

  1. i say stick but if your more confortable with pad go for it.
  2. Set 2 similar skill.
  3. lol when i first started i lost 90% of the time you will get better.
  4. ryu’s probably best for a beginner.
  5. Not gonna lie looks kinda crappy, but you never know.
  1. Whatever you feel comfortable with, if you plan on going to stick, practice with it, it takes time adjusting
  2. (Answered Already)
  3. If that’s happening, you need to figure out what’s wroing with your game, watch your replays and see how you can fix your mistakes
  4. Ryu/Ken are good beginner characters. Yun is alright after you get the hang of the game. I wouldn’t recommend E. Ryu and Akuma because they have low health
  5. You should read this on deciding what stick you want. What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting In my opinion, I say save up for a good stick like a Madcatz TE if you really need one, otherwise if you just want to try using a stick, then the Brawlstick is good enough for what it’s worth I guess

I’m pretty new to fighting games but I’ve always found them a lot of fun. Since USF4 was released relatively recently I thought I’d buy it. The game is a lot of fun but I’m getting absolutely DESTROYED like I have never gotten in any previous game before. I think I played 100 matches and won only 5. The people I play against usually have a lot more PP and BP (I’m not sure what they mean… ) so I don’t mind getting destroyed.

I just came back into the fighting arena myself. Capcom vs SNK 2 was the last game I had dedicated any decent time into. SFA3 was the last Street Fighter I was any good at. I dropped out for whatever reason and now found my interest in playing SF has peeked again. I’ve been playing SSFIVAE on my PC for a couple of months now and probably average about the same as you in wins. I try not to pay attention to the BP and PP because it can be manipulated. I raised my higher by having several matches come my way where the person I was playing against was just wailing on punches and kicks.

  • I play Ryu and have watched a few beginner videos on youtube but I usually don’t even get to do the simple combos like crouch mk + fireball. Usually I just get combo’d until I’m stunned and then get rekt and no matter how much I try to block they always hit me somehow.*

** I play Akuma and get this a lot more since he is easier to dizzy. I take my lumps and just approach these matches as a learning experience. I try to figure out what I can do to prevent the combos. I have been finding that it is usually because I left myself open in some way.**

  • I think it would help if I fought people around my level but I’m not sure if that’s possible. I haven’t found a matchmaking option that looks for people around my level (that is if the quick match option doesn’t already do that). I also play on an XBOX 360 controller which I heard was terrible but I don’t think that’s the problem. If the game really is almost unplayable on such a bad controller I’d be willing to spend a few bucks on a fighting stick as long as it’s not too expensive.

EDIT: I play on a PC so I don’t have ULTRA, sorry for the confusion.*

I play on my PC as well. I’ve been using a stock controller for my PC (Playstation design) and it works pretty well, although I do have a fight pad ordered and in the mail as I write this. I play under the same name as on here, Akumafan1, if you want to play a few rounds.

Alright do you live in Europe though? :slight_smile:

Other than that, thanks a lot for the help guys. I have ordered the brawl stick for € 100 if I dont like it i’ll give it back and try the € 150 madcatz TE. If I don’t like that one then I’ll just go with a gaming pad. I might be wrong but I think I will probably not even notice too much of a difference as a beginner between the two sticks to be worth € 50.

I don’t know if it matters anymore but…

  1. I started with the 360 pad last year(PC AE2012, Nevada USA) and it didn’t hold my Ryu play back much at all. I got the stick for the cool factor and thinking back, stick does feel more “fun.”
  2. If you go to arcade mode and turn on challenge to “same skill,” it might be better. I also found that in the beginning it was good to face same skill players, but after I learned the ropes, facing better players definitely helped me level up.
  3. Probably, the first day I bought it, I played for hours, it took an hour to fluke my first win and who knows how long for my second win.
  4. Ryu is a good character to start with. Get those fundamentals! Also, watch some high level Street Fighter play so you know what good Street Fighter looks like.
  5. IDK about sticks, but a stick is a stick right? Either way, it simple to replace parts.

Sure, the more replies the better, thanks. But what 360 stick are you talking about in 1) ?

Woops, I meant I started with the stock 360 pad… fail lol. I later got the Madcatz Fightstick Pro when I knew I was committed to fighting games. On the pad I used the analog stick.

Well, about the first question you asked, it’s all up to you man. Wether you use a pad or an arcadestick it’s whatever you want. Although I gotta warn you, The default 360 pad is garbage. If you want to play with a pad, get some other. I use a pad, that is a MadCatz pad. The buttons are so much more responsive and its so much better to make the Z motion and the full-circle motion.

