Getting around RC @_@

how exactly do some of you get around this? i’m ok in CvS2 but got owned yesterday by RC zangief. RC 360’s r crazy. i didn’t realize he was roll canceling until he went thru my tiger cannon’s:bluu:

It was really my first time encountering it. so how exactly do some of you get around this? and how exactly is it performed because i can’t get it out for shit.

lol…:lol: :lol: , i was their too , i was the only one that beat him. lol
I was using A- Cammy, Akuma, Blanka…lol…he was good.
EDIT: play runaway and stay out of the throw range.

Pokes you were you the chubby white guy with the mushroom hair cut?

i was the chubby black kid with the glasses. i had on a white button shirt with khaki pants. i barely played CvS2 but i had 32 wins in MvC2 with Magneto/cable/sentinel. you was using storm/cable/XXX against me right? i forgot the third person but i remember storm and cable. or was you the tall asian guy with the glasses and the hat?

no i was the white guy…ya i remember u…ur good in MVC2 i can’t play that game im trying to learn that now.
im suprised i beat that guy.
EDIT: did u see the thing where i was just sitting in the corner waiting for the time to run out with Cammy, and he was building meter with his Cammy in the other corner. that was funny,everyone was just staring at me like …wtf?

nah i was playing marvel.

similar to you i’m still learning CvS2. but now RC -_-. it’s hard to do and annoying to play against. i’m ok for a noob tho right lol? i think i played you a few times but i suck in the arcade in CvS2.

oh that sux…ya RC is too crazy, i RC almost everything now.
Its all kinda like turtle, then counter,thats all it is,but u gotta learn different setups for everything…
who do u plan on using and what groove?

well my best character is blanka so i just pair him up with either cammy, sagat, akuma, and chun li mostly.

I mean i kno the basics. i kno the basic set ups, BnB, anti airs etc for my characters i just can’t roll cancel. i just have to play it in the arcade more.

i use either N or K. sometimes C if i want to be safe. but N and K mostly.

u can make like 5 interesting and good teams with those characters…
C-Cammy, Sagat, Blanka/Chun-Li
N-Cammy, Chun, Sagat
K-Cammy,Blanka, Sagat
N-Akuma, Chun, Sagat
C-Blanka, Akuma, Sagat

I’ve heard that N is Akuma’s best groove.
I like him in A better, but its all preference.
You can’t go wrong with Cammy, Blanka, Sagat, or Cammy, Chun, Sagat.

yeah i kno but i’m not use to playing CvS2 so i probably won’t even pick akuma in the arcade lol, with his low stamina. but i gotta start going to CTF more often and play. but i’ll get better but must learn to roll cancel. if i go there this friday help me with the RCing:( :lol:

C akuma,sagat, blanka sounds good tho.
K cammy, sagat, blanka is good too.

nice A cammy btw:eek: :eek:

but i won’t be going to ctf for a few weeks, im going to a tourny in NC so im trying to save money, i’ll probably be there on the 3rd of Oct. just to get practice the week b4 i go.

RCing is fairly easy once u get them down, but not at first, plus i like the Japanese sticks better, u get a good grip on them.
me, i just negative edge and double tap my RC’s…
(example) …u know how ppl just do jab, strong, fierce, roll xx fierce to RC electricity…
well…i do it like this…
jab, strong, fierce, (roll +strong + fierce) x 2,…i double tap it…and whats weird is that the fierce electricity comes out everytime i RC it correctly so i can tell if i make a mistake or not.

The first time i hit roll+strong +fierce…the game reads it as a roll, the second time , it reads it as fierce. don’t know why it happens , just does.

damn u travel around for tournies? what other games do you play? i never entered a tournament before, i hope to enter a MvC2 someday just never knew where to go:(

My best game is cvs2
I’m learning 3s, Vf4:evo, and MVC2
I still have a long way to go in cvs2.

where are the best places to do for MvC2 tournies around here? sticking to new york state ofcourse. i’m close to the 2/5/4 trains btw.

I know nothing about the trains…
Jersey, NY, Philly, MA , and CT are the best…but NY,Philly, and Jersey r the best out of those.

whoa not going that far. NY only:lol: :lol: only 16

well, CTF is ur best bet then, go their Friday nights, sometimes Saturdays.

i heard port authority has tournies, u have the directions to that place?

never been there.


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