Getting annoyed with keyboard usage. Any way to improve performance?

Been using keyboard for fighting games and it gets annoying when the SYSTEM DOESN’T ALLOW YOU TO INPUT WHAT YOU WANT.
Common situations are trying to press more than 2 buttons at once not working.
Inputs happening few seconds AFTER you pressed it.
Any software or hacks to improve this at all?

EDIT: Got a privately sent neg rep message from ‘john’ trying to trick $12 from me, saying to send $12 to his paypal for him telling me the goods.

Get an arcade stick.

What I meant was improving the keyboard or system itself. Improving other than using an arcade stick.

get one of these :lovin::lovin::lovin:

The problem is you have a standard/cheap keyboard. The only fix is new hardware; either a stick, or a better keyboard that doesn’t have a problem with any number of keys being pressed simultaneously e.g.

Don’t see a lot of difference in that keyboard you are pointing to. Probably other than what you said it doesn’t have a problem with keys pressed at simultaneously. Is that a top level keyboard or is that the average price for one of those good keyboards?

try pushing some buttons

? You repeated what he said.

Cheap keyboards have input lag and trouble with simultaneous keys being pressed, that’s the difference between a cheap, and nice keyboard. Cheap keyboards are for typing papers.

But honestly, buying a keyboard for fighting games? :rolleyes:

that keyboard is one of the best in it’s price range. it’s no optimus maximus(in terms of price : $1600), but it will suit your needs and then some.

although there is a newer (better imo) model by the same company called the lycosa which is actually cheaper. it’s more of a fps keyboard though so the selective anti-ghosting might result in the same problem you are having now. but one feature i really like is that any key can be set as a macro. most others only have a few keys set aside for macros.

the problem with your keyboard that everyone is talking about is called “ghosting”. it basically means that you can’t press more than three keys at the same time due to your keyboard’s limitations.

the easiest option is probably to just get an SE stick.
but if you do get a keyboard make sure it has some sort of anti-ghosting feature

If you know anyone with random keyboards around, try a few out.

I have a Razer Tarantula but it really is a shitty keyboard. It can be pretty quick, its buttons are more responsive than any other controller I’ve tested (generic arcade stick, a couple of HORI sticks, agetec with adapter, 360 pad, and a few others). But over time the buttons can change their consistency and if you’re really unlucky it’ll just be straight up unusable out of the box.

For playing fighters I use an old IBM keyboard that came with an engineering comp in the early 90s. There are situations where I can only press 2 buttons at once but when I use WASD for directions and UIOJKL for attacks I can press any of these: 3p, 3k, LP+LK, MP+MK, HP+HK - while holding 2 direction keys.

I also have a logitech playstation 2 USB keyboard that I bought for $5. It has laptop style buttons and is great for fighters depending on if you can set up the buttons well to work around its limitations.

The problem with older keyboards is you run a greater risk of ghosting. Ghosting is when you press 2 or 3 keys and an extra key you aren’t actually pressing suddenly appears to be pressed on its own. Newer cheap keyboards have anti-ghosting stuff built in, but that often prevents you from pressing too many keys at once.

For a fighter, your best bet is find a nice mechanical keyboard with n-key rollover. I’ve been looking at the SteelSeries 7g myself. It seems like the best bet right now. But its pricey.

However you could strike it lucky if you just check out random keyboards. Many many keyboards can block input once 2 buttons are pressed, but the keys you have to press to cause that can vary quite a bit.

You do not need a “gaming” keyboard. They’re wastes of money for needless media buttons and LED screens no one ever looks at among other things.

There are $15-20 that perfectly pass the quick brown fox test. Just get one of those.