And Ryu is a really honest character for begginers. So yeah keep up with him. I’d advise you though that maybe in future you will want to get another character. At that point, try E.Ryu.

About sticks and how they feel, no idea lol.

And don’t worry about losing. Go to replay channel and see your fight logs. Everyone lost a lot in their first times in this game (Im no exception). But perhaps you should forget online for now and get into training lab to work on combos and stuff.

Just to add my two cents, you will find more people appropriate to your level if you choose custom game instead of quick match in ranked. It basically a search engine for matches where you can change some settings. The one that matters most will be the skill level and you can set it too find players around your “skill level” which means it will find people with similar pp with you. Hope that helps.
Just like other people said, don’t be discouraged. I’ve only started playing this year and in my first 100 games i won around 15 and this was versus people with less than 1000 pp the whole time.
Also, when I first started using stick. i used one similar to the brawl stick and i found it too feel too small for me and I felt a lot better using a madcatz fightstick pro because it is wider and feels better in my lap. Lastly, if you’re expecting to get your combos right away when you use stick, think again about it. It didn’t really help for me and now I realize its all about putting the practice and training mode time in for the combos. I mean i can hit fadc ultra maybe 10% of the time and i’ve been playing a few months. It will take time but if you keep playing consistantly you will get progress.
If it matters, I am a 1000pp player on Steam and 600pp player on xbox live if that says anything. I also have not touched steam for a while so that might be a little different now. I am by far not a good street fighter player but I have gone through your experience fairly recently. Good luck!

Dunno if you still check this thread but I’m a PC player from Europe and if you want to play you can add me. My steam: . I’m not thaaat new to the game, but I sit around 500pp so I’m still pretty shit. I can try some new characters though to make it a fairer match up if you’d like that :slight_smile:

I think you’ve already got most of your questions answered, but I’ll answer them aswell so I stay on topic.

I bought a fight stick quite early. I bought the Hori fighting stick V3, and I quite like it. I had problems doing inputs on the pad (especially dashes for some reason) and I find it easier on the stick. Most of all it’s just more fun with a stick, imo. When I first played the game I lost sooo much, but when I eventually won a game I remember my heart beating like crazy and I got tons of endorphins and adrenaline. It’s pretty ridiculous hehe. I also main Ryu since I’m a noob, and I think he’s a good starting character, but I’m tempted to learn more characters now :slight_smile:

Update: I bought a stick and already sent it back. I liked it and thought it was easier to play with it after a few days but I didn’t find it more fun to play with it. I’m gonna buy a new pad since the xbox 360 one is such shit but I definitely got a bit better. I even got a 3-win-streak with the stick which was nice. Of course I still have to get much better.

Sure, I’ll add you :slight_smile:

If you ask me, I would suggest just leaving the shoto characters alone for awhile and try playing some charge characters such as Guile, Balrog, E. Honda, Blanka and other similar characters. I think that playing these characters will help you understand the game mechanics more easily and focus on building your defense game.

Also, playing on endless lobbies is a much easier way to learn tips and perfect your craft rather than ranked. Add me on Steam sometime if you wanna play! (same as display name)

All this hate on the Xbox360 pad lol. When CORN DevilChipp shows up to the weekly in Detroit he uses a Xbox360 pad and destroys everyone (except CORN alucarD) As long as your controller reads all your inputs accurately and dose not break in a week you are fine.

I can only speak for myself but I have a lot of trouble with the xbox 360 pad. I often jump instead of walking forward or dashing. Also my finger goes numb after 1 hour of playing. It just feels really weird imo.

This isn’t about whether playing on an Xbox 360 pad is possible (it is), it’s about whether it’s a smart, efficient choice for most people (it’s not).

Oh it’s definitely normal to win 5/100 games. I think i won about 15, but i got matched with a few new people aswell. I could see it going 5-95 easily.

It just takes time, not much you can do. I played about 200 games without using my super and ultra :smiley: Just tried to focus on the basic stuff like normals.

Go to training room, do:

-LP fireball
-MP fireball
-HP fireball
-LP+MP+HP fireball

Same with other expecial attacks

Same with super and ultra

Do simple combos like MP+fireball

Use the record function to make your opponent jump kick you or sweep you and DP them.
Make your opponent throw fireballs. Try to focus through them.
Make your opponent spam punchs or kicks. Try to time it so you can punish them by attacking without getting hit.

And don’t worry if you can do them right away on ranked, just keep practising. It will take a while, but that’s just how it works i guess, it’s a complex game.

PS: I started 1 week ago, that’s what i’m trying to do and i can improvements.