Getting aroud turbo users?


I still play vanilla on pc, and I tend to fight a lot of people from other countries. Why is it they all use turbo controllers? I know they are, because like, say I got finished with a light anything, they belt out 3 -5 more of that button before I finish falling. How the hell can I even beat these people? I find it really sad they have to use turbo.


jesus christ, i see this topic all the time

all turbo does is spam a button, it doesnt make them win

step your shit up, it doesnt really change a thing


Really, because the way I see it, they are getting in extra normals that I cannot and going through my footsies like I was standing still. Its bullshit.


it sort of helps with execution. mainly special throws and mash moves. you could also step up from keyboard if that’s what you have. cross em up if they mash lights and throw em or combo. or just trip em with an hk. repeatedly. worked in the arcades, now it can work for you too.


Nah I’m a pad warrior till october. Then I’ll be buying a R2 TE madkatz fight stick. Its just I could be doing hitting him and I’m still right on topof him and he starts doing crouching normals while I should still have the distance to do shorts. Literally while I am getting hits, not hitting his guard.


back up, light attacks dont hurt and have shitty range

walkup throw him

bait out him doing that and sweep

do anything except try what you have been doing that isn’t working, even though it “should”


Keeping back works. But then when I try to get in I usually bait dps and such. They all seem to use Ryu. And I use cammy so my choices are get the fuck in, or dodge countless fireballs. I’ll try to play lamer.


As a Cammy player, you should never fear any projectile character, as she can pass through, under, and over fireballs pretty easy. You just nee to learn your options.

In any event, I don’t seem to notice if people are or aren’t using turbo, because it doesn’t matter. If you have BOSS reaction time, or if you use turbo to land your combos, I’m still going to play smart. Turbo does not give anybody an inherent advantage without putting them at a disadvantage. Its not a win-win situation for them.


I’m not saying they are better, just they go through my footsies while I’m doing and you would think that would cause a trade butonly I get hit because they go back to guarding in a split second. Ahh well, I guess i’ll lame it out more. I find myself to be more patient than a lot of cammy users I’ve faced, but Total lame just isn’t my style. Time to learn I guess.


you can trip any light attack with sweep. you can focus any one light attack. you can cross them up during a crouching low and combo. cammy’s drill goes under high fireballs and beats out light attacks. she has a kick shoryuken and instant air downwards drill can more than likely hit ryu before he dp’s. they all use ryu because he’s A tier and daigo/valle use him and they want to be them. unfortunately they love turbo too much to learn.


turbo isnt going to do shit for them other then make HHS doable with the average scrub. Them being able to rap out buttons is not an advantage, Its no going to help them hit 1 frame links and its not going to change shit.

your not losing because there using turbo, your losing because you cant out think them.


get better.


never saw the whole complaining thing about turbo (especially in sf4) Have you ever tried playing with turbo? I tried it once… it was damn near impossible to do anything. quit whining, get better.


Beast them fools son! Step yo game up!


What the fuck kind of description is this? kick shoryuken? instant air downwards drill? A Tier that daigo uses?

I guess when in the NSD, do as the Newbie’s do.


How are they getting in extra normals? The recovery frames of a jab, your fastest normal, are long enough that anybody who doesn’t have downs syndrome could easily chain jabs (i.e. the fastest way to spam jabs).

If normals came out as fast as you pushed the button then the advantage you’re citing might make sense, but recovery frames means that turbo is useless as far as normals go. All that it’s useful for is linking difficult combos, but that still can be EXTREMELY easily overcome by just outplaying them mentally (and let’s be honest anyone using turbo is probably half retarded).

Turbo is an advantage, yes, but it’s not game breaking if you have half a brain. It doesn’t make them magically be able to get around zoning and magically avoid being punished when your footsies are far better than theirs.


turbo sucks when you play against honda who links in and out of HHS like nothing


a good honda is going to be doing it like its nothing anyway, plus with turbo on its harder to get the st. rh in after since an extra punch input will fuck up the timing.


and…? so what, a good honda would be doing that anyways. you get to fight a noob who can do HHS>HHS instead of just a noob.


get off this forum.