Getting around my firewall and router

ok so bare with me here. I can connect for online gaming via DS, PS3 without issues. But when it comes to connecting with ZSNES or Kaillera or GGPO my router is probably the main problem. Despite the fact im using a computer that does not have any real importance to the household (only used for emulators and a few other games), my brother will not let me open up the few ports that are required to play.

So i was wondering if there was a way to connect somehow without messing around with the configuration or simply a way to allow certain programs to have that access?

I’m not sure about the firewall part but if you just want to connect to server and have a few games…those shouldn’t post any problems with kaillera.

Thanks for the input, but unfortunatly the computer that has mame is a laptop with wireless connection. So that wouldn’t be smart for kaillera. So i might have to use another comp for kaillera